Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alfalfa and Spanky

I've seen better leadership out of those two rascals than the #1 and #3 men in charge of our country......WHAT THE F##K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Obama------Congratulations! It took you 16 seconds ( I watched it on my D.V.R.- That's how I know ) to blame the previous administration. Did I miss a meeting? Is it now called blamership? I thought it was leadership. You've been in office since January 2009. Time to start leading my man.
P.S.- How about lowering the money we spend, and raising the money we take in? You ask everyone for some sort of sacrifice, however it never seems to affect the welfare system. Do recipients need free cell phones!!!!
Boehner----- You Win!!!!!!!! You held out for 137 seconds before blaming the president for failing to reach a compromise. You have won the "Lack of Leadership" race. Two thumbs up......
P.S.- Again, how about lowering the money we spend, and raising the money we take in? Maybe a penalty tax on profits made by sending jobs to other countries. After all, American jobs have been lost, due to higher corporate profits


  1. J.O.B.,

    Taxes are what forces jobs overseas. The politicians (both sides) are responsible. Nafta sent a lot of jobs from Ohio to Mexico. The price of all the power tools I use stayed the same, but the quality went down and the profits went up. But thousands of Americans lost jobs. That was politicians not CEO's causing that.

  2. I respectfully disagree. Greed for higher profits send jobs overseas. Why not tax some of those profits...................................


  3. Taxes are what forces jobs overseas.

    Wrong, again. Low salaries, no benefits and no safety or environmental regulations overseas is why corporations are drawn overseas.