Saturday, August 27, 2011

Govenor Quinn and the medicine dick

Next time you F##k us, at least give us a reach around................

August 25, 2011 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- A massive increase in Illinois highway tolls was passed Thursday by the Tollway Authority.

In this Intelligence Report: The answer to a question that many Illinoisans ask, What happened to the original plan to make tollways "free" ways?

A popular phrase in Illinois a few decades ago was "Toll free in 73." That was the year, 1973, that Illinois taxpayers had been promised their original 187 miles of tollways would be paid off and the roads would be turned into freeways. But, by then, state politicians had realized that with the tollways went jobs, contracts and clout.

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When the first three tollways opened more than 50 years ago, they cost a quarter at the main plazas and 10 cents at the exits. Today's tollway system is 186 miles of interstate spread over 12 counties, with no end in sight for the pay-to-drive system.

They weren't supposed to be eternal tollways.

In 1953, when the Illinois General Assembly created the Illinois State Toll Highway Commission, it was to borrow money to build highways. The tolls were intended to pay off those bonds. Then the roads were to become freeways, maintained by the gas tax.

But, in 1968, the General Assembly made permanent the Toll Highway Authority, still chartered to borrow money to build highways, but with no expectation of making them free.

The 2010 tollway budget is $696 million. There are more than 1,700 full-time employees, including 754 who collect the money.

In the 1950s, then Governor Bill Stratton convinced the public and legislators that the tollway was temporary. Stratton, now deceased, said in 1989, "Our idea was, at the end of 40 years, when the bonds were paid off, then the tolls would come off."

Today's governor, in supporting the eternal tollway, has a different take.

"The bottom line is the federal government is reducing its investment in transportation across the United States and our own state," said Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. "We don't want to raise the gas tax, so we have to use tollways in order to get people to work, to get people to school, to get where they want to go."

The original tollway bonds were paid off in the early 1980s. But additional billions have been borrowed since then, and today's plan includes the sale of more than $12 billion more.

In 1999, then-governor George Ryan briefly floated the idea of eliminating tolls, but it went nowhere. His successor Rod Blagojevich proudly hung his name over every open tolling plaza.


  1. Our right-wing Ohio governor wants to sell our turnpike. His playbook reads, 'short-term gain, long-term loss.'

  2. Funny - Ohio's bond rating just went up. The Nation's just went down. Leadership matters.

    Your a lucky man Mud_Sling - look what Governor Bob McDonnell did for Virginia - with a little luck Governor John Kasich will do the same for Ohio. After all - it was Kasich's legislation that saved Bawdy Bill's Presidency and balanced the budget.

  3. You know what pisses me off the most is that I voted or this guy. He completely screwed the teachers in this state while protecting useless admin. positions in Springfield. Now, he is increasing tolls by 92%....... This asshole is screwing every working class resident of this state, and the best part......He's a Democrat, you know, Mr. "I care for the working class".

    I was actually leaning towards Brady(R), but as usual, the guy did 1 thing to swing my vote the other way.

    That's right folks, since their is no politician with the exact same ideals I have, I usually just wait for one of the candidates to do, or say something retarded. Then I vote for the other guy.....LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  4. BTW----- The cost to the Illinois state tax payer for replacing all the tollway signs with Blago's name on them after his impeachment......

    $679,000 for 34 signs. I guess narcissism finally has a price..........

  5. J.O.B.,

    Remember - there are two political parties in the United States - The Evil one (Democrats) and the stupid one (Republicans). The Democrats will always screw you - the Republicans only some of the time (when they act like Democrats).

    We have a legislator here in Virginia who I know personally. He has a reputation for working with folks on both sides of the aisle. I told him over lunch that I was an Ann Coulter Republican. Ann had said "There is such a thing as a bad Republican, but there is no such thing as a good Democrat."

    Our legislator said "There are good Democrats." I insisted that there weren't. He told me that I was wrong to which I replied "Name one."

    He was stumped for a good long time. He finally came up with a Representative that I didn't know from Texas. I laughed. He didn't admit that he was wrong, but the next time I saw him he belted out "Zell Miller!"

    Okay - maybe there's one. I've never found a reason to vote for one.

  6. LOL, CS. What pathetic political pap, but then, we didn't expect otherwise.

  7. No one asked you Mud_Sling - if you look around, no one ever does.

  8. J.O.B.,

    If I acted on your political advice to vote for the one who never sounded retarded, I'd never vote. All you have to do to stump any stumper is say "Really?"

  9. Maybe, but sometimes it leads to good things. Plus I vote for the LEAST retarded. John Kerry preaching on national television about Bush only looking out for the wealthy was a good tag line. Then you realize the guy married into the Heinz family. That my friend, is a retarded beat-off....................