Sunday, August 21, 2011

Microdot's forum

I have asked a new blog buddy to come on here and educate me on the differences between our healthcare system and a universal health care system. He is from the U.S. but now lives in France. I think his knowledge would be very valuable to this subject, since he has been a part of both systems........Please be respectful and curtious.......And I don't ask this much, but please keep all questions, or even comments, healthcare related. Thanks again MIC.


  1. I wrote something that I relates to my personal experiences with the French system and a little of how it works. I'm re editing it now, but I will send it to you as a pdf at your yahoo gmail address later today!

  2. Thank you, I just started reading the posts you linked on Mud's blog.....Thanks again

  3. Well, its Very useful blog to know amicrodot's better. Thanks.