Sunday, August 28, 2011

Only 3 days left

Please get your suggestions in for BEAT-OFF of the month for August.


  1. Beat-off of the month would be Obama: "I'm coming back early from vacation to take control of the hurricane situation".

    What an asshole!

  2. Nox- I agree withya but CS beat you to the punch

  3. J.O.B.,

    I still lean towards my original recommendation for Barack Obama. However Attorney General Eric Holder just put himself in the running today by opposing the AT&T purchase of T-Mobile. Early estimates are that AT&T's offer to bring back 5,000 jobs to the US and spend $8 billion in infrastructure upgrades would together add nearly 100,000 jobs.

    We wouldn't want that now - would we?

    The excuse was that it would lead to less competition (something that liberals generally don't believe in) yet the actual result may be a fatally weakened T-Mobile (perhaps another bailout target?) and a degraded network experience with AT&T.

    Those Democrats (Liberals, Progressives, Socialists) really know how to run a country into the ground - don't they?