Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The WINNER is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DRUM-ROLL ..........Please!

President Barack Obama......Congratulation, you are the beat-off of the month.

I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I know how hard your job is. If it's anything like I read in GQ 13 years ago, then I would imagine it's pretty tough.

As much as I disagree with alot of what Clinton did, he at least tried to do his job, followed by Bush. They may have FUCKED some things up, but at least they did the best they could, or at least what they thought was best.

You on the other hand, make sure you get your vacation, when this country is falling apart. How dare you. I would love to see a poll of all the unemployed Americans and who they voted for. I'm guessing alot bought into your change. It's really sad when you think about it.

Your earnings this year will be $400,000. When you leave office you will receive $199,700 for the rest of your life. God Damn, that's alot of money. I think it's about time you put a little extra effort in.

You know, I've always thought Presidents were all somewhat retarded. Who spends 10's of millions of dollars on trying to get a job that only pays 400k a year. But, I always held a hope, that they do it for the love of their country. And whether a person agrees with their policies, or not, they do what they feel is best for this country during that time and given situation.

But you Mr. President I believe has entered a whole new realm, I truly believe that you do not give a shit about this country, just like the Pullman community that you didn't organize. I really think that you went after this elected position just so you could make history as the first black president. I beleive your "UNWARRANTED" vacation proved that.

And that's fine, when you leave office maybe you can lecture to the inner-city youth, and motivate them to strive for excellence. After-all, you were the first black president. Just make sure to mention that from the age of 10, you were raised by your white Grandparents.


  1. Fine candidate for beat off of the decade.

  2. J.O.B.,

    Certainly well deserved. I do have a question. I think it is pretty likely that his up coming speech on his "Jobs Plan" will put Obama squarely as a front runner in September's contest.

    Do your contest rules prevent consecutive or multiple wins?

  3. CS- Their are no rules in place for consecutive or multiple wins. This man may very well win this distinguished award throughout the rest of his term.

  4. Johnny O',

    I also nominate Barak for consecutive terms - as whack job of the month. Or beat off, or anything but POTUS.