Saturday, September 24, 2011

The cure for the common everything

Work has been rough on the body lateley. My back is f##king killing me.
People I know are dying left and right.
Political debates
Money worries

But for 3.5 hours tonight, I forgot about all of it. I took my daughter to her first big league baseball game tonight. I will never forget this night. Her first trip too Comiskey Park (U.S. Cellular to all you non-Chicagoans). The look on her face when we stepped off of the concoarse, and into the park, almost brought a tear to my eye. The excitement, the smile, the innocense, was all unforgettable.

The only thing that would have made it better was if my wife was their with us. But all in all, I forgot about everything, except for the excitement and happiness, that those 3.5 hours brought me.

By the way, Sox won, 6-3.........Oh, and you can now count one more too the legions of White Sox fans


  1. Johnny,

    The best part of a Visa commercial is the part where they say its priceless. Enjoy the good times - one day a kid that reminds you of you is gonna knock on your door, and the good times will end - for a little while.

    Glad the Sox got a win for her first game. It definitely helps make lasting fans.

  2. TGP- Knowing my luck, he'll be a Cubs fan:)

  3. Johnny,

    Those are great memories. I still have baseball programs from when I went to games with my Dad. He insisted on keeping score in the program. You never know what kind of memory you are planting by spending time with your kids. I'll bet you she remembers that game forever.

  4. I hope so CS, I know I will.........

  5. Johnny,
    Good post.

    You are correct, "the cure for the common eveything" indeed.

    PS. pardon the insensitive question... what happened to your wife?

  6. HNox- Not insensitive at all. Nothing happened to her, she just had to work. She's alive and well ;)

  7. Johnny,
    Oh good.... It must have been the way I read it or something.

  8. Maybe I made it a little too dramatic. I just really wish she could've been there with us.

  9. Johnny,

    I was too polite to ask, but I'm glad that barbarian Hardnox cleared it up. I thought she was "gone" too.

  10. Tenth,
    ROTFLOL! As always, Barbarian to the core. Give me some credit, I did ask nice.