Friday, September 2, 2011

Johnny O'Bloggin's Funny Ass Friday

A Frenchman, an Englishman, an American, and a Mexican are stranded at sea in a one man inflatable raft. Three of them must jump overboard to certain death so one can survive.

So the Frenchman stands up and says "Viva la France". Jumps overboard, and drowns.

The Englishman stands up and says "Long live the Queen". Jumps overboard, and drowns.

The American stands up and says "Remember the Alamo"....And pushes the Mexican over.


  1. There is a similar story about Air Forces One.

    Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Joe Biden are boarding Air Force One for another campaign trip at taxpayer expense.

    Biden glances down and sees a $100 bill on a seat and says "Look, a one hundred dollar bill. When we get up in the air I'll throw it out the window and make someone happy."

    Michelle says, "No Joe, give me the $100 bill because I have two fifties. When we get up in the air, I'll throw the two fifties out the window and make two people happy."

    Barack watching this says, "No Michelle, have Joe give me the $100 as I have five twenties. When we get up in the air I'll throw the five twenties out the window and make five people happy."

    Right about that time the Marine Aide walks by and says, "When we get up in the air why don't all three of you f**kers jump out of the window and make everybody happy?"

  2. CS,

    Can I borrow a $100 bill to plant on Air Force One?

  3. CS, that's the 2,500th variation of the same stupid joke I've been hearing for the last 10 years...if I told the versions I first heard, you's be screaming out of all your orifices in outraged stereo. It's like I tell my doggie when he starts barkin at cows...look, I'm your agent, you've been doin' the same routine for years...what worked in Vegas 20 years ago ain't gonna fly at a bar mitsvah in Joisey. Take my advice, I'm your agent, if I'm gonna get good bookings, you gotta get new material.

  4. Micro -

    You are right about one thing - congrats. My submission is old - in my memory it was first used with Bawdy Bill Clinton, Hillary, and Al Bore. Not surprising that it is rolled out again while we are burdened with yet another Democrat buffoon in the White House.

    Stay tuned - we probably have some good ones from the Carter years. You need to hang in there - what makes it funny is the truth behind it - the over whelming majority of the American population would be ecstatic if Barack, Michele, and Joe were to just go away.