Saturday, September 10, 2011

What is a 6'-260 LBS. white man with tattoos from head to toe going to do?

In 90 Minutes, the clock will strike 12:00. It will be September 11, 2011. Ten years has passed since that horrific date. I have known for a week that I was going too post something about this anniversary. I'm sure most of you will.

I've thought about it alot. I could post about the prejudice that many U.S. citizens have towards Muslims. (You know it's true, I'm as guilty as anyone)

I could post about the brave men and women that died running into a building, that so many people were running out of.

I could post about how presidential, George Bush was in his initial reaction.

I guess I could post how singers, songwriters, and movie makers who made a profit off of this countries greatest loss, is nothing but a piece of shit.

I'm sure I could get into the Patriot Act, and my civil liberties.

Maybe, I can do a piece about personal hell. Especially the hell that a man must be facing, when he decides to jump from a window 90 stories high, instead of burning alive.

I could sit and argue with Liberals, or Conservatives about poignant topics, in regards to 09-11-01.

So, what exactly does a 6'-260 LBS. white man with tattoos and a stupid blog do?

This one will just hit enter. Shut off my computer................................................And cry......


  1. J.O.B.,

    I share your grief. I've been furious all day. Here in Virginia we have 9/11 license plates so you can't go anywhere without being confronted by the memory and that's good. We should never forget. I still find driving by the Pentagon a moving experience and I hope that never changes.

  2. Johnny O',

    As a young lad of 15, my house was the epicenter for the relief and recovery of the victims of the Beirut bombing. Seared forever into my brain is the image of small children playing while their mothers sobbed uncontrollably. It still brings a tear to my eyes and bile to my throat.

    September 11th is more ferocious, but less personal. If we had hunted the terrorists down after Beirut, those towers would probably be standing still. The only answer to this problem is the complete destruction of Islamic terrorism.

    Again I find myself grateful to you for merely giving a crap. So many Americans already consider it a nuisance to be bothered with remembrances. You are a good guy, even if you are slightly left of me.

  3. CS- What bothers me the most is the fact that this was an attack on American soil, against American civilians. As much as I try, I can never forget....................

  4. TGP- I consider you a good man as well. The Human side of me can't help but still seek revenge. I don't think we should stop until every radical islamic follower is wiped off the Earth.

  5. Johnny O',

    From your lips to God's ears - even if you don't think He's out there. The God I believe in would expect us to keep sending Muslims to meet Him, so He can laugh and send them to San Francisco.

  6. Johnny,
    Ditto brother. I raise my flag everyday and shed a tear.

    For me, I'll be happy when we send every last sand-nazi to hell... and not before.

  7. J.O.B.,

    That's why I do what I do with my spare time - volunteer for Republicans. You don't find any Islam apologists at a Republican convention. In the several years that I have done this I have noted that you never get an asshole answer the door when they are displaying an American flag.

    Liberals (democrats, progressives, socialists, whatever) are exceptionally uncomfortable loving their country or hating our foreign enemies. Liberals save all their hate for conservatives and the TEA movement. What does that say about them?

  8. CS- Let's face it, Liberals are a walking contradiction of tolerance. They will go out of their way to tolerate a group of individuals, then scream obsenities at people who don't tolerate said group.