Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dedicated to the Man with the no sense of humor Rake


  1. What? Someone has no sense of humor? He has no sense of right and wrong either.

  2. So, while I have the attention of the cave posse- how'd that GOP debate go last night?? Wasn't that a LAUGH??


    Funnier than Hell!

    A howler??!!

    A real circus. That's the REAL joke, JOB. I got many great belly-busting laughs at that motley crew trying to look oh-so presidential.

    My 'sense of humor' was on fire during that pathetic pile of crap, but I'm sure that the cave posse thought it was oh-so serious.

    How about you, JOB? Did you get quite a few eye-watering laughs during that new sit-com?

  3. mud,
    Glad to know that you're still kicking. We still need you to be the poster boy of all things liberal, communist, whatever.

    I guess no one is visiting your blog since you are over here.

    Now that your hero has shit the bed at every conceiveable level and angle, how do you have the balls to attack which you do not comprehend?

    It must really suck to be you.

    Since you are feeling lonely I recommend that you participate in your local protests. Bring a poster, a sleeping bag, and don't forget your bag of weed.

    Oh yeah, the Republicans suck but zero's jobs bill got shot down in the democratic controlled senate.

    You're such a douche bag.

  4. Mud- I was actually watching the ALCS. I read about it though. But, I still have too look it up on fact-checks. Everyone seems to hang themselves at these debates. Republicans and Democrats.

  5. Johnny,

    I watched it - the hilarious part was watching the moron moderators try and keep up. The exchange between Tumulty, Rose, Bachmann, and Gingrich was the funniest part of the show. Bachmann made Tumulty look like a butt-plate idiot. When Charlie rushed in to help, Gingrich eviscerated him. Tumulty and Rose got run over by a bus labeled "GOP" and they had no idea what hit them.

    Mud_Sling is back! The drive-by commie bore.

  6. Hardnox is so dumb it is pathetic. He wrote, Oh yeah, the Republicans suck but zero's jobs bill got shot down in the democratic controlled senate.

    Had you a brain in your blockhead, Hardnox, or had you been paying attention to the rules of the Senate [did you know that they HAD rules??] you might have, reiterate 'might' have known that there is a 60-vote threshold for bring bills to the floor of the Senate. The Dems control 53 votes. How's you mathematics, Hardnox?

    I find you more moronic with each passing minute, Hardnox.

  7. Mud_Sling,

    Do you read? From Human Events:

    "The procedural vote required 60 yeas to pass but failed mostly along party lines, with two Democrats, Senators Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Jon Tester of Montana, siding with Republicans 50 to 49.

    In one final delay, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) went so far as to allow the vote to go on for more than two hours to allow Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D.-N.H.) enough time to fly back to Washington from an awards ceremony she was attending in Boston to vote for the plan.

    And although Senators Joe Lieberman (I.-Conn.), Jim Webb (D.-Va.) and Joe Manchin (D.-W.Va.) sided with Obama in Tuesday night’s cloture vote to cut off the filibuster, all stated they would not vote in favor of final passage for Obama’s bill in the future."

    President Obama wouldn't have gotten 50 votes in favor of his bill. What continues to be true about this miserable regime is that the Bi-Partisan efforts normally OPPOSE Obama.

    Isn't Bi-Partisanship" the holy grail for you guys? You got and you still bitch.