Monday, October 24, 2011

I just got off my sickbed, man do I have alot on my mind.

 Last week I was going back and forth between Michael Medved and Tom Hartman. Their was a commercial on the Hartman show explaining too the listeners, who the 99%'s are. Two of the statements caught my ear. The mortgage crisis, and health insurance. While my opinions on the matters do not reflect EVERYONE, they are based off of personal experience..........

  1- Uninsured Americans. How many Americans fall into this category by choice? I know 2. One is a twenty seven year old white male who lives with his parents and pays no rent. He takes home $650 a week. His job does not offer health insurance. So what prevents him from purchasing his own policy? Maybe it's the fact that he wears $500 Gucci sunglasses, or $600 designer shoes. Not too mention that he paid $3000 for rims to go on his $1800 car. His parents bought him the car. But hey, at least he's "keepin' it real". .........Asshole
The other, a little bit more expensive. A married white male with 3 kids, and homemaker wife. Owns his own business. Purchasing his own policy is probably alot more expensive. So what does he do with the money he saves on health insurance. I'm not really sure. But hey, his home arcade collection is insured for $350,000.........Retarded Asshole.

  2- The mortgage crisis & people losing their homes. Now don't get me wrong banks, you motherfuckers should burn in hell for what you did. But seriously, when did it become so acceptable to be retarded, that the President defends your right too be retarded. Let me put it this way, If a man & woman have a combined annual income of $70,000. What made that couple think that they should purchase a $400,000/2500 square foot home. Was the mortgage lender that convincing, or did the consumer bite off more than they could chew?
       Personally, I don't think the general consumer gets enough of the blame. Then to make matters worse, the newly elected President makes us an offer that the retarded consumer just can't refuse. Nice try Mr. President, you almost got my wife too trade in her perfectly running SUV, and purchase a brand new car. Just for the tax break. Should the banks have been practicing the predatory lending, of course not. But let's reward them for their deceptive practices, with federal bail-outs.
       BTW, the $400,000 home I wrote about. It wasn't purchased with a 20% down payment. 10%? Nope. 5%? Wrong again. Try zero down payment. That's right, sweat equity is what it was called. Just paint your own house. Oh, and when you get into some financial hardships, no worries. Your home will most likely be worth $600,000, and you can borrow that money. So, when it gets too the point that your monthly take home is $4500, and your mortgage is $3900, don't worry, just blame the bank.



  1. Johnny,

    Don't forget Bill Clinton. He's at least a third of the problem.

    But you're right about the bankers. They make loans on stuff they have no business messing with.

  2. Johnny,

    When everyone was running around screaming about 30 million people being uninsured - that was the ugly truth. About 1/3 of that number made enough money to buy health insurance but chose to spend their money on something else. About 1/3 qualified for Medicare but for reasons known only to them, chose not to sign up. The last 1/3 was illegal aliens to the degree that anyone could figure it out. We didn't have a health care crisis, but no one would buy Obamacare without a crisis - so democrats (socialists, progressives, liberals, whatever) created one out of thin air.

    As for the mortgage lending crisis - the least guilty people in the entire equation are the banks. Check out this NY Times article from September 30th, 1999. This is about the parting gift that Bawdy Bill Clinton gave the Nation before leaving office:

    People talk about the Community Reinvestment Act (Jimmy Carter) that set us up for failure. Mud hates history because the seeds of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are in the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration. All those government actions contributed to the crash, but Bawdy Bill provided the tipping point that ruined the economy.

    The democrats will say that there wasn't enough regulation, but banking is the most regulated industry we have. To paraphrase the great man "Government isn't the answer, government was the problem."

  3. TGP- I agree wholeheartidly. Would you be my runningmate, when I finally decide too run for President?.....:)

    CS- Those are the only 2 people that I personally know. It scares me how many more are like them. The best part is theman who takes home $650 a week. It's a cash job. So he pays no taxes. So, by definition, he wouldn't even be helping to fund a socialized medical plan. That's fucked up.
    As for the mortgages. The banks do deserve a little bit of the blame. They had no business offering $400,000 mortgages to $70,000 a year earners.
    I would just like too see the American consumer called out on their stupidity.

  4. Johnny,

    I don't own a suit, and have no intention of buying one. But sure, I'll do it.

  5. Johnny,

    That was the point of the article - the banks never wanted to offer those loans. Remember Attorney General Janet Reno marching all over the country crushing banks? Banks were made to tow the line. Then you have Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac flooding the market with cash . . . . it was a recipe for disaster. Everything that the government has done from 1934 until 1999 has had the effect of lowering the stability of the housing market while drawing more suckers into it - not only home buyers, but investors and financial institutions as well.