Saturday, October 29, 2011

Johnny O'Bloggin's Funny Ass Friday

And that shit's permanent.


  1. TGP- After waking up this morning, I thought about it. No matter how much I enjoy a good laugh, and especially making fun of people. I just had too delete that post.

  2. Spell check at the tattoo shop would be a good idea.

    Btw, good that you deleted the other post.

  3. Johnny,

    Ditto on the delete - are you pulling our leg on that tattoo? You are challenging my non-existent Latin skills - but I'm not sure what that means.

    New subject: I think that I will break with tradition and not support the Campaigner-in-chief for "Beat-off of the Month" and maintain my support for Eric Holder of the Lack-of-Justice department. With allegations about Fast and Furious swirling around him for months - he is either lying his ass off or he exhibits a lack of curiosity about his own department that is stunningly ignorant.

    In that he is a Democrat (Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, whatever) the former is the most likely case - but either way he is either too dishonest or too stupid to draw a paycheck that you and I subsidize.

  4. Johnny,

    I get it. I didn't find it at all funny. As for the new one, does it say
    "Harpi Diem?" I bet she's a load of fun.

  5. Guys,

    Geeze... Carpe (Karpe) Diem means "Seize the Moment".

  6. Guys- Originally, I was able too find the humor in how big of an asshole, the guy in the original post was. But after some thought, I just couldn't have a swasticka on my blog. Plus, I don't want people stumbling into my blog, preaching anykind of white power bullshit.

    CS- as much as I agree about Holder, I'm afraid we already have a winner. I'm just waiting 3 more days too make it official. I'm sure their will be no disagreement, and all will enjoy.

    Hardox- I believe it's Seize the Day, you big dummy:) Just kidding, but it is Seize the Day.

    TGP- It's Carpe Diem, and translates to Seize the Day.

  7. Johnny,

    Yeah, I know what it says. I was attempting to say what it "might" say to the uneducated masses.

  8. Johnny,

    You might have to cut me a little slack - maybe I don't read Latin written in old English script well. LOL - I knew what Carpe Diem meant - I actually went to look up "Karpi Diem"

    I'll look forward to the contest winner.

  9. Johnny,

    I've not made a submission to "beat-off of the month" yet as the month was not over.

    I submit the OWS protestors for October.

  10. H/Nox- A great suggestion, but as I told CS, we already have someone that can't be beat. But please save that suggestion for November, it's good.

    CS- Consider the slack cut my friend. You should save Holder for November as well. I'm sure he'll still be a beat-off.

    TGP- I thought you were making a funny, but I wasn't sure.

  11. Johnny,

    Your site, your contest, your choice. I'll await the result. Looking forward to it.