Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ATTENTION!!!!!!!! Chicagoland Trade Unions!!!!!!!

I don't know if any of you still check in here from time to time. Hopefully you do, and Brothers, I have some news. I am currently working on the Naperville Marriott project.

My understanding is that, the Glaziers (Local 27) will start picketing the job tomorrow. I heard an "On The Job" rumor today, that if there's a picket, some of the painters will cross.

That's right! Local 147 members are prepared to cross the picket. This is a cowardly, and gutless deed performed by men who I see as SWAC's. They only care about themselves, and don't give a shit about anyones' families, but their own.

They should immediately be brought up on charges, and have their cards revoked. Unfortunately, I am not part of any governing body that gets to decide the fate of the local 147 membership.

However, I do have a resolve and have made a few calls stating such. If their is a picket tomorrow, and the painters cross. Fuck 'em........Their contract is up in '12. As I told the B.A. I spoke too. "If your members cross, I will never respect a Local 147 picket again. EVER!"

I will update tomorrow. Stay strong brothers and sisters.

Remember, think with your minds, not your pocketbooks...............................

                                     (LOCAL 21)


  1. Johnny,

    I hope you can see how ridiculous it is to be angry at someone for GOING TO WORK. I don't know whats wrong that the other bums want to stand around instead of do their fucking jobs, but they are the selfish bastards, wanting everyone else to drop everything for their problems.

    Unions are a disgusting disease on the economy.

  2. No picket......Crisis adverted.

  3. TGP- It's called a Union, as in Unified. When their is a picket up, Union members respect the picket.
    Union members are highly skilled and highly paid. Generally speaking, we're not lazy, and we don't want to turn around and go home. Or as you put it, stand around.
    How exactly is my union a disgusting disease on the economy?

  4. Johnny,
    I know that you are a BIG union supporter as is your dad.

    Unions have recently given up their legitimacy when they decided to go arm and arm with the communists.

    How do you square that? Just asking.

    Which union are you in?

  5. Johnny,

    Based on our earlier discussions - I very much doubt you and I will agree on this - but I'll take a shot. Is Chicago Painters' Local Union #147 your outfit? I went to their Facebook page and they look like gangsters.

    The clenched fist is not normally associated with things American.

    How do you feel about the unions supporting the various Occupy movements? Occupy DC turds are showering at the AFL-CIO headquarters, the Teamsters are providing them with rain slickers, and the Nurse's union is doing wellness visits.

    I guess that's just Trumka spreading your wealth around.

    Looks like you have around 116,500 members contributing around $25 million a year in dues that support 140 union employees with an average salary of over $84,000. You have some executives that make a helluva a lot more. Your President makes more than James Hoffa (Teamsters). Click on "Leaders and Salaries" at:

    You might want to click on most of those tabs - appears that your dues support political contributions of which 90% go to democrats (socialists, liberals, progressives, whatever). Kinda like shooting yourself right in the foot.

    Maybe a good question to ask in your next Thursday meeting in December is "How many glaziers does it take to pay your top three leaders salaries that total $1,087,000?" or "How many glaziers make $84,735.78 a year?"

  6. Johnny,

    I don't have very much personal experience with unions, really just one, when I was 8, I think we talked about it before. But I have a lot of experience writing paychecks, and I know when a guy is worth what I pay him, and when he isn't.

    All of the crazy rules concerning unions only slow down the job. Slowing down the job raises the cost, raising the cost creates inflation, inflation creates recession, recession creates bad economy. It is connected.

    There is no way in hell I would allow a glazier, or electrician, or tilesetter keep me from earning a living. Anyone getting in my way would get knocked down. Respecting the picket is ridiculous - respect the household and go to work.

    I respect your right to your opinion - I just think you're wrong.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving, Johnny. See you on Funny Ass Friday.

  7. H/Nox- I do not think unions gave up their legitimacy. I think they are making a mistake siding with the Occupy Movement, and for the most part, I don't agree with what the movement is, or how it's gone about it's protest.

    But the unions are going to be involved in politics. I don't necessarily disagree with this. What side do you think their going to endorse. You, along with CS & TGP state all the time, that unions are what is destroying this country. I wouldn't donate money to your political causes either.

    I've said it time and time again. If the Reps from the Republican Party, and Reps from the Unions could get together and hash out their differences, Their would be alot more Republicans in office. Union members hold alot of the same moral values and concepts that Republicans hold.

    I am a Tilesetter in Chicago Local 21 (formerly local 67). Which is affiliated with the IUBAC...International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen.

  8. CS- I am not in local 147. I am in Local 21. I'm sure the representatives of Local 147 do not look like gangsters. I'm sure they look more like uneducated retards, because that is most Union representation in a nutshell.

    Why shouldn't the clenched fist be associated with America. What's so wrong with it?

    My response to the Occupy movement is the same as my response to H/Nox. Unions are going to be politically involved, we (Union membership) need them to be. Who do you think they would side with. As I said, they're not going to side with the "TEA PARTY" movement, because most of the people involved with that movement are anti-union. You're a smart enough man to realize that.

    I think your other questions may be answered by my previous paragraph.

    I'm not sure about glaziers, but I made around 86K last year, not including benefits. So now that you're really sick at your stomach, I will also inform you that I believe the I.U.B.A.C. officers make more than the officers at the AFL-CIO.

  9. TGP- We have discussed your previuos "union" experience, and I am sorry for that. But before I continue, I must tell you that not all union members are lazy and pathetic. We (THE Unions) do have some bad apples. That's the wonderful thing about a recession. It tends to purge the bad apples from the bunch.

    Now you've mentioned before about writing checks, which gives you some experience. That may be true, but you're discounting one fact. Not every G.C. (General Contractor) is like you. I don't know you well, only from the blogs. you do seem like an honest, genuine, fair man. But you also seem somewhat educated, I would assume educated enough to realize that not all GC's are like you. Some are down right pieces of shit, that will look to rob a trademen blind. I did a side-job once for a builder. It was new construction, and the job was custom marble work with limestone inlays. I gave hime a price of $8 a foot. He told me that he would really like to work with me, because I seemed like a nice guy, and he saw some stone work I did for a buddy of his.

    He proceeded to tell me that his bid to the homeowner was for $8 a foot for the stone floors. So, I went down to $6/foot, that way he could make $2/ft. for doing nothing. But I deemed it was fair, and we settled on that price. The job was 400 Ft. on completion, I was owed $2400. I received an envelope with $1900 in it. The excuse, he wasn't happy with the finished product. The owner was elated, and since then I've done 6 side-jobs for his friend and family. It was just an attempt too screw me out of $500. After some good 'ol J.O.B. persuasion, I got my money.

    Crazy union rules do not slow a job down. A GC that agrees to those union rules, and then attempts to break them, slows down a job.

    Respecting a picket is a ridiculous concept too someone like you, but they are not ridiculous. They are what gives strength to the unions. If you are ready to cross, you should not be in the union, nor receiving union benefits and wages.

  10. Johnny,

    I have had similar experiences with both contractors and home owners. I even had to hunt a guy down (cause the law wouldn't) who attempted to not pay me for $17,000 worth of materials, plus wrote a bad check for labor. He had a fictitious address on his check, and a different fictitious address on his drivers license, and was obviously hiring to defraud. After hunting him down, I gave his real address to the sheriff and told him it would take me an hour to get there and when I got there I was going to kill the guy. They went and arrested him, and surprise, he paid me. Later, he was shot in the head by an illegal immigrant he had ripped off.

    Around here, I get $2/ft to lay tile. No one around here would have a house if we had to pay union wages.

    I wouldn't be in a union, so I guess my willingness to cross a picket may stem from that. I would have killed that contractor for ripping me off, and I would do whatever I had to to get work if a bunch of bums were attempting to keep me from working.

    On that side job you did, you didn't need union backing to get your money. You "persuaded" the guy the same way I would have.

  11. Johnny,

    I figured that you weren't going to see it my way. Republicans aren't "anti-union" per se, but we are pro-fairness. We want government to leave us alone. The Democrats Party (Progressive, Socialist, Liberal, whatever) is a diverse group of special interest groups of which the unions are one. I understand why the head of your union gives money to the democrat party - I don't understand why the membership allows it.

    It's actually funny to watch Democrats get themselves into trouble with two competing special interests. The XL Pipeline is case in point. When faced with supporting union labor over the environazis Obama sided with the environazis. Ask Trumka about his "investment" of your money in Obama and how well it worked. Obama flushed 20,000 jobs (some say as many as 100,000) down the toilet to avoid pissing off the Sierra Club.

    Ask Trumka about the deal he made with the Devil over the Obamacare battle. Unions got near-term relief but when that waiver runs out, you union guys and gals are going to get pitched into the same mess as the rest of us. Enjoy your health care now if we don't reverse Obamacare you will get better health care in Zimbabwe or Peru.

    That is the dilemma that I think that union members face. Near-term goodies against at least the risk of long-term disaster. You will never know how many jobs you might have in homes that get done instead by homeowners doing it themselves for $0.00 a foot. Your union and others gave rise to the do-it-yourself industry.

    I replaced a garbage disposal this week. I would have much preferred a call to a plumber, but the installation cost me nothing other than some scraped knuckles and time. No doubt it took me twice as long as a plumber, but it was free. Ms. CS even found out that I knew some swear words that she hadn't heard so artfully woven into a rant before. She went upstairs and closed the door.

    Unions create consequences for the members. Some are hard to see (my garbage disposal) while others are not (Michigan).

    You are in a union - I get it - but you also don't have a choice. That isn't freedom it's slavery. I don't have a problem with Local 21 because I can avoid them in a variety of ways (do-it-myself or move to a free State) however I feel entirely differently about public sector unions. I strenuously object to having a portion of my taxes being mainlined into a public sector union supporting SEIU thugs and the Democrat Party. That's a form of slavery as well.

    As for the clenched fist - it is a revolutionary symbol most often associated with the violent imposition of tyranny. In that vein I'm not surprised that unions use it as they are by their very nature anti-freedom.

    Did you check out that website?

  12. Johnny,

    I'm not trying to pile on here - but I thought you might find this interesting:

    Sometimes the view from the inside is different from how others view your organization.

  13. TGP- I'm glad to see that your story had a happy ending, on all accounts.

    The per foot price I spoke of is for stone work which involved custom inlay patterns. $8/ft. is very fair. If a homeowner wants me to set basic ceramic tile with no pattern, then they are looking at about $2/ft. You would be surprised that their is very little difference in union and non-union home pricing. Maybe $15,000 from start to finish. That's from excavating to finish trades. My understanding, is that, non-union builders offered 1 year warrany on materials, and craftsmanship, while union builders offered 3. Not to mention, that in Chicago, during the boom, the price difference wasn't paid for by the homebuyer. It was paid for by the developer.

    As far as needing union backing on my side-job, it was a non-issue, since I couldn't go to the union anyway. But if it was a contractor, it would have been much easier to let my union officials handle it. But I would almost be willing to gaurantee that non-union contractors pull this shit on their employees all the time.

  14. CS- Republicans are pro-fairness and just want government to leave them alone? Except when it comes to abortion, right? Ah, that's a different debate. As far as the special interest groups, and the Dems, and the unions being one of them. I agree, and have actually debated this fact with a friend over on Mud's blog. I like him the most, because he seems to be one of the few Non-PILEs over there. But the Republicans have just as many groups, with even more money.

    We have agreed upon that, and it seems that we agree why the unions donate to the Democratic party. See, even during a friendly debate, we can agree on a few things. I think that's great:)

    Now you say that you don't understand why membership allows it. I think you know the answer, and just want to hear me say it. That's fine, because it's the one thing I've been trying to change for 5 years now. Union membership does not get a vote on how funds are allocated. There, I said it, and now you know, straight from the mouth of a Union member.

    Trumka, and the AFL-CIO is actually a governing body of all international unions. So we have very little to do with that organization. And we have had our disagreements with them over union issues.LOLOLOLOL....I actually sent him a letter 3 years ago letting him know that he was a retard. I never got a reply. To tell you the truth, I don't even know who elects that board, or even when elections occur.

    Obamacare fucked the unions, big time. I am aware of this, so is every somewhat educated union member, so you are preaching to the choir. And you are wrong, we got no near term releif. We got fucked through and through. We will never be eligible for a government healthplan. We will have to pay $9.20/hr out of our benefit package for our coverage, and our taxes will go up.......I don't care what President Obama promises, I don't see how our taxes WON'T go up.

    Unions did not give rise to that do it yourself industry. That genius, Arthur Blank did. Home Depot did that, and I'm glad he did. My stock soared because of it. Because of homeowners like you, my daughter can go to any college she picks. Remind me to send you a thank you card:)
    And tell Mrs. CS, that's part of the construction process, the art of it, if you will. Plus, doesn't it feel good to get your hands dirty from time to time?

    In closing, you are wrong about one thing. I don't have to work as a Union Tilesettter. That was a choice that I made, not forced into. Are their problems within this organization? Of course their is, but show me an organization that doesn't have problems. It is up to us, union membership to identify the problems, and work to fix them. Lord knows, I'm trying. As far as the public unions go, i've told you before. You have every right to be involved with that. Plus, you wouldn't find too many public union members in Chicago that disagree with you. Tax-payer funded retirement plans???????? Come on.

    The clenched fist? That's fine... AGREED....... I would rather have the American Flag in my symbol anyway. Plus I did check out your websites. The painters are a different breed, and that's their members problem to deal with, I have my own. The Washington post article was O.K., but it was an editorial. Trust me, noone tries to intimidate anymore. You know how many lawsuits unions have lost, due to intimidation tactics....It's sick..

  15. Johnny,

    I am a life member of the Veteran's of Foreign Wars (VFW). During the 2010 election cycle the Political Action Committee associated with the VFW issued it's endorsements and when the membership found out they went nuts. The endorsements included many Democrat incumbents who are viciously Anti-American but who had pandered to veterans issues.

    The PAC was not supported by VFW member dues, but were trading on the VFW brand and under the National leadership. When the VFW members found out that Barbara ("Call me Senator") Boxer, Jerry Connolly, Alan Grayson, and Rick Klein (running against VFW member Allan West!) had received the VFW PAC's endorsement the rank and file revolted.

    The VFW membership went nuts and deluged the leadership with mail. First the leadership directed that the offensive endorsements be withdrawn - when the PAC refused, the VFW national commander disbanded it.

    I would suggest that your unions are doing something very similar - they are trading your dues for influence with politicians who are doing you near-term favors while undermining the Nation as a whole. If your Local 21 membership was polled I very much doubt they would support Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and particularly Barack Obama in the same ratio that your dues are spent - 92% to Democrats (Socialists, Progressives, Liberals, whatever).

    I don't think that it is hopeless.