Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"I can't believe I'm going to vote for a nigger, but we can't have another four years of George Bush"

This is an exact, unedited quote, from a Tradesman I was working with in late October 2008. I deeply apologize if it offends anyone, but it does serve a purpose. Lately, an acronym, that was coined by a professor at U.C.S.D. has been hi-jacked by some left-wing bloggers. That acronym is LIV (Low Information Voters). The high-jackers have forced me to coin my own acronym, PILE (Pretentious Intolerant Liberal Elitist). So tell me, what is more "Low Informative". The ideas that CS, or Hard-Nox have on how to better improve this country. How about the comments that TGP and Sepp leaves. Pretty Low informative, huh. Or is it the Democratic piece of shit that quoted to me what you see above.

So I ask again MUD, whose the Low Information Voter?


  1. Good luck, Johnny.

    Mud won't answer your query with facts, he'll just accuse us of racism and continue to keep the blacks down on the welfare plantation. He is a hypocrite - unless he's a racist on purpose.

  2. Johnny,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I doubt that your aquaintance was alone in his exact statement. The left was good at crafting the message in 2008. Hell, they even picked the opposing candidate but only managed to squeak out a 4% edge despite all the dead people that voted.

    On a side note... I visited my local country store tonight and the black guys that hang out there were trashing zero worse than any klansman would. I was a bit surprised to say the least. The shine has worn off the turd.

    They were also really pissed that Herman Cain was getting wrongfully accused by the bimbos and the press.

    I made another contribution to Cain's campaign tonight. Frankly I don't care what Herman did 15 years ago. We're not voting for the Pope. I want a leader in the WH for a change.

  3. TGP- I won't go as far as to call Mud a racist just yet. But, from my visits to his blog, I can tell he's an elitist. If your opinion differs drastically from his, you're just an uneducated soul. It seems he will never admit too wrong doings by the Democrats. And it definitely seems that he will never say that a Republican may be right.

  4. H/Nox- Maybe he wasn't alone. But he was the only one that I heard that from personally. I also had two people tell me that they were voting for Obama, so that they could tell their Grandkids that they voted for the first black president.

    Again, whose the LIV?

  5. Johnny,
    I have heard it from several black guys and have been told of similar experiences by others. My UPS man who is a Black man told me that he hates that Oreo (his words).

    I believe anyone with white guilt is over it already. We have exceptional Black folks in this country that have the intelligence and experience to lead this country. Zero wasn't it.

  6. Johnny,

    Thanks for the mention in dispatches. It's ironic how Liberals (Progressives, Socialists, Democrats, whatever) respond when cornered - the other person is always stupid. Ronald Reagan was the most successful President in the Twentieth Century yet liberals attacked him incessantly as being stupid.

    However Reagan didn't attack liberal's intellect (though it is very hard not to) rather he said:

    "Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so."

    Mud-PILE is the living example of that statement.

  7. CS- I was to young to remember Reagan and his politics. But Reagan is somewhat reveared in Illinois, because he's the only president born in our glorious stste.

  8. Johnny,

    That is one of the problems now with our expectations for the economy and the very real potential that lies with a change in leadership. Though burdened with a hostile Congress and a manifestly worse economy than Obama inherited - he turned the Nation around on a dime.

    I bought my first house in 1980 - under Carter new home loans had sky rocketed to 17.5% - but four years later when I got transferred out new home loans were at 9.5%. The Reagan revolution touched every segment of society - the only bad thing was that they were unable to get a handle on spending (deja vu?) and the debt did rise - not a crazy rise like under Obama - but it did go up.

    If we get a Perry or Cain Presidency, you are going to see prosperity like you never dreamed of.

  9. CS,

    Your lips to God's ears. I remember Reagan prosperity, and right now I'd be tickled to death for a fourth of that.

  10. Johnny and Tenth,

    Gingrich eviscerated that Liberal tool Maria Bartiromo during the debate when he brought the issue up about the media not telling the American people the whole story. That is the really sad part about media coverage of the economy - they are PILEs and they don't understand the Constitution, economics, or history.

    So those of you who didn't witness the miracle that was Reagan don't know how wonderful real freedom can be. Obama is a Jimmy Carter on steroids. Jimmy took a troubled economy and created a disaster. The worst part of Obama is that he doesn't recognize it - Jimmy Carter did and he did start to reverse his ridiculous policies, but it was too late and he got crushed in the election by Reagan.

    Look at any chart of interest rates, unemployment, inflation, or consumer confidence that covers 1970 to 1990. Your typical liberal either can't explain it or will out-right deny that it happened but Reagan made the economy and the country soar. Everybody benefited, everybody. Again - a failure to reduce government and spending did lead to a rise in the deficit but Reagan did create a miracle. Perry, Cain, Gingrich, and the rest get it - they understand the possible. Had Reagan dealt with the debt at the same time, we would still be swimming in the Reagan flood of prosperity.

    Liberals would claim that Clinton did the same thing, but he didn't. But Bawdy Bill is a subject for later.

    I don't know how your taste in books runs, but "The Age of Reagan: The Conservative Counterrevolution 1980-1989" by historian Steven F. Hayward would be a good one. The "Reagan test" is an easy way to see if your child's history book is crap or not. If you read the chapter on Reagan and they get that wrong - then the whole book is usually a leftist PILE of crap.