Saturday, November 19, 2011

My favorite PILE. Let's call him Gomer.

Some time ago, Mud created a post involving President Obama's announcement of troop withdrawal from Iraq. I even commented on how President Obama did a wonderful job keeping this campaign promise. Boy was I wrong.                             

Here's what the President proclaimed----------------------------
"Today, I can report that, as promised, the rest of our troops in Iraq will come home by the end of the year," Obama said at the White House. "Our troops will definitely be home for the holidays."
A small force of a few hundred Marines will remain to help train Iraqi forces, as well as a large diplomatic contingent.

But, here's the problem I found with his bold proclamation-----------------
The prevailing document, the 2008 Status of Forces Agreement, was negotiated between the Bush administration and the Iraqi prime minister Nuri al-Maliki. That’s what set the deadline of Dec. 31, 2011, for all U.S. troops to leave Iraq.

"He essentially implemented the plan that he inherited," said Chris Preble of the libertarian Cato Institute.

WOW! So, the withdrawal was actually set forth by the Bush Administration. I finally figured it out. When things go to shit with the presidency, blame the predecessor. When looking for a boost to your campaign, take credit for what said predecessor did.

And the PILE's eat it up.


  1. Johnny,

    That should have been your Funny Ass Friday post. Fucking hilarious.

  2. Johnny,

    The secret to PILEs is that they don't care about the truth - certainly Mud_PILE (or Gomer if you prefer) is case in point. The "Big Lie" is their stock in trade.

  3. TGP- You might be right. But technically, it's a fact, not a joke. Although sometimes, reality is funnier than fiction.

  4. CS- Please continue with Mud_PILE, I think it has a funnier ring to it :)

  5. mud_PILE it is. Yes, it has a better ring to it although Gomer is funny too.

  6. Johnny,

    As you wish - besides, "Gomer" brings to mind the hapless country boy Gomer Pyle of the 60's TV show (comedy). Gomer joined the Marine Corps and there's no way we would ever take Mud_PILE.

  7. CS,

    What about for bayonet practice? My grandpa used to always say "No man is completely worthless."

    His finish was they could always serve as a bad example. I think I like bayonet target better.