Sunday, November 20, 2011


Don't forget to get in your suggestions for Beat-Off of the month of November.


  1. Johnny,
    It's a toss-up:

    - OWS protestors for being the whiny douchebags that they are protesting capitalism which provides them with the highest standard of living in the world.


    - Commrade zero ("I'm focusing like a lazer in job creation") for killing 20,000 potential American jobs in the Canadian pipeline deal (privately financed) which would have also minimized our dependance on sand-nazi oil thus cutting off funds to further their expansionist ideals.

    You choose.

  2. Johnny,

    How many times can The Great One win?

    I nominate the guy who inspired the term P.I.L.E.

  3. Johnny,

    I nominate Jon Corzine the former governor of New Jersey. He and Obama may have completely undermined the futures market. Check this out: