Monday, November 14, 2011

What would Martin L. King Jr. think?

Well, last night I did something I've never done before. I committed a crime.

The suburb I live in is just west of a village called Robbins. Robbins is um, how you'd say, aaaaa, um, a sack of shit town. It's filled with welfare receiving, life disrespecting, lazy sacks of shit. 

So anyway, last night, on the Southeast corner of 135th St. and Cicero Ave. , their were two armed robberies. Two men, both armed entered and proceeded too rob the local Walgreens. A third, armed with a hand gun entered the Little Ceasar's next door and proceeded too rob that store. Then, instead of heading East back home, they decided to head West, into the neighborhoods of beautiful Crestwood.

My wife, who works for Cook County found out about the helicopter and bloodhound officer heading to the scene. See, the problem with having a community that has an 83% welfare residency, is that their's no tax revenue for their own fully functioning police department. So, needless to say, we had the inside scoop.

The robberies happened around 7:30 P.M. At 8.20 P.M. the dog needed to be walked. Since we live in a condo, we can't just open up the back door. So, Mrs. O'Bloggin asked me to accompany her. My crime? I accompanied her with a mag lihght in one hand and my .45 in the other.......I can't wait to purchase my AR-15.

So why did this sequence of events occur? What possessed three young men to venture into a town filled with old people? Walk into a drugstore, and pizza chain while armed, and use the threat of violence, and death, to obtain a miniscule amount of money. Is it their socioeconomic disadvantages due to prejudice, and 400 years of oppression? Is it a lack of job programs provided by the government and the welfare system itself? Let me think......HHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMM. I got it. Maybe they're just uncivilized, lazy pieces of shit.

Oh well, Mrs. O'Bloggin, canine O'Bloggin, and myself are fine. The perpetrators are still at large. And people are still going to tell me not to be judgemental. Maybe it proves that there is a lack of job opportunities due to the refusal of the Republican party to waiver on Obama's jobs, jobs, jobs bill.

Oh, I almost forgot. The two stores that were robbed, are currently hiring.



  1. Johnny,

    If someone pulls a gun on you, and you have your .45 on you, you shoot them. Tap, tap. Do not hesitate, do not waiver. Protect Mrs. O'Bloggin. I will start a campaign to raise money for your legal defense fund. But you shoot the bastard.

    Hopefully some of those sorry, lazy sacks of shit are reading your blog and will know some law abiding citizens might bend a rule or two.

    As Hardnox has said before:

    It is better to be judged by 12 than toted by 6.

  2. TGP- No worries brother, hesitation never had a chance of being there. In fact, I am almost hoping to one day fire upon a weapon wielding criminal. Shit, I better get into therapy.

  3. Johnny,
    It's good that you take precautions but like Tenth stated, double tap! NEVER HESITATE.

    Careful bro... you might get your wish soon. You might try walking the dog earlier. Just sayin.

    Like I said in the other post, this is just a warming up period.

    An AR??? Nice weapon. One of my favorites. When you get one make sure it is chambered for 5.56 that way you can use .223 or 5.56.

    Btw, count me in on your defense fund.

  4. Johnny,
    To answer the question of your blog post. I would venture to think that MLK would be disappointed as to what has become of the people that he championed so hard for and ultimately gave his life.

    I imagine he is rolling in his grave with the knowledge that he changed from republican to democrat only to have his people on the lib plantation.

    JFK and RFK suckered him into changing. Moral: never trust a democrat!

  5. Johnny,

    I don't blame you. You might consider a change in venue to Virginia. You can walk your dog with a firearm on your hip even if you don't have a concealed carry permit. Hell, I suspect that you could walk your dog here with your AR-15 on your shoulder.

    We understand the meaning of "shall not be abridged" in Virginia. Indeed after Tuesday's election Republicans run the entire Commonwealth government, some existing "abridgment" is likely going to be rolled the hell back.

  6. H/Nox- Thank you for the advise. I fired my friends AR awhile back. I loved it.

    I too, agree that King is rolling over in his grave. I wasn't even born yet, but from what I read, he was a great man. All he ever wanted was equality, so doors would open to the black community for better opportunities. I don't remember him wanting his race to be dumbed down by the slavery created by welfare. I really do wish he was alive, I would love to meet and talk with him.

    CS- Thanks for the suggestion, but I love the city. However, if I'm ever in Virginia, I'll definitely let you know.