Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where too Start???????????????????????

Political scientist Samuel L. Popkin coined the acronym L.I.V.(low information voter) to describe most voters who know very little about politics, or the world in general...................................

Union Tilesetter Johnny O'Bloggin Coined the acronym P.I.L.E. (pretentious intolerant liberal elitist) to descibe leftist bloggers who presume to know everything about politics, but have little time, or patience for people whose opinion differs from their's.

That's it for now. I will continue tomarrow(that's for you H/Nox) with a post regarding this topic. I will be posting daily(I hope) on this topic, until I get my rambling thoughts completely out.

EVERYONE is welcomed to comment. However, I am enforcing a provision. Your comment(s) will be deleted if you do not provide a littls info about yourself. All I want too know is your age(Doesn't have to be exact), and previous work history.

And please invite your friends. I would love to hear from Sepp, Laci, ALZ, MicroDot, Paladin, and Jack Jodell. Even N.O.N.....Although he claims he is not able to leave comments here.


  1. Johnny,

    That is perfect! PILE - it is destined to be a classic. Your request about info: I'm nearly 60

    Work History:

    Grocery Store bagger (my first and only union job)
    While in college worked as a security guard, telephone solicitor (sorry everybody), and installed insulation
    Twenty-two years US Marine
    Government contractor (18 mo)
    Telecommunications (program management)
    Small business owner

  2. Johnny O',

    I love it. I have previously referred to such people as a pile, but P.I.L.E. is great.

    I'm 43, going on 74.

    I started working as a strapping 8 year old, (in Mundelein, Il no less), when my dad decided I was big enough to push the lawnmower. I cut Dad's grass, and never shut the mower off (prior to 1986 a lawnmower didn't quit when you let go of the handle). I cut neighbors grass, and later purchased my first tool with my earnings, a snow shovel. I've been working ever since, sometimes for money, sometimes not.

    I spent 3 years in the Marines, then got into the building business when I got out. Technically, I'm still in the building business.

    I despise P.I.L.E.'s who have spent their whole lives trying to get some of my hard-earned cash. If you don't sweat for it, it came from someone else.

  3. CS- Thank you for the info. What sort of small business did you run?

    TGP- Thank you for the info as well. When you were a "steady" home builder, were you just a General Contractor, or did you do everything yourself? Or both?

  4. Johnny,

    Too many moonbats out there to open the kimono too far. I'm just trying to stay ahead of my wife's shoe budget.

  5. CS,

    Good luck with that.


    I was what I call a construction consultant. I allowed people to be their own contractor, I just guided them through it, for a lot less money. I also did most of the work, except for electric, plumbing and HVAC, although I dabble or more in all three.

  6. CS & TGP- Thanks for the info.
    I am 35 years old.
    I started working when I was 14. My father owed a trucking company, and I worked weekends. I worked as a gas station clerk, machine shop, and docks of a trucking company. I briefly did a small internship with my brother's investment firm, then chose the line of work I'm in now.

  7. Mud,

    Don't want to play? Tell us, oh wise one, how did you become the man[sic] you are today.

  8. TGP- I think he's busy "enlightening" everyone on your blog, not to mention, using conservative minded voters as punchlines on his blog. I guess that's the very definition of a PILE

  9. Johnny,

    I love that term - PILE - I'm going to steal it and use it forever. Brilliant.

  10. CS- Please do, its' for everyone's enjoyment