Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dedicated to my friend........Mud_Rake


Promises kept: 158
Promises Broken: 54
Compromise: 49
Stalled: 66
In the works: 179
Not yet rated: 2


  1. Johnny,

    It's interesting to contrast that with the GOP Pledge-O-Meter Scorecard

    * Promise Kept 9
    * Compromise 1
    * Promise Broken 1
    * Stalled 5
    * In the Works 14
    * Not yet rated 27

  2. Why is the volume of promises so high? Just rough guessing, but that looks like he's made a promise every three days. Hell, I thought he was too busy golfing.

  3. CS- I hear ya, but those are the facts published on politifact. Are you trying to say that the GOP doesn't make as many promises, because they realize Congress has a "Hand" in it?

    TGP- The promises were made during his campaign. The golfing was done after he won office.

  4. Johnny,

    No - I think that all politicians make too many promises. I also think that Obama thought he was going to wield a helluva lot more power than any President ever gets. He didn't factor in Congress, the Supreme Court, or the American People. What I'm saying is that promises kept, broken, blocked, etc. may not be the right metric. Everyone with any sense knows that Obama is a liar - that goes without saying.

    Of course how promises are counted is important too - the "Broken Promise" made by the GOP was the pledge to have every bill up for three days on the web before it went to a vote. The vote that "broke" that promise was the emergency legislation during the brinksmanship over the budget. Did we want that promise "broken?" The entire country was clamoring for Congress to do something immediately - and they did.

    The very first promise that is listed that Obama kept was to lift the ban on Federally Funded Stem Cell Research. It has no practical impact as Stem Cell Research wasn't effected by Bush's ruling, only using Federal funds to do so was. There is plenty of evidence to indicate that there are more promising avenues of research that are producing results without harvesting embryos - but liberals (democrats, progressives, socialists, whatever) don't care. They are hysterical on the subject. So what was the practical effect of Obama's "promise kept?" Flushing more of our money down the drain. I for one would have preferred that he break that promise and that is true for a substantial part of the population.

  5. CS- I understand what you are saying. But I think you failed to read my last comment on the psot titled "Just to prove my point...Volume I". Read it, and I think these postings might make sense to you.