Thursday, December 8, 2011

I've been banned!!!!!!!LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

I tried leaving a comment on Mud's blog and found out I was banned. At first, I was wondering why, and almost insulted. I've never been nothing but polite on his blog. I try to be polite to everyone on their blogs. So to say the least, I was confused. But then I thought of something Mama O'Bloggin told me when I was 9. She said to me, "Honey, it's mind over matter, you shouldn't mind, because they don't matter.".................................................It was nice knowing you Mud_Rake.............................


  1. Out of curiosity, does anyone mind if I end "The Beat-Off of the Month" contest 3 weeks early?

  2. No, go ahead. If you end it early, it won't interfere with our holiday plans.

  3. Funny how these "free speech" nuts cancel free speech. I didn't try to leave any comments, but I'm sure I'm banned too. I don't even know how to ban particular commentors, but NoN (or Jeff, Jio and who knows who else) claimed my blog told him he was banned. Later he admitted on Mud's blog that he "kinda lost it" so was staying away. Either way, good riddance.

  4. Johnny,

    Welcome to the "Banned by Mud_PILE" brotherhood.

    Mud_PILE hates hearing the truth and can't put up with it. You will note that if you stay on message and don't get lost in his BS and insults he goes away. All the "free speech" nonsense from those Marxists only refers to THEIR speech - not yours.

    As I've said over and over - they aren't debating - they are attempting to shout you down - that is clear from all their posts. If one could stomach re-reading Mud_PILE's drivel it would be fascinating try and find a relevant comment or supporting fact. That's just not his style.

    Well done Johnny - believe me - you won't miss him.

  5. Tenth,
    I am pretty sure that blogger doesn't have a "ban" option like Wordpress does. In other words, Jeff is full of shit.

    Since the trolls have decided to boycott our sights, all I can say is A.M.F!

    Good summary.

  6. I decide to keep the beat-off contest running.

    As far as Word press goes, I could probably leave comments by changing my e-mail address. I have 3. But what's the point?

    H/Nox- What is AMF, please? It sounds funny already.

  7. Tenth,
    Maybe in North Carolina it is, but up here in Virginia we use the "original" translation for the acronym. Ask your dad about it. It's VietNam war era salute generally accompanied with a "half peace sign" hand signal towards your enemy after you kicked their ass and ran away.

  8. Nox,
    We interpret AMF as you do in the Bluegrass State! We try to stick to the original scrolls.

    When you have lost "nothingness" you have lost "nothing." And Mudcrap's head is full of "nothingness." You're better off now as your pharmacy bill will no doubt decrease not needing your script for sedatives anymore! I'm sure Mudhead will continue his use of peyote to exist in the land of Liberalsignorefacts!

  9. Dave- Thanks for the encouragement, and welcome, to the (blog)land of the free.

  10. H/Nox- That is awesome. To think, I always thought AMF was a bowling equipment manufacturer.

  11. TGP- No offence brother, but I like H/Nox's version better.

  12. Dave- You're from Kentuk? So is my whole family, except for my siblings and I.

  13. Nox and Johnny,

    I know the "usual" translation - I just thought we should get more PC so we don't run off any more liberals.

  14. Johnny,
    You can never be able to go bowling again without smiling when the pin setter appears.

    LOL, when were you ever worried about being PC, much less worried about running off libs? Must be getting close to the holidays or something, eh?

    You're not getting soft on us are you?

    I know, you miss bashing on mudPILE and Jeff/whatever. You're having DT's!!

  15. Fuck this PC shit, I'm done being polite on MY blog...................