Monday, December 5, 2011

Just to prove my point......Vol. I

President Barack Obama's campaign pledge to end taxes for seniors making less than $50,000 has fallen off the radar.
It wasn't part of the tax cuts in the economic stimulus bill, also known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It wasn't in Obama's first budget outline, which was approved by Congress on April 2, 2009. And it's not part of any proposed legislation that we can find.
Today, on Tax Day, Obama gave a speech in which he talked about his other tax promises and how he wants to reshape the tax code to make it simple and more efficient. But he never mentioned his promise of curtailing the income tax for seniors.
The Obama administration has done other things for seniors. Thanks to the stimulus bill, for example, everyone who gets Social Security benefits will receive a $250 check from the government in May. But the bold promise to end taxes for seniors if they make less than $50,000 seems to be forgotten.
We asked the White House about it, but got no response. If this promise is ever revived, we'll revisit our ruling. But for now, this is a Promise Broken.


  1. Johnny,

    That $250 in May is in lieu of cost of living raises, since there has been no inflation in the past couple years. And if your believe that, I have thirty four acres of primo swamp land to sell you.

  2. How about ocean front property in New Mexico? :)

  3. I don't have any, but if you'll take a title written out on a cocktail napkin, sure.

  4. Johnny,
    As with everything coming from the administration it is a lie covered with a half truth.

    The libs cannot point to a single program that has helped Americans but they continue to polish the turd for consumption.

  5. When he made that promise, was he chattering to senior citizens?
    He has a habit of tailoring his speeches to pander to the audience he's addressing and, "forgets" everything he's promised them by the time he arrives at the next venue.

  6. Well, well, JOB, you lit a fuse under the right-wing posse with this post. Of course, as usual, they don't know shit about what they are talking about. That's because they listen to propaganda 24/7 from the professional propagandists on AM radio and Fox.

    JOB- so if this post is "Vol 1" how many more volumes will you run? Apparently you will be doing a series of posts which begin, President Barack Obama's campaign pledge... Is that true?

    If so, will your 'series' contain the ones that he kept or only the ones that were not kept? In other words, will you cherry-pick to keep the right-wingers drooling?

    By the way, if you need any help selecting the promises, let me know as I would be happy to give you a list.

  7. Mud,

    Put up your list of campaign promises kept by Obama. I bet you can't name one.

  8. I wonder if a Republican controlled Senate has anything to do with the content of bills arriving for President Obama's signature.

  9. Jeff,

    The Republicans don't control the Senate. The Democrat controlled Senate DOES have something to do with the lack of bills arriving on Obama's desk.

  10. Tenth boldly states, Put up your list of campaign promises kept by Obama. I bet you can't name one.

    You've lost every 'bet' that you have made with me, Tenth, yet you continue to challenge me.

    OK, here goes:

    Obama promised to extend child tax credits and marriage-penalty fixes. The legislation Obama signed on Dec. 17, 2010, continues those tax measures for everyone for another two years

    Want a dozen more or do you give up?

  11. "The Republicans don't control the Senate."

    Mr. Smith - Eh? Maybe I should rephrase that so you can understand.

    "The Republicans in the U.S. Senate during the Presidency of Barack H. Obama dictated the makeup of bills sent to the White House."

    Even a person who gets their news from FOX should understand now.

  12. Jeff,

    You continue to be an idiot. The Democrats in the U.S. Senate dictate what gets voted on. The Democrats are in charge of what gets sent to Obama's desk.

  13. Mud,

    Is that all you got? He extended Bush's tax credits? I doubt anyone with any sense would give Obama credit for keeping a promise that was already kept.

    What else you got?

  14. Tully, you need some schoolin' in the basics of U.S. Government. You call people names when you don't even know how the U.S. Senate works. You mean to tell me you never even wondered why some bills never got out of the Senate?

  15. They don't get out of the Senate for two reasons:

    1) They don't get enough votes, and

    2) The Senate Majority leader doesn't allow them on the floor.

    You want to tell me which bills suffered from which result?

  16. NW Ohio,

    This I have to see - do you have a federal certificate in the proper functioning of the minority party in the US Senate as well?

    Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrats (Progressives, Liberals, Socialists, whatever) have blocked even consideration of 15 Bills passed by the House of Representatives that would have positively effected the current economic stagnation in this country and cleared the way for job creation. Why don't they act on those? Or why don't they pass a damn budget? What has it been now 900 days?

    I don't think that you have much to lecture us about.

  17. Tully, even your resident "expert" (aka Sgt. Price) doesn't seem to want to explain it to you. Now, as Sgt. Price would preach, let's stay on point.

    The original topic was promises not kept by President Obama. Do explain how he could get legislation passed if the bills couldn't even get out of the Senate. I don't even think FOX News would blame a Democrat controlled Senate for this. Have you ever heard FOX News blame a Democrat controlled Senate for nonpassage of legislation? Or, to be more precise, blame the President for not getting promised legislation passed because of a Democrat controlled Senate?

    I believe your exact wording was "The Democrat controlled Senate DOES have something to do with the lack of bills arriving on Obama's desk." Now we're only talking about legislation that President Obama may have promised, but didn't make it out of the Senate in the form the President wanted.

  18. Johnny, Tenth, Mud_PILE, and NW Ohio,

    There is actually a bit of a cottage industry in tracking Obama's promises:

    The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises -


    The Obama Watcher's Wiki -

    It would be hard to say that Obama didn't keep some promises. Of course as famous Liberal (Democrat, Socialist, Progressive, whatever) Joseph Stalin pointed out, it doesn't matter who votes but rather who counts the votes.

    Many of those promises that Obama kept were against the express will of the American people. A more important question might be:

    Is the United States of America and it's people better for the promises that Obama did keep?

    Of course the answer to that question is a resounding "No."

    Now we find ourselves in the twisted logic of would we be better off if the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay was closed? The very idea is absurd. Obama tried to keep that promise but fortunately was thwarted by a House and Senate dominated by his own Party. Does he get credit for trying something so blatantly stupid? Or do we score that a failed promise?

    Obama succeeded at Healthcare even though 56% of Americans wanted him to fail. Is that a victory for us? Obama? Should we be happy he succeeded? He also squandered time and political capital when he promised to focus like a laser on joblessness and he didn't - how lucky are we on that score?

    One might want to check out some of those promises kept before you crow about them. One promise was to fund and give more teeth to GW Bush's "No child left behind" - but now after keeping that promise he's reversed course and is offering wide spread waivers. Is that a promise kept? Bush plan implemented? Promise abandoned once half implemented? How do you count that one?

    Not so easy huh?

  19. Sepp & NON- Welcome, it's good to have you guys here.

  20. Mud- I'll be happy to alternate for ya.

  21. CS- it's real easy. I will alternate promises kept & promises broken. I will also add my opinion at the end. Should be entertaining.

  22. The person behind the screen name "Commonsense" bears a striking resemblance to the character Sgt. Price from the movie Stalag 17.

  23. No need to alternate, JOB, between 'kept' and 'broken.' The list of KEPT is much longer than BROKEN.

    It is interesting that Common Sense supplied a link from PolitiFact which shows the BROKEN ones, but not the link details the KEPT ones.

    But then, the right-wing always likes their own set of facts, right CS??

    Try this link for 8 pages of promises KEPT:

    Talk to me about these 8 pages, JOB, CS, Sepp and Tenth.

    Of course, they could SPIN these facts like TenthGenerationPatriot tried to do on my blog. I listed one promise kept [as Tenth challenged me to do] and after I did he spun it this way:

    Denying that Obama did nothing doesn’t mean he kept a promise.

    How's that for marvelous SPIN??

    Pathetic, gentlemen, just pathetic.

    JOB- would you like me in my next comment to list all 8 pages of PROMISES KEPT or can I assume that you wish to recant your statement that Obama didn't keep his promises?

  24. Mud,

    You're still an idiot. The only promises he's kept are the ones that undermine liberty. But I guess an old racist reprobate like yourself wouldn't care about liberty, huh?

  25. Mud_PILE,

    Yours is a ridiculous line of reasoning as I pointed out. The American people overwhelmingly reject his policies. So American wins every time we obstruct or turn back an Obama promise.

    Where Obama has been successful in implementing his promises - America loses.

    So your platform is ludicrous as always.

    Obama promised the "most transparent administration ever" yet it is the most opaque. He lied.

    Obama promised to open Healthcare negotiations to the public - to broadcast it on CSPAN - yet all was done in complete secrecy by a single Party. He lied.

    Obama promised to end earmarks yet signed legislation that was a bundle of hundreds of earmarks. He lied.

    Promises kept, thwarted, etc. isn't the measure of his presidency. It is a meaningless metric. But the fact that he shamelessly pandered to several groups that he is now ignoring is telling.

    You brought a knife to a gun fight again. Congratulations.

  26. Ha! Ha!

    CS & Tenth- You two are more than pathetic, if there is such a category!

  27. Mud_PILE,

    Prove it. You have no game.

  28. Mud- Thanks for not asking me to alternate anymore. Now I can stick with the broken promises. I know, or at least I thought that I posted a comment on my blog or some other blog about the broken promises that pertain to me.
    Plus, I will never recant the statement I made. He promised the world during his campaign, knowing that he could not deliver. But, I will appease you with this tidbit.

    Everyone- My previous two posts about Obama are taken directly from It is not an anti-Obama website, but rather a website designed to rate promises, comments, accusations, etc. from ALL politicians. Writers, newspapers, and other media outlets as well. If you click on the Obama-meter, it will give you a list of all campaign promises, and rate them. In case you don't feel like checking this website out, I will post all the statistics tonight in a new post.

    MUD & NON- I am very glad you both visit my blog, and I do appreciate your opinions, even if I don't agree with them.
    But make no mistake about it, The Obama (Broken Promises post was not intended for TGP, CS, H-Nox, or Sepp. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate their comments on it, and actually learn and laugh at the same time. The post is for readers like you. I truly believe this man(Obama) is wrong for this country. It's not because he's a Democrat, I've voted for them just as much as I've voted for Republicans. It's not because he's black, I've voted for them in the past also. It's because he's no good. Call it insider information, but he is not a good man. A good man that makes mistakes, I can at least forgive. A bad man that makes mistakes, is just a piece of shit.
    TGP, CS, H-Nox, & Sepp would never vote for him anyway. So as I said, this post is not for them. Now I realize, that you guys will not vote for any of the GOP "hopefuls". And that's fine too. But that is why, I'm calling for either A-Obama's resignation, or B-A serious look into how American politics are ran. Why does the incumbant automatically get his political parties nod?

    In closing, I will keep posting, you guys keep commenting, and we'll all exercise the free flow of ideas and opinions.........Later