Sunday, December 11, 2011

My bid to become President of The United States of America......

Well, the one thing I have learned since I started blogging back in July, is that I have no chance of becoming POTUS. There are several reasons for this. I will go through them in a nice long mini-biography.

The political machine would tear me apart. My life hasn't been very presidential-like. I am a high school graduate who attended 1 semester of college. The machine would spin this into the fact, that I didn't even have the patience to seek higher education. The PILEs would tell you that I am an idiotic LIV. Here is what the machine wouldn't tell you, and the PILE's just don't know.

I was on the National Honors Society 3 out of my 4 years in high school. What makes this even more amazing, is that 2 of the years was my Junior and Senior year. Those 2 years, I had my own apartment, a full time job, and even had to pay my own registration fees. That probably wouldn't make any political adds. Mama O'bloggin passed away towards the end of my Sophomore year, and Papa O'Bloggin had lost all control of himself, and went back to Kentucky that Summer.
So anyway, I graduated with a 3.5 GPA, and sought out college. I couldn't receive any athletic scholarship, since I quit football my Senior year. I couldn't receive an academic scholarship, because of some behavioral stuff in school. They also brought up my extra-cirricular school activities, or lack thereof. I informed them about my 40 hour work week. but that didn't matter. So, I was able to receive some grants, and started out at Community College. But then something happened, I started working construction, and I loved it. So when it came time to apply for student loans (ICK), I made a calculated decision, to stay in the construction field. Not for total fear of being in debt at 18, but I like construction. I like building things, I like creating. By the age of  24, I was in the Union, I was making $50,000 a year, and I didn't have massive student loan debt.

I would be murdered by the Machine. I am not PC and never will be. I will never say African American, Irish American, Italian American, or Caucasion. These are all just bullshit terms in my mind. The term Hate-Crime is fucking retarded. Anyone ever hear of a love crime? ASSAULT WEAPONS? You have to be kidding me. I can commit an assault with a steak knife. Better outlaw those too.

The debate moderator would ask me my opinion. My answer is simple, Fuck 'em, I'm worried about this country, everyone else will have to take a back seat.

It was nice to hold onto that dream, but I guess now is the time to let it go. Oh well, since I'm not a Lawyer, or Business leader, I probably wouldn't make a good President............


  1. And now, years later, after serving as the first governor of Illinois in 20 years NOT to go to prison, the machine can look back and say, "See. He admitted himself he's not qualified."

    Don't worry about it Johnny. I worked two full time jobs my senior year, went to college, and pissed away all that money I worked for.

    As for "love crimes", a crazy ex-girlfriend burned down my house. The fire marshall said, "you have to love someone awful lots to do that to 'em."

  2. Johnny,
    You are a credit to the human race. That makes you ineligible for public office since it attracts low life forms. Besides you need to wait until you are 35 to run for that ofice.

    With your resume', you are probably over-qualified.

    Thinking of you as prez would be OK. I could live with it. You are honest if nothing else and a good man to boot.

    I'm trying to visualize a prez with tats.

  3. H/Nox- I am 35, 36 in March. The tattoos are covered with a suit. No face, neck or hand tattoos. But I keep getting more. I am gonna have to have Mrs. O'Bloggin help me with pictures, and how to put them on the computer.

  4. Ok, it's settled then.

    J.O.B. in 2012. You new campaign slogan will be: "J.O.B. for Jobs"

    Catchy isn't it?

  5. Johnny,

    Considering the most recent picture you posted, I guess you do need help.

  6. TGP- I can't help myself. I think, due to some of the events in my past, I just try to find humor in everything.

  7. Johnny,

    I have always thought that we shouldn't elect anyone to be President who actually wanted the job. In the first few Presidential elections in our history there wasn't any campaigning as we know it today. It was thought to be undignified and conceited to even say that you wanted to be President.

    I think that we would be better off if we voted in someone like General David Petraeus or Alan Mulally (CEO Ford Motor Co.) whether they wanted the job or not.