Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Something to talk about...........

Due to my hectic work schedule, and upcoming New Years plans, I will not be able to post anything of great substance. So until next year, I give you this.........................................................

Now let the comments fly, about this down right piece of shit.............................


  1. Maher's a complete ass. I would have a hard time not knocking him out if I bumped in to him somewhere. But I guess that makes ME the animal.

  2. Hello TGP,
    First off, thank you for your kind words in the last posting and I do appreciate them.

    As far as Bill Maher, he is over the top but some would say for entertainment value, but I personally do not find entertainment in this type of venue.

    Using this as a segway, I have spoken with many of my fellow Republicans I am involved with on this subject and the example with regards to Rush Limbaugh and his many examples of incorrect topic facts; and their justification for Rush is, "Well you have to consider that it is for entertainment." Again I don't find it entertainment to mislead the public with incorrect facts. So with this same mindset is the reason I have no use for Rush Limbaugh.

    To conclude with some friendly food for thought, should we also promote "knocking someone out" because we don't agree with them? :-) I would not promote "knocking Rush out" (even if I had a hard time not to) but I would be proactive exposing his inaccuracies.

    In public debates that I have participated in, it was when my opponent got loud and screaming his viewpoints is when I knew he was exposing that he was loosing the debate within his own mind. This is a form of a “Freudian Slip” and it is at this point that deep rooted feelings expose themselves. Usually it is at this point the moderators will award the debate victory to me.

    Sincerely, Thank you again as I have enjoyed your comments thus far.

    Now I have to get back to work. :-)

  3. EOK,

    I understand your point on "knocking him out," however, I believe there is a point when you're behavior deserves a punch in the nose, and Maher has reached that point.

    I don't listen to Rush, but I agree, he has his moments, too. And in fairness to Maher, I applauded him when he went into his audience to throw out a 9/11 Truther, so he at least is partly human.

  4. Hello TGP,
    Well stated. Yes Bill Maher can be a butt so long as we don't act upon it. Just expose him for what he is and the rest will be taken care of in due time.

    I also believe, "Everything Happens For A Reason and just rewards are served well....good and bad."

  5. EOK- I have to stand with TGP on this one. After first reading all the comments, I thought my feelings came from my hillbilly Irish upbringing. But after some thought, I think it's because some of his actions appaul me that much, especially tis latest tirade.

    Now, I probably wouldn't really knock him out. Don't let my barbaric demeanor fool you, I'm a rather peaceful guy. But I would have no problem telling him what I think of him, which may very well lead to a jab or two.

    The biggest problem I have with him, is his atheism. I'm an atheist too, and I have no problem with someone choosing "Not" to believe. But how can you make fun of a young man for his beliefs, and his good doings?

    In closing, I don't think Mr. Maher would mind getting knocked out by a guy like me. Since we are both atheists(I may very well fit the title of agnostic better), we both have a belief in evolution. One could make the argument, that I would be exploring my Primitive side.... :)

  6. EOK- I did not touch base on the Limbaugh thing with that last comment. It's because I don't follow him, or regard him as entertaining. In that respect, I don't follow Maher, or find him entertaining. I happened upon this story, necause of Tim Tebow. I am a football JUNKIE.

    With that said, I know Rush recently got in trouble for calling Michelle Obama "uppidy". I had to ask my wife about that, because I honestly never knew, uppidy was a derogitory term for the black community. I call my sister-in-law uppidy all the time. I always thought, it was a term used too describe people who are wealthy, who have somewhat harsh views of people who do not.

    To think, I have been racist all these years... :)

  7. Everyone- What amazes me about this whole thing is Tebow's reaction, which was not in the article. He had NO reaction, and remains a wonderful role model for today's youth. As I told TGP in a post he did about Tebow, his football skill-set may still be in question, but what is not in question, is his value as a role model to communities accross the country.................Keep up the good work Mr. Tebow, and God bless.....................

  8. Hello J.O.B. and TGP,
    I can identify with what you are saying as with my Scottish / Viking then throw in sum good old goose stepping German DNA into the mix, I too have the same feelings. :-0

    I just caution that on a blog it is a bad habit to get into. ;-) I know how TGP meant the meaning but some take it too far.

    I would also like to say that my wife is a fan of Tebow. I called up a very good conservative Republican friend to wish him a Merry Christmas. He is a Denver fan because although he lives in Maryland, I had to ask him why Denver. His reply was he was color blind and the blue and orange differences are two colors he can see a difference in….so he has Bronco flags flying at his house. We spoke about Tebow, and how his name has now become a verb. We both had a good laugh. So in summation, a class act.

  9. Johnny,

    An atheist saying "God Bless"? Be careful, or they'll throw you out of the club.

    Tebow is a class act, and Maher should be saying stuff about the good things he's doing, not laughing cause "God didn't help him win." If God was involved, wouldn't they keep him out of the Hall of Fame, the way they do Charlie Hustle?

  10. It's funny how liberals have little or, nothing bad to say about sports players who get nailed for drug dealing, pimping, shooting at people, dogfighting, rape and domestic violence and driving drunk...
    Let one of them say a prayer or, adhere to a value system that has "good" written all over it and they go nuts in trying to shit all over the man.

    Need any say more that liberalism is a backwards assed ideal?

  11. TGP- That's O.K. I'll start my own club.. :) Plus, You are 100% correct about Tebow being a class act. Maher would be a much better man if he talked about Tebow's charitable contributions and missionary work. But then he wouldn't be pandering to the pathetic 20 and 30 something potheads that think he's funny. If those retards did any research, they may find that this guy has a staff of 5 writers on his show. So, even if he does say something that makes you chuckle, chances are, it was written by someone else. Therefore, in my humble opinion, their is absolutely no use for this guy. Unless you want to put a price on agitating the American public.

  12. EOK- Thanks for the advice. We recently encountered a friend whose blog was shut down by google.

    For the record, I don't think anyone here would fly to Cali., just to punch the guy.

  13. Sepp- You may be correct, but it also gets worse. I'll see your Michael Vick, and raise you one Plaxico Burress.

    For those of you not familiar, Mr. Burress is the retard that shot himself in the leg, in a nightclub, with an "Illegally obtained" handgun, that he was "Illegally" concealing. After he served his jail sentence, the Liberal media took his story and ran.

    They claimed, a white man never would have received such a harsh sentence. He served less than 2 years