Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thanks DSLC


  1. You guys can look at this as a bonus if you want to. It is funny,and is for everyones enjoyment

  2. I see that the court is going to allow this clown an extra month...until April?...until he has to report to jail.

    Must be damned nice to be convicted and get 14 years in the slammer and the luxury of going home for a few months to "get things in order" know, just like every other convict is allowed to do.

  3. Sepp- Yeah, they were talking about that on the radio this morning. But he goes to jail in March, after being granted an additional 30 days. Which means he was scheduled to report to prison in Febuary, after being sentenced in December! Fucking justice system. I doubt you or I would get the same treatment. But then again, you or I wouldn't threaten to withhold funding from a children's hospital.