Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A True Atheist's beliefs VS. A beat-off Atheist's beliefs

A good friend recently asked me about my daughter's first Reconciliation. I meant to do a post about it, but honestly forgot, until my friend reminded me. So anyway, here's my point.

For those of you who do not know, My daughter is being raised Catholic (Against my wishes), and First Reconciliation is basically her first confession. I took her to a "special" lunch after this event. Over lunch, she asked me a question that I was not prepared for, but yet made me proud. The question? "So Dad, I can do anything wrong, and Jesus will forgive me so I can go to Heaven?"..............

I found myself in quite the conundrum. Do I break off the truth about Catholicism, at least how I see it? Or do I bite the Bullitt.

I've always looked at Catholocism, as bullshit. Come on, here's a book, and here's our own take on it. So says the guy in the big funny hat. Not too mention my Paternal Grandfather's involvment in the NRA. Do you Liberals really want to debate religious Freedom with me? Anyway, I could have pounced on it.

So what did I do? I looked at her adoringly, and said, "Just follow the Ten Commandments, and you'll do just fine."

In closing, My Atheism is learned, not taught. I will let my daughter exercise her own Freedom of Religion.


  1. Without passing judgement on her beliefs............................Fuck You Atheists who feel otherwise. My child, My rules

  2. Johnny,

    Allowing your child to find her own way is very admirable. I have huge problems with the total forgiveness deal myself. A preacher that my wife and I used to attend droned on and on about "not by acts alone." I think that means you must believe, but you also have to be good. She thought you could do anything and get in to Heaven just by believing in Christ. I think she may get a rude awakening someday.

    The ten commandments are pretty good guidelines for a good life, whether they lead to Eternal Life in Heaven, or just being remembered as a great human being. John Ripley will be remembered forever as a good man. Mud won't.

  3. Johnny,

    It's a funny world. My Mother is a devout Christian and she would shuffle me and my sister off to church every Sunday. Since we grew up on the West coast, my Dad would stay behind and watch football.

    One day, I figured that I had had enough church and it was time for me to stay at home and watch football instead. I told my Mother I wasn't going to church but was going to hang out with Dad.

    Mom didn't argue with my Dad much, but she did that day. From then on, we went to church as a family. He went from sitting at home to being an usher at church.

    I don't think that it hurt either of us going to church together.

    For what it's worth - I think you said the right thing to that lovely child. Following the 10 Commandments all the time wouldn't hurt any of us.

  4. Johhny,
    That was an exceptionally good post.

    There is hope for you.

    I'm not a religious sort but I have found God in the great outdoors. I have proof.

    I invite you to come visit me in Virginia. We can have a beer and discuss it.

  5. H/Non- I'm sure someday I will be able to make that trek. Until then, I'll look forward to that beer.

  6. I'm not too keen on religion either.
    I like the idea of God but, feel that wherever I'm standing probably gets the same reception as any church does without dressing up, the fanfare, rules, and snooty types who act as the self-appointed style police.

    I see nothing wrong with the 10 commandments since even the athiests can agree that stealing and screwing around with other people's wives can make other disregard the do not kill claus in the rules.

    As far as Athiests go, my policy is that being one is their private business but, I've also found that those who are running around screamming that they're athiests seem to be seeking attention from people (muckrake) while bawling about how "offended" they are about seeing a manger scene or, the 10 commandments posted someplace.
    Lol...muddy "I'm against the 10 commandments...unless somebody rips me off, screws my wife, lies about me, badmouth's my parents or, takes Obama's name in vain, tries to kill me or, doesent give me a day off of work!"

  7. Sepp,


    I wear my overalls to church. I dare someone to tell me Jesus would have done different.

  8. As long as they aren't the striped railroad conductor type...with a matching hat!