Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A True challenge to Mud_Rake..............

Mud- Now I have a challenge for you. I will be arriving in Columbus on 01-13-12. I will be there for 3 weeks, maybe 4, depending. I would like to meet you, so that you can explain to me in person, why you posted lies about me on your blog. I can drive to you. I know it will take awhile, but I’m just that damn curious. I just want to know why you would do what you did. I never treated you with such disrespect and I always tried treating you with the utmost fairness. We may have disagreed, but I never made up lies about you. I’m just curious as to why you would make up lies about me.
So their is the challenge. If you accept, we’ll figure out how to contact each other. Closer to 1/13/12


  1. I have been accused, "on his blog of course" Of making challenges. This is a clear cut challenge to meet with me in person, since I will be in his area anyway.

  2. Good luck, Johnny. My guess is he will claim you posted your picture to intimidate him with your size. He is probably having Jeff report you to the moonbat cops right now.

  3. Probably, but If he's anywhere near where I'll be, I wouldn't mind meeting him, or Sepp for that matter. There's only a handful of people I communicate with on the blogs. I wouldn't mind meeting any of them.

    As for my size, I'm really not that big. Besides, I'm a lover.

  4. Now you're trying to woo Mud with promises of love. Actually, that may work.

  5. LOLOLOLOLOLOL- Not trying to woo anyone T. Honestly, I just posted a truce offering to him. Life's to short to be angry at a guy I don't even know. He doesn't want too meet, and that's fine. But I wouldn't mind carrying on a little dialogue between us on his blog. Mud and I actually agree on a few topics.............................

  6. Johnny,

    Somehow I doubt that you two agree on much. Mud is off the edge of the map.

  7. Johnny,
    I'd be amazed if the PILE had the nads to meet with you.

    Maybe he'll send Jeff instead.

  8. TGP- I said a few..........

    H/Nox- Maybe, but I wouldn't mind meeting with him either. But considering how secretive he is, I won't hold my breath.

    After reading some of my comments, and then this post, I think my true intentions were hidden behind my Irish Hillbilly grudge holding ability.

    But, I explained myself more clearly, he never responded. So, I wish him the best. Like I told TGP, I'm getting to old to get angry at stupid shit

  9. I've invited muddy to meet for a beer a few times (before he fell off the deep end) to no avail. I'd also extended the same invitation to microdot when he was in the area as well as when I was in Europe a few hours away from his town.

    I'm guessing that if the conversation moved to politics, the usual accusations of being "racist" or a, snarky little comment just wouldn't work as well sitting face to face as it does through a keyboard.

    Seriously, could you imagine Jeffio looking at you accross a table and calling you a "racist" then, running for the bathroom and,
    returning to the table and saying, "I didn't say that...Jeff did...my name is Gio, I'm somebody else!

  10. -Sepp and Johnny,

    I've been arguing with Liberals (Socialists, Democrats, Progressives, whatever) for a good chunk of my life. I have never, not once had any of those bastards say to my face what Mud_PILE, Jeff/Gio/Sam, whoever have put in these blogs. They count on anonymity and hide behind the internet.

    They will never meet you under any circumstances because if they did - they would pee down both legs at the sight of you. They are deep down - cowards.

  11. Pee down both legs is funny. It implies they have a very short hose, or none at all.

  12. CS- The funny thing is that I'm really not trying to be intimidating. I just wouldn't mind meeting Mud, or anyone else, that I blog with. Don't get me wrong, I like to blog, but sometimes I find it hard to articulate a whole point, or parts of a point, behind a keyboard.

  13. TGP- I peed down one leg. About an hour ago. Fuckin' Sepp, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO.........

  14. Looks like 'The Posse' all answered for me. How nice. Pathetic, as usual.

    Seems CS thinks he's one tough punk. I doubt it very much since he's so concerned with his mommy.

    CS was the punk who wanted to duel with me with pistols at 20 paces.

    Lots of bluster, CS. Punks like you are always full of bluster and bullshit. I dealt with lots of punks in my days in grade school, then I grew and since then, there aren't too many punks trying to pick fights with me.

    You, CS, are a hoot.

  15. Mud- With my cooler head finally prevailing, I must say, it's good to have ya back. I'm sure, not everyone shares my sentiment, but that's O.K.

  16. Mud likes to argue...even if it is with "the posse" because, he can't get a dissenting word from any of the circle-jerking moonbats at the mudcave.

    "I love Obama!"
    Me too!
    Me too!
    Me too!

    Even muddy needs a break from that shit!

  17. Sepp- when was it when you drove over the cliff?

    JOB- "back" is not exactly correct, but I needed to drive a stake down the throat of that CS wuss.

  18. Johnny,

    You brought out the "lone wolf" - priceless - he's crawled back from the cesspool he lives in because he needs us. LMAO!

    Merry Christmas Mud_PILE,

    I'll bet it pisses you off that Jesus has more followers than you and the rest of the Marxists ever will. Stew on that on his birthday. He wins in the end.

    My real tough guy years are behind me - but I can still kick your ass, literally, figuratively, and intellectually.

    I don't share Johnny's opinion - I couldn't care less about your existence. Your puny, feeble attacks are laughable.

    I suppose I should be happy that I give meaning to your otherwise useless life - but I really don't care.

  19. Hey Mud_PILE,

    Right after sending my response to your childishness above, I read this - PRUDEN; The amazing grace of Christmas morn:


    God's grace is nearly infinite - but I wouldn't screw around on the dark side for too much longer if I were you.

    Merry CHRISTmas

  20. Muddy, I think my statement was right on the money and, after all these years, I think you know it was too.

    I certainly wasn't bashing you for enjoying a good arguement or, debate and, the sychophants you're stuck with over at the moonbatcave must certainly be leaving you bored and starving for a dissenting oppinion to argue with from time to time.

    Face it, no matter what you post, regardless of how outlandish, you won't even get a healthy "bullshit!" from the entire lot of them.
    And, for a guy who likes to argue, it's only a matter of time before you go looking for someone...anyone...who will at least offer a token arguement over any old crap.

    Truth be told, I liked you blog when YOU ran it and, a level of civility was maintained.

    People bickered out their disagreements without attacking people's wives, children, military service, employment, vernacular, etc.
    You let the moonbats take over your blog and now you're stuck with them and, from what I can tell, you're bored with them.

    How many times has there been a chance for you to present YOUR arguement for your oppinion on your blog only to have one of the moonbats derail it by going off on another nutcase tangent trying to shout down an oppinion with juvenile insults as opposed to debating it on merit?

    How much credibility have YOU lost when one of your moonbats deletes your visitor's posts or, just completely rewrites them with the editing tool?

    When J.O.B mentioned the "cunt" comment, it stunk a familiar smell.

  21. Johnny,

    You've mentioned before how Mud just tries to start shit. No one, CS included, jumped up one day and threatened Mud. Mud gets threatened when he insists on throwing out insults without using any other skills in his "debates." But when he finally crosses a line no real man will tolerate, he screams that the other guy started it.

    He always points out how he has "grown up", but he's the one who's really still in the fifth grade. It is my honest opinion he is worthless.

  22. Guys Guys- As far as the threats, I know. That's what I was talking about when I said it's hard to articulate a point over the internet.

    Sepp- When I was in Jr. High, I started listening to a band called Anthrax. In '92, they came out with a song called called "Startin' up a Posse". If I knew how to put a media player on my blog, I'd download it here. Find it, and give it a listen. You'll enjoy it...............

    And, it's about Tipper Gore :)