Friday, December 2, 2011

The winner is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drumroll please..........

President Obama.

1st- You have taken credit for troop removal in Iraq. Or, at least let everyone think that it was your doing. After further investigation, Bush's doing.

Check out 1:40 on the clock.

3rd- The annual deficit, meaning the difference between what the government is spending and what it’s raising from taxes and other sources, has grown on Obama’s watch. According to a White House historical table, the deficit was $458.6 billion in 2008, the year he won election. It reached $1.4 trillion in 2009.

4th- PolitiFact noted in a June 2011 fact check that Obama said at a "fiscal responsibility" summit at the White House in February 2009: "I'm pledging to cut the deficit we inherited by half by the end of my first term in office."

        President Obama. You are 100% wrong for the job of Commander-In-Chief. Surely, there's a neighborhood that you and Jesse can organize? Leave the American people be, step aside, and let a real leader run against the G.O.P.


  1. And who would the real leader be, Johnny? I don't know of any.

  2. Tenth,
    Flip through the white pages. Pick a name. Anyone would be better the the jackass there now.

    Personally I'm still rooting for Perry. I'll support Newt if my fellow citizens prefer him. It looks like Cain will bow out today.

  3. President Obama. You are 100% wrong for the job of Commander-In-Chief. Surely,

    Ha! Ha! How ignorant. Really, JOB, that is the most ignorant statements you have ever made. Were you drunk when you typed that line?

    People in the alternate universe [the real world where 99% of us actually live] say that his C-I-C credentials are amazingly his greatest accomplishment of his 3 years in the Oval Office.

    Do you hate him so intensely that you wear blinders?

    I'll challenge you to list 5 situations in which you 'believe' that Obama failed as Commander-In-Chief of our Armed Forces.

    Go ahead.

  4. Mud,

    Are you drunk right now?

    Why five? Isn't one enough?

    1) Taking four months to decide to send less than enough troops to Afghanistan.

    2) Taking four days to decide to take out the Somali pirates.

    3) Repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

    4) Announcing the date for troop withdrawal in Iraq.

    5) Allowing the "Super Committee" to fail, causing automatic cuts to defense spending.

  5. Mud- The label of Commander-In-Chief encompasses his presidency, as a whole. I do not know enough about the military to properly comment on. So I will refer you to TGP's comment. As for the challenge, I guess I could give five examples of what he's done to prove his inability to properly run this country.
    But what would be the point. I would give 5 examples to prove my point, and your rebuttal would be to ask me if I am drunk.
    You will obviously vote for him and defend him, with every naive bone in your body. That's fine, but don't throw a challenge out to me, that you have no plan of following through with.

  6. TGP- As H-Nox said, anyone would be more deserving to run under the Democratic ticket.

  7. Johnny,
    mud's a douche and not worthy of a reply. A chat with your dog would be more satisfying.

  8. Johnny,

    Well done - I can't argue with your conclusion.

  9. , but don't throw a challenge out to me, that you have no plan of following through with.

    OK, here's the follow-through.

    First, when you use the President's title, Commander-In-Chief, it indicates that you specifically reference his command of the U.S. Armed Forces. In that regard, Obama is way over the head of GW Bush. Way over that blundering Commander-In-Chief. But, surely you already know that.

    Now, the other points.

    #1 [above] done in comment above

    #2 he said, "... it would not be easy." What power does the president have if there is a do-nothing Congress? After all, it is the Congress that formulates and passes spending legislation. So, what's your point?

    #3. why, JOB, did the deficit rise from $458.6 billion in 2008, to $1.4 trillion in 2009? Do you know? I do. Or are you playing dumb about this?

    #4 [already done in #2]

    Sorry, JOB, but the President is not 100% wrong. Congress,the 2nd branch of government, is the one charged with fiscal duties. But you already know that from junior high civics class. Right?

  10. Mud-
    1st- I'm not so convinced about that. TGP brought up some pretty interesting points. Is he wrong. Not to mention, that it seems all of his precise decisions were driven, maybe by NATO. And how about that pesky promise to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center. According to an executive order signed by the CIC on 03-07-11, I guess he changed his mind. I remember hearing during the campaign, all the jobs this could create. I dinstinctly remember reading about a civilian detention center in Michigan. That would have created jobs, right?
    Oh, and you still haven't addressed the fact that Obama is taking credit for troop removal. Which is 100% Bush's policy.

    2nd- He said he would cut the deficit in half. He didn't. That's the point.

    3rd- Are you talking about the stimulous package? How's this recession going anyway? This is exactly what makes him deceitful. Anyone with half a brain saw this collapse coming during the '08 campaign. Do you expect me to believe that Harvard educated Pres. Obama did not. He did, he knew what he was going to do if elected, and he knew he would not get elected if he came out and said it. So, he chose to lie, which means the American public are fools, if they trust him.

    4th- I forgot to mention in #2. He had all the power in the world for his 1st two years. Democrats contolled everything, did they not?

    In closing, I'm going to attempt to come up with a medafore(sorry, I was too busy in civics class to pay attention to spelling).
    The American Democrat reminds me of someone stranded at sea on their 3rd day. They decide to drink the water. They didn't forget that it will kill them. It's just the only choice they have. Obama needs to resign. For the sake of the Democratic party, for the sake of this country.

  11. I really don't understand your comment, JOB. It is clear to me that you hate Obama so intensely that you cannot see the truth. You can look at many [independent] sites to see just how oddly-strange it is that Obama's greatest strength is his military command. Odd because the common thought was that that would be his greatest weakness.

    Don't be blinded by right-wing talking points. Take a look at recent polls that indicate that Americans are more satisfied with Obama's foreign affairs than domestic affairs.

  12. Johnny,

    You need to argue like Mud_PILE does:

    #1. You are wrong because I said so.
    #2. See #1 above.
    #3. I know something you don't, but I'm not going to tell you.
    #4. See #3 above.

    Done. I'm a genius!

    What malarkey. Mud_PILE - do you even read that crap before you hit submit? What a crock.

  13. Mud- Hate is a strong word in this post. He may be a wonderful man, and maybe we can have a beer summit someday. But I think he is a shitty President. In regards to his poll numbers showing more approval with his foreign affairs compared to his domestic affairs, thanks for making my point. I don't really care what's going on in Japan, Peru, or Libya for that matter. It is THIS country that is fucked right now. It is THIS country that needs a true leader, and Pres. Obama is not one.

    And please don't dismiss my ideas, thoughts, or view points, as guided by right-wing theories. I am neither Republican, nor Democrat. I am an American. I care about my country, and my fellow countrymen. That is why I am calling for the resignation of our current President.

  14. CS- I still hold hope that I can convince Mud to agree on a few of my view points. I hold the same hope for me and you. Maybe one day we can all agree on one THING, but maybe we won't. But, in my opinion, that's what makes this country the best. The freedom to express your views, debate them. And maybe agree, or disagree, all while loving this country that we call home.

  15. Johnny,

    Your last comment to CS is beautiful. I have hoped the same thing for quite some time. But as my Granny used to say, "if you wish in one hand and [spit] in the other..."

    I find Mud to be offensive because he calls our disapproval of Obama "hate." He is completely, one-hundred percent wrong on that. And that is his go to response when faced with facts.

    I'd love to see Mud agree with you, or me, or [good luck] CS. I have written several posts that he should have had no problem agreeing with, on subjects from Casey Anthony to venison stew. But when Mud doesn't have something bad to say, he says nothing at all.

  16. I'd love to see Mud agree with you, or me, or [good luck] CS.

    Why should I, Tenth? How could I agree wit the opinions of a group of people cling onto the right-edge of the political spectrum? I live my life at the center as do most Americans.

  17. Mud,

    You're full of crap you're in the center.

    If you are honestly saying that you cannot agree with a single word I say, then don't come back to my blog. I seem to recall one of you leftie moonbats saying something about the difference between a smart person and a dumb person being that the smart person knows they don't know everything. So are you a smart person, or a dumb one?

  18. Hey muddy, have you ever heard that term,
    "Love is blind"?

    You're such an Obamaphile that you refuse to believe any evidence presented before you and dismiss it as "hate" at every opportunity.

    Whats the matter? Has calling everyone a "racist" fallen out of flavor this year?

  19. Johnny,

    I think that you and I agree on more things than one might think. We have one big hard point and that's the union businesses - yet even there, I think our attitudes are pretty close. You profess to not be a religious man while I am - that doesn't bother me and we coexist in this space. I don't try to convert you and you don't ridicule my faith. That's how most people with a modicum of manners relate to each other.

    Contrast that with Mud_PILE - we can't even mention our beliefs, opinions, or theories. As I have said many times before - he is not debating, he is not engaging in witty exchanges, rather he and his ilk are trying to shout you down. That's what they do. They are not trying to discuss issues, they are trying to prevent you from even bringing them up.

    When I first stumbled on Mud_PILE he drifted over to my blog and made some standard left-wing comments. We engaged in a long dialog without getting nasty. I don't profess to know why he did it - he claimed to want to understand the mind of a conservative - maybe that's true, but I doubt it.

    The topic was how the Bush administration and the Obama administration went to war. The way that you know that you have a mindless liberal ideologue is if they can't distinguish between how George W. Bush took the Nation to War in Afghanistan and Iraq and how we woke up one Saturday morning and found ourselves at war with Libya. Mud_PILE was completely incapable of seeing the difference. He couldn't focus or stay on topic. I find it hysterical that he continually accuses us of hating Obama, while he hates GW Bush to such a degree that he can't admit a simple truth about how Bush took the country to war. When Mud_PILE saw that I refused to surrender the point until he addressed it - he reverted to his nasty self.

    I was told by several people that have dealt with Mud_PILE for a very long time that I was wasting my effort - they were right. You can see the evidence of that on your own blog. Mud_PILE wanted to debate economic issues and I responded. He asked a bunch of questions, provided one unrelated graph, got tired of being polite and left the string to attack me in other threads. He never presented a coherent thought.

    If you bring Mud_PILE over from the dark side - you will have truly performed a miracle.

    The fact that he could describe himself as a centrist is in and of itself telling. It is laughable in it's extremism.