Saturday, December 10, 2011

The winner is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drumroll Please...........

Mud_Rake (The Pile) is the Beat-Off of the month for December.

I saw something tonight that caused me to do two things I never thought I'd do. I never thought I'd close this contest early. And I never thought that starting a blog, trying to learn different opinions and ideas, and passing on my own opinions, would lead to me being disgusted with another Human being, without even meeting him. So, without further ado, here is the happenings.

Even though I found out about my banning last night, I still checked out his blog today. I must admit, I don't learn too much from him and his posts, but I do like some of the people who post comments, and feel like I do learn something from them. Commentors, such as  Dottie, UTF, and EOK. I like those guys, because it seems like, even if you disagree with them, they will explain their point without resulting in name-calling. They may also end up proving their point, or learning from yours. But, they definitely seemed open-minded, and most importantly, not judgemental.

So, here is what I found while looking through Mud's blog......................................................
These are all comments from a post titled: The Annual Christmas Canard. It was posted on 12-09-11

"I also received a comment from JOB asking if he could post more comments on this blog. I placed him in my ‘verification’ folder along with the other members of the RBP- Right-wing Blog Posse.
When I changed the background color of the blog to brown, it was to remind me, us, of the bull that these right-wingers have heaped on to us over the past few months. One can only tolerate a certain amount of lying and spinning before nausea consumes them.
Northwest Ohio Native and I attempted to bring the light of truth to the RBP, but we were summarily laughed-at, ridiculed and dismissed as ‘ass holes.’ It became clear to me that it was a great waste of my time attempting to counter their idiocy.
I have not looked back on any of those blogs in the past week. One can only imagine what it’s like there without the babysitter.
On this blog about a week ago, JOB challenged me on this blog and his blog to come up with ‘a single campaign pledge that Obama kept.’ And so I did, and gave a reference to a website where there were 8 pages of ‘promises kept.’ Yes, 8 web pages.
Well, of course, the truth really annoys the RBP, and so, on his blog, he continued to post only promises NOT kept, and there are several, of course, as if to conclude that Obama never kept campaign promises.
That type of nonsense, idiocy really, is what prompted me to unplug the RBP and come home and take an hour shower, using an entire bar of Dial.
Now, JOB wants to post more of his idiocy here. The last post I saw on his blog ended with calling President Obama a “co*ksucker!”""""""""""""""

1st- I didn't ask if I could post more comments. My comment was, are you seriously moderating me dude.....
2nd- I never laughed at you, ridiculed you, or dismissed you. I only attempted to correct your bullshit accusations.......
3rd- I never challenged you to come up with a single campaign pledge that Obama kept. Not on your blog, and not on mine. I am fully aware that he made 'Campaign' promises that he kept. I think I'm a little bit more enlightened than you. Also, over the coarse of events while commenting, I included Obama's promises kept, on my own blog.........I even published a post with such.............
4th- Three times, he refers to me as an idiot. Once he out right calls me an Idiot. But yet, I'm the intolerant LIV?
5th- I did call President Obama a cocksucker. I do not like him, and never pretended to like him. I wasn't referring to him being gay, I just call people I don't like, cocksuckers. I beleive I explained this thoroughly in a comment on one of my own posts directly written for Mud.

"JOB’s latest comment to me is a single word: “cu*t”""""""

This is 100% Bullshit. The simple proof is this. Anyone who read these comments from Mud's blog would ascertain that his accusations must be true. But ask yourself this, why wouldn't Mud let my comments post, with my e-mail address "SHOWING" . Instead, he moderates me, then informs(?) everyone of what I said. If that's not enough proof of his assnine behavior, I have more.........

These are comments from his Post, titled "It's Obama 2012: No doubt about it."

“Forget the dog and pony show, the G.O.P. nod will go to Mitt Romney. And I can almost guarantee, that his running mate will be Marco Rubio. If anyone thinks the Democratic party will walk away with the 2012 elections, they are sorely mistaken.”
That was a quote from Thom Hartmann on his show Thursday...........This is my comment........
 Here's his reply.....I know, JOB, just how much you dislike Obama and would really like to see him go down, you can click your Rubio heels three times all you wish, but, as I explained above, Obama wins. By the way, what type of political guru is Thom Hartmann?
Further, JOB, play around with the link I dropped on the post to see where Obama’s strengths lie. Then work the Electoral College numbers and see what you get........ How about more...........

"Mud- Thom Hartman hosts the talk radio spot on Chicago A.M. 820. He’s on from 2-5P.M. And he’s a Liberal. You are correct, I do not like our president. But you seem to get a kick out of twisting things around. I have no problem with him on a personal level. It’s professionally, that I dislike him. And unlike your claim on my blog, I do not “hate” him on either level. I just want him to leave office. I think he’s a horrible President, and he’s done a 180 on so many campaign promises, that hit close too home.
I do not like this years crop of G.O.P. candidates, but Obama leaves me no choice. I will vote for whomever is running against him. Plain and simple. It might sound LIV, or hateful to you, but I seem to look at things a bit differently than you.
Now, if Obama were to leave office, and a certain Secretary of State were to run, then we could end the discussion here and now.
Dottie (“Such an obvious smear”)- I don’t see how Newt could get the nod. Since the G.O.P. regards itself as the holder of the utmost moral standards. Isn’t their something in the Bible about coveting thy neighbors wife, or something? But then again, it didn’t say anything about wives, so he may have us there."........This is a comment from me. I will explain the Dottie thing in a bit. Here's Mud's reply.
  "JOB- What does Thom Hartman’s political position on the political spectrum have to do with his credibility?
Sorry that you cannot see ANYTHING positive in what Obama has accomplished. You must have been clearly devastated during the 8 long years of the GW Bush administration. Did you find anything positive about the Clinton administration?".............Here's my reply to this.............
   "Mud- Thom Hartman’s credibilty in the Democratic party as well as his thoughts in this political spectrum are alot more credible than yours, in my opinion. And I’m pretty sure he wasn’t endorsing Romney. He was only giving his synopsis on the 2012 Presidential race, which again, I find more credible than yours.
I think the first term of Bush was good, the second, not so much.
I voted for Clinton in ’96. It was the first time I was allowed to vote. Politically speaking, I was happy. Personally, I was disappointed. If ’96 was his first term, and he ran as incumbent in 2000, I would have voted against. I don’t care what you and Laci think, the man committed perjury, end of story. Therefore, in my opinion, would not be fit too be President.
Honesty goes a long way with me."........................

But wait, Mud had more......."So, you’ve been unhappy with the Presidents pretty much except for GW Bush’s first term. Do you mean the first term when he initiated two wars that were not paid-for? The specious Iraq War with those vacuous WMD’s and the “mushroom cloud” as well as those “mobile biological weapons and “aluminum tubes” as well as the “uranium form Africa”?
That pile of shit? You BELIEVED all of that crap?
But then, you were young and impressionable and awfully wet behind the ears. Has your wisdom grown any since then or has it been pretty much stagnant?".....

  Maybe it's just me, but I thought I said,"Politically speaking, I was happy with Clintons 2nd term." Somehow, my reply turned into, you only approved of Bush.......But wait, how about one more, from another persons' blog?...........................

  From TGP's post "Back in the running"........................Mud's 1st comment............[Rick Perry] Notice he pulled the Constitution out of his pocket.................Too bad that he didn't read it before he made his moronic comment about the voting age- the age that was amended in 1972............
  TGP's reply/............"Mud, Have you ever "mis-spoke"? How about every time you open your mouth?"

 Here's Mud's 2nd comment............."I'm not running for the Office of President of the United States."

  Here is my comments...........1st-............"When I meet with world leaders, what's striking -- whether it's in Europe or here in Asia..." -mistakenly referring to Hawaii as Asia while holding a press conference outside Honolulu, Nov. 16, 2011.
Mud- That was a quote from President Obama, 3 weeks ago. They must not teach Geography at Harvard...................
  Here is my second............................"BTW: He is running for public office"...

In closing, the argument between Mud and I seems to have started because of our President. I dislike him, and Mud is enamored. Maybe that's because they have two things in common........One, they are both liars..............................Two, they are both BEAT-OFFS of the month.


  1. Johnny,

    The guy is a first rate ass, uh, cocksucker.

    The guy has never engaged in a serious discussion, nor has he ever provided any facts to back up his way out notions.

    The part about challenging him to post a single promise Obama kept was from me, but Mud isn't concerned with the truth, just the generalized aspersions. He can use my comments to smear you, and that's fine, but if we use Holder's comments to smear Obama, oh we are racist haters.

    He's a turd. Now, swallow a bottle of Mylanta and go to bed. Mud will be back - its his style.

  2. TGP- Thanks for the support, but I'm done. The man is a complete liar, and I don't want him back here.....

  3. Johnny,

    You won't ever miss him. I'm convinced that Mud_PILE only exists to be used as a bad example. He is completely lost.

    Good choice.

  4. Johnny,
    Good choice. Both are just angry socialists knowing that their dreams are about to be flushed.

    Like Dave said in a previous post, (paraphrase) you didn't lose anything because it had no value in the first place.

    The PILE will be back after he gets lonely enough. Much like a pedophile, he'll be back because he can't help himself.

  5. Ha! I'll tell you from a firsthand standpoint that there were cases when I posted over at muddy's house of moonbats where my postings were not only moderated...they were blatantly rewritten via wordpress's moderator tools.

    You're going to get noplace fast if you're trying to convince a bunch of Obamaphiles that the current administration is a clusterfucked mess.
    And, I'd learned long ago that those tolerant liberals over there will tolerate anything except for a dissenting oppinion that isn't following their mindless script.

    You're an idiot, ignorant, an asshole, a racist a liar, moron, a hater, etc if you not only disagree but, if you provide sources of evidence (that is always disregarded) that runs counter to whatever they've been fed and want to believe.

    Debate? It doesent exist there. Shouting down and name calling is what debate has devolved into on that blog...unless you're in their circle-jerk of perpetual mutual agreement.

    Now, in muddy's defense I will say that at one time, you actually could engage in honest debate and disagree without being deluged with a bunch of bi-polar moonbat ravings. He jumped the shark when he handed his blog over to the nutcakes and slowly became one of them himself.
    You can look thru his archives and at his blog when it used to be on blogspot and kind of see when his pattern of extreme moonbattery began to occur.
    At one time, he WAS able to concede a point without going batshit and, without resorting to lame insults like a 5 year old child who resents seeing his own mistake and lashing out.

    Hardly the same man or, personality as before.

    So, if you earned a ban over at moonbat central, chances are that you've utilized logic or, called them out on their hypocracy to the point where they're just sick of backpedalling and name calling in order to shirk an answer.

    I'm certain that if you simply agree with any outlandish thing they have to say, you'll be welcomed back with open arms.

    BTW, walk in there knowing up front that some of the posters there are the same people who will post one thing and then, post their agreement to themselves under a different name...and it isn't just Jeff aka Gio aka northwest ohio nitwit.

  6. Johnny,

    I concur with -Sepp. Indeed -Sepp tried to warn me (he was not alone) that I was wasting my time when trying to have civil discussion with Mud_PILE. I have tried a number of times - but -Sepp was right, it was always a waste of time.

    I am sensitive to Tenth's argument that others may watch the liberal (democrat, socialist, progressive, whatever) argument be destroyed as we engage Mud_PILE and being enriched by it - but Mud_PILE has never really articulated the left's case. He believes in it, but he can't really explain it and he doesn't really try. That's why I moderate my blog and delete the idiotic personal attacks of MUD_PILE and the various anonymous visitors.

    The other reason I decided not to have Mud_PILE on my blog was that it was a waste of my time. I rarely just blast something out there. I usually do at least a little bit of research even if I only check the basic facts, dates, or sequence on-line. It is work to challenge and refute the moronic accusations and blatant misstatement of fact that occur when Mud_PILE is in the house. I have better things to do with my time than constantly bat back those balls that he throws in from left field.

    No doubt Mud_PILE is trumpeting his victory over the right-wing crowd. I don't imagine that any of his echo chamber ever saw or are aware that he sent me the "Sorry pal but I've banned you . . . " message or that you have been banned. They are too busy handing out participation trophies.

  7. Sepp & CS- You are both, obviuosly right. And I'm sure with in no time at all the Republican movement will be landblasted. I'm sure their's one today about the debates last night. I'm also willing to bet, you guys, along with me now are the butt of his jokes. None of that bothers me. What bothers me is the point that Sepp brought up. If you want to moderate me, go right ahead, If you don't want me posting on your blog, that's fine too. I believe that a person's blog is HIS. But when you moderate my comments, then repost them in your own words, completely making shit up. He crossed the line, unfortunately, this will bother me for some time. Because I always felt, I was fair to him, On his blog and mine, I think I always treated him with a certain level of respect. And how do I get repaid? I get moderated, then quoted with outright lies. What a dispicable Human being.

    TGP- I know the challenge was made by you, but you're not the one that called Obama a cocksucker. So he obviously CONFUSED the two of us. Whatever, good riddance.

  8. Johnny,

    I don't mind being confused with you. And for the record, I call Obama a cocksucker at least once a day.

  9. Nox,

    I said "at least once." I never miss a day.

  10. Out of curiosity, were any of you blogging at all during any of Bush's presidency.

  11. Tenth,
    OK, I was just checking. Good to know. I never miss a day either.

    I wasn't. I started so my head wouldn't explode. Thinking about it I don't know of anyone that started until zero was on the radar.

  12. Johnny,

    If you consider running my mouth in a bar bloggin', I've been at it about 20 years. But on the computer, I started about two years ago. I thought hell, if CS can do it, I should be a top hand at it.

  13. HAHAHAHAHHA- I was just wondering. I would love to see how the posts and comments were going in 2006.

  14. Johnny,
    I had no idea that they'd rewritten your comments in their own words.
    That shit was happening to my posts over there too.
    The first time it happened, I e-mailed muddy about it and he assured me he'd put a stop to it.
    Obviously, he didn't and, I've washed my hands of them.
    Unless you're going there to circle jerk with them and agree mindlessly to anything they say, you're going to get name-called, have your posts rewritten, etc.

    What is the point in posting something when it's subject to a moonbat's "artistic" interpretation and rewritten in their words with your name on it?
    Screw em.
    If their arguements are so weak that they have to do that shit, we must be argueing with amateurs.

  15. Sepp- He didn't rewrite, he outright lied. I never left a comment on his blog calling him a cunt. I don't know if you noticed this about me, but I try to be as polite as possible, when commenting on someone else's blog. I even go as far as too sensor my own foul language.
    But, no matter, I'm over the insult. And I'm done with him.

  16. They were completely editing and rewriting my posts (wordpress allows that).

    Calling a man a "cunt" is a british thing...Laci the bipolar moonbat is a brit...and was also the responsible party for rewriting posts over there.