Saturday, January 21, 2012

Don't forget about Beat-Off of the month.........

I ended the contest early in December, so people may have forgotten about it. Feel free to make some suggestions........


  1. Johnny,

    I nominate Mud for a back to back win.

  2. Johnny,

    I nominate the Obstacle-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama:

    Keystone Pipeline - if there ever was a no brainer, approving the Keystone Pipeline was it. Epic failure of leadership.

  3. Johnny,
    I'll echo CS's nomination for the same reasons.

    Odd that most of those 20,000 lost jobs were union. We can assume that zero views some union members less equal than others.

    We presently have more than 500,000 miles of underground pipeline in the USA at the moment. Claiming environmental reasons is absurd.

  4. Johnny,

    I'll rescind my nomination and agree with The Polished Turd. He has proven that he will definitely make the Beat Off Hall of Fame, so why not another victory?

  5. I think you were correct the first time CS.

    It's Obama by a nose.

    The 20,000 jobs number is only the estimate for those who will be active in the construction of the line itsself.

    The actual number would have been vastly higher if vendors, millworkers, spur-businesses suck as food service, security, santiation, janitorial, transportation...this list goes on and on of businesses that would need to hire people in order to support the endeavor.

    Obama...the very same Obama who has claimed to be trying to fix the economy, just shut down a needed influx of high paying jobs as well as thoudands of small businesses having an opportunity to expand...or, just be created to fill a need.

    Obama sided with his "watermellon" support on the outside and RED on the inside against Americans who are starving for work and honest paychecks.

    He was willing to "wait until AFTER the election to make a decision" so he would be able to appease his watermellon moonbats by saying he was against it, while telling his union supporters that the jobs were on the way.

    The GOP forced an answer from him and he sided with keeping willing workers on welfare to preserve the feeeelings of his neo-communist base.

    Sure you can nominate muddy for his absurdness but, muddy didn't just take a steaming dump on the American economy in order to preserve the support of a moonbat voting block...
    Obama did.

    Beat off of the month is rightfully Obama's title IMO.

  6. Guys- I don't think I can post that, because I don't really believe we should build the pipeline either. I'm sure my reasons are different than Obama's though.

  7. Johnny,

    You might have to do a post on the XL Pipeline.

    One pundit today pointed out that we the taxpayers are going to end up paying $100 Billion for a high-speed light rail line between Los Angeles and Las Vegas that will be every bit as intrusive to nature as the XL pipeline and will lose money.

    The XL pipeline won't cost US taxpayers a dime and indeed will generate several billion a year in tax revenue, add tens of thousands of jobs, drive down the price of gas and free us from foreign sources of oil. It will be less intrusive to the environment than the alternate forms of transportation. By moving it through the US it will benefit from the most advanced technology and highest level of concern for the environment on the planet.

    I honestly can't for the life of me find a down side.

  8. I think the pipeline is a good idea but, why not instead just build a refinery and distribution point near the northern border instead of running 2000 miles of pipe when they can run 500.

  9. Johnny,

    While I still maintain that Barack Hussein Obama earned the title yet again - I might offer goofy Secretary of Energy Steven Chu who has to be one of the most bizarre people to serve as a cabinet secretary.

    It was just disclosed that electric car battery maker Ener1 filed for bankruptcy Thursday, three years after receiving a $118.5 million grant from the U.S. government.

    Under Chu's leadership our government has invested $35.1 BILLION which by their own figures created 62,016 which equates to $595,983 per job. What a deal.

    This is the same guy who is all-in for the Global Warming hoax and wanted to paint roofs and road surfaces to reflect sunlight.

    Of course as ridiculous as Chu is - you could still blame Obama for picking him in the first place and award Obama beat-off of the month.

  10. Everyone- Thanks for the suggestions.

    CS- I can definately do a piece on the pipeline. Give me some time though. I will be quite busy around the house for the next couple of weeks.