Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sorry guys, but I did not want those images here anymore

                         The photo in exhibit B was taken on American soil at  Colonista High School in Montebello, California

I do find Exhibit A to be dispicable. I can see how people could become offended. I can see a decent arguement made for this retard committing a hate crime.

Now look at Exhibit B. That goes beyond hate. That photo is down right treasonist. These anchor babies did something that is very hard to do. They offended me.             


  1. Johnny,

    Both pictures are offensive.

    I would beat the hell out of that flag burner, as I would the Westboro Wackos. Sure, they have the right to say what they say (through their actions? Not really speech), but actions have consequences, and all of the rights listed in the Bill of Rights are between the citizen and the government. Not between citizen and citizen. I have a right to express my opinion of their opinion, which would best be explained through a series of knuckle sandwiches.

  2. Johnny,

    I am stunned, disgusted, and angered at both pictures.

    As for the Mexican flag flying above a distressed American Flag - if Mexico wants round three - I'm game. I've posted this before, but for my Mexican friends:

    The Marine Corps Flag has two battle streamers representing service in the Mexican War of 1846-1848 and one for Mexican Service in operations against Mexican forces between 1911 and 1919.

    The army flag is decorated with battle streamers for all the major battles of the Mexican War (Palo Alto, Resaca de la Palma, Monterey, Buena Vista, Vera Cruz, Cerro Gordo, Contreras, Churubusco, Molino del Ray, and Chapultepec – all American victories) and a streamer for the Mexican Expedition 1916-1917.

    The navy has one battle streamer for the Mexican War with 4 bronze stars representing the Veracruz landing, Riverine operations, the East Coast blockade, and West Coast blockade and operations in California. A second streamer represents Latin American campaigns from 1906-1920 with one star representing Mexican service.

    The air force doesn’t have any Mexican service streamers . . . . . yet. Don’t screw with us. Both the Mexican War and the Operations against Mexico in the twentieth century were required because Mexico failed to respect our border. Don’t make that mistake again. We may appear weak and fearful now, but that will change in November of 2012.

  3. Johnny,
    Words escape me when I see images like that. My first reaction is to vomit while I reach for my 45.

    A day of reconning is coming. Like CS stated we'll need to wait until after November.

  4. Gentlemen- As appauling as exhibit A is to me. Exhibit B lights a fire in me that is beyond words. I always remember it, when politicians start talking amnesty.

  5. I missed the pictures but, from the descriptions, I've seen em before.

    My oppinion on most of the illegals...they're NOT here to assimilate and become Americans. They're here to bleed whatever they can from the American economy and, pretty much take up residence as Mexicans who are expanding their country's border via numbers.

    The Albanians did / are still doing the same thing to Kosovo and, Clinton bombed the Serbs for trying to stop it.

    The day we try to stop it, it could be very well possible that somebody bombs us.

  6. Sepp- Sorry brother. Picture A was a kid burning the U.S. flag. Picture B was the Mexican flag hanging above a distressed U.S. flag. It was just a test, I really don't want those images to be the 1st thing that visitors see.

  7. All,
    My response would be similar to what this man did.

    Fight me for this flag:

  8. All,

    Let's hope that would be the proper response in Anytown, USA.

  9. If he wants to fly his Mexican flag above all others, I'm sure there are plenty of flagpoles IN MEXICO he should go do it in.

  10. Johnny,

    We haven't heard from our left-wing (liberal, democrat, progressive, socialist, whatever) contingent.

    Of course flag burning is probably just Sunday afternoon at Jeff's and Mud_PILE's place.

  11. The reason we haven't heard from them is probably because they have never seen the Constitution much less actually read it. Their understanding has only been from scripted lefty talking points. You know, the ones when they take the Declaration of Independance, The Constitution, the Founder's private communications, and some dreamt-up lefty crap and mix it altogether, then call it fact.

  12. CS, the story is boring to them.

    Unless they can post something singing Obama's praises, shitting on christians, whining about Bush or, crying wolf about something...they got nothing to say.

    As for defending the flag and what it stands for, none of them ever had any skin in the game anyways.
    They deem the OWS trash as heroes and see nothing even mildly wrong with them shitting on, burning or, using our flag as a doormat on the sidewalk.

    LoL...what did you expect? Outrage?

  13. Guys- I have noticed a lack of left-sided comments, but that's fine by me. They don't have to comment, much less visit my blog if they don't want to. I'm cool with just conversing with you guys.

  14. Johnny,

    I understand. The conversation is more intelligent without them.

    You should note however that on your "Coming in 2012" post you were able to do something that none of us could ever do - you caused Mud_PILE to piece together a semi-coherent argument. Honestly, I was amazed.

    Pat yourself on the back buddy - I haven't ever seen that happen before. You have to wade through a lot of his old crap, but his comment on 1/4/12 actually took some research. It comes closer than he has ever come to an adult conversation.

  15. CS- That's what I was trying to explain to you guys in posts leading up to, and after the New Year. Mud is not an idiot, he is very capable of good discussion, and spirited debate. Whether he chooses to do that, is another thing altogether.

    Even though I didn't comment too much on that post, I did read the comments you guys left. They were all good, and well thought out. I'm just not educated enough on the subject to comment.

  16. Johnny,

    I understood what you were trying to say. I just hadn't ever experienced a level headed Mud_PILE (and I wasn't alone). Believe me, we will all be properly impressed if Mud_PILE can be both reasonable and civil.

    If that happens, you can start working on the other Moonbats (start with Jeff/Gio/NWON).