Monday, January 30, 2012

Johnny O'Bloggin's Musical Monday

At the age of 8, I was able to see the beauty in this piece. It was the first song I learned to play on the piano. It took me 9 months. By the time I was 26, I realized just how special, Classical music is. No other music out there can move me in the same way, and the amazing part is that, it's all instrumental. I hope you guys enjoy my new posts.

Ludwig, you are the man.


  1. Super, J.O.B.!! What a wonderful post. I was brought up on classical to some degree. Me, I am partial to Chopin.

    Speaking of piano ... my husband person surprised me yesterday when an electronic piano was delivered. Mind you I am over 55 (hehe, meaning getting dangerously close to 60) and will be trying to learn to play for the first time. Took clarinet when I was young but didn't really like it.

    How fortunate you are to have learned when you were young. Music can be such a stress reliever.

    I certainly won't reach your level but I am going to give this a go.

  2. Johnny,

    That was great - you and I have more in common than we ever thought. I took piano lessons as a youngster and kept playing until I found it competing with sports activities. Football and wrestling won out (I suspect Dad had something to do with that).

    I wish I had stuck with it. I would love to be able to sit down and play a tune today. Perhaps I'll follow Mrs. AL's lead and get an electronic keyboard and try again. Mrs. Common Sense thinks it might help with arthritis which is making an appearance.

    Do you still play?

    My mother's desire for me to play the "Gold and Silver Waltz" lead me into classical tunes of Johann Strauss and Franz Lehar among others. If someone found my I-Pod they would be astounded at the diversity of the tunes. LOL

  3. Johnny,

    Not to sound older than dirt, but that was way better than your last musical post.

    I played saxophone in Jr High and High School, and I have picked at guitar all my life, but I couldn't blow up a piano with an anti tank mine.

  4. MrsAl- Thank you for the complement. I like Chopin very much. You should give Bruckner a listen. Wasn't much of a soloist, but his symphonies were beautiful.

    Piano is hard, but yet fulfilling. Start slow, and keep at it. I don't know what it is, but that one instrument, can bring me to a completely different place.

  5. CS- I was actually taught my my Mother, who was taught by her Mother. My Mom played the Organ and Piano. I remember my 8th birthday vividly. She asked me, "Honey, would you like to learn this music?" I said,"sure." Even when I got into Football, My Mother always made sure to give me my lessons.

    You should definitely give piano another shot. Since you took lessons as a boy, you will find that it's like a bike. It might be sketchy at first, but you never forget.

    "Do you still play?".... It's funny you should ask. Yes I do. At the beginning of the year, I promised I would give up a little personal info. Now's as good a time as any. When my Mom was "Laid to rest", it was 2 weeks before my 17th birthday. At her eulogy, I played Moonlight Sonata. Since then, I play it every Mother's Day (obvious reasons), October 31st (Her Birthday) and Christmas (Her favorite holiday). Anyway, Yes, I do still play....... :(

    Strauss is very good. Not very familiar with Lehar. As for the I-Pod, you guys will find out what's on mine in no time

  6. TGP- The funny part is that Piano and Guitar, are both strings.

  7. Yeah, I know, but I'm not that good at guitar. Oddly enough, the saxophone is similar to the guitar and piano; I think they call them scale instruments.

  8. Johnny,

    Splendid - your mother would be thankful and proud.

  9. I took piano lessons as a kid for a couple years from a semi-cranky, semi-creepy man my parents employed to teach me. He came to our house every week or two from maybe six months one year then again a second year. I still have my lesson books. During the second year (age 9, 10 maybe?) the movie "The Sting" had come out and the Joplin music was very popular. I rode my bike to the music store and bought sheet music for the main ragtime theme from The Sting. I read and practiced it by myself for a couple weeks (it was a bit advanced for me). Then I decided to play it for my piano teacher. I plunked it out perhaps slower than it should be, but I did finish it with not very many mistakes (ok perhaps a couple). The teacher's response:

    "well... that wasn't very good..."

    My spirit was a bit crushed with that remark... I worked up the courage to tell my mom what he had said. That teacher never came back. Next month, one of the church nuns came to our house, full habit * nun outfit, and my lessons continued for another year.

    I don't have a piano right now... but I can still play The Sting.

    cheers mate

  10. Garr, my wife plays piano...I had to take lessons when I was a kid...what did I do with them? I played cheesey electric organ in a punky little garge band in deetroit in the mid 60's....
    I love music, period. I play bass guitar as my primary instrument and I think at times, when it all clicks...monstrous technique, I play guitar, but I am more in love with noise, I often tell people my musical esthetic seems to go into the realm of horrible industrial accidents.
    My current instrument though is chromatic harmonica. I just invested in a very nice Larry Adler signature Hohner. It's like havin an entire orchestra in you pocket. I have spent a few weeks trying to figure out how to play Spain by Chick Correa...all the starts and stops in the melody...just to play it and give it feeling and life is reason enough for existence some days....