Thursday, January 26, 2012

LET FREEDOM RING..........WITH A SHOTGUN BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I missed championship Sunday this past week. Well worth it. Machine Head played the House of Blues. I fell in love with this band when they put out their first album. It was 1994, I was 17.  I've seen them 13 times before, but I have never seen them as a headliner. Two and a half hours later, I was in head banging bliss. I was 17 again

Everytime I go to see one of my concerts, I always come home sweaty, sometimes bloody, and always limping the next day. The Queen always asks, "Was it worth it?". My reply is always the same, "Goddamn right it was worth it". My wife is not a fan of Machine Head, or bands of that genre, as I am not a fan of Bon Jovi, and such groups. So, in 7 years, we have never been to concert together. Sunday night, she finally asked me, "I wish I could see what goes on at these shows". Thanks to Youtube, she found out.


  1. BTW- Rob Flynn (Singer) is saying Wacken. Not Fuckin. Wacken is the largest Metal festival in the World. It is held in Germany, usually over a 3 day period. It's the Woodstock of Metal. And yes, I will be attending before I die.

  2. Johnny,

    If I win a free ticket you can have it.

  3. CS- Thanks brother. I'll trade you my Toby Keith tickets. :)

  4. Johnny,

    I understood "Wacken", but what else was he saying? If we used this against Noriega, it's no wonder he surrendered.

    What's wrong with some good old Black Sabbath?

  5. TGP,


    NO band can come close to "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath!"

  6. Johnny,

    We may have to discuss what the technical definition of "music" is exactly. LOL

  7. TGP- Since you asked, I'll create a post for ya. :)
    BTW- There is nothing wrong with Sabbath. They started it all.

    Gunny- You are correct, noone can touch Black Sabbath.

    CS- I'll discuss the technical definition of anything with ya brother....LOLOLOL