Monday, January 2, 2012

Let's ring in the New Year.......Chicago style...........

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A view of Huntleigh Ct. where a one-day old baby boy was found in a trash bin Sunday night in Country Club Hills and was later pronounced dead as seen Monday, Jan. 2, 2012. | Matthew Grotto~Sun-Times Media
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"A 1-day-old baby boy was found in a trash bin Sunday night in Country Club Hills and was later pronounced dead.
The infant was found in a trash bin at 17895 Huntleigh Court in Country Club Hills and was pronounced dead at Advocate South Suburban Hospital in Hazel Crest at 8:17 p.m., according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office. An autopsy is scheduled for later Monday.
Country Club Hills police could not provide additional details Monday morning"

What is particularly disturbing about this, is that in Illinois, you are allowed to drop your baby off to any Police, Fire, Church, or hospital locations, with no repercussions. They passed this law years back, so this disgusting act would not happen. Just goes to show, no law can turn a piece of shit, into a decent person.


  1. That is particularly disgusting. Send them over to Indiana so they can get the death penalty.

  2. TGP- The fucked up thing is that one of the police blogs I follow says that the girl was 13, and gave officers a list of 23 possible fathers. I don't know if this is true. I hope it's not true.

  3. Hello J.O.B. and T.G.P.
    Sad, very sad and disgusting story. If there is anything that hits my gut to the core is children being harmed.

    I have no mercy for kiddy rappers, physical beatings, or anything else that fits under this category.

  4. EOK- Me too bud, me too.

    The reports say that this girl was not aware of her pregnancy. Even if this is true, as I stated in the post, the laws are set-up for the newborn's protection. The whole thing is sad.

  5. That's a horrible story.

    Also, if your police blog is accurate then the girl has no sense of right or wrong.

  6. Johnny,

    Apparently the girls parents were unaware they were pregnant either. Jesus. How could a 13 year old know so little? She should be removed from the home, if she doesn't get time.

  7. H/Nox- You'd be surprised at the accuracy of these police blogs. She obviously has no clue of right and wrong.

  8. I don't buy the "ignorance" defense of this. Some of the crap I saw at age 13 would make people's head spin and, no bones about it, we all knew what we were doing and, the legal ramifications of doing them.

    It's harder to believe what goes on for people who actually had parents that parented.

    Those of us who grew up with a single parent who worked, got an entirely different education than the kids with both parents around that kept their eyes open.

    My Mom worked a nightshift 12 - 8 and left the house at 11pm.
    I usually rolled out the door at 11:05 and, was home before she was at 8:30am with time to spare.

  9. hi J.O.B.

    wow, this is such a sad story... but alas, I'm just not surprised...

    Question: how do you expect society to change after decades of leftist media influence and the Hollyweird push of degradation of morality and its anti-Christianity, anti-Jewish memes?

    sex sex sex in movies, videos, rap "music" - so immorality is 'normal' now? ... being "gay" is 'normal' behavior now? How about fisting taught in schools? This is promoted by a potus czar...!! (are you catching my meaning?) - even killing babies inside a woman's womb is just no big thang these days, is it... abortion is contraception now.

    In America, are there still morals? Can Americans see the evil influences of the left upon the country as whole?

    ... just a few questions

    If all abortions stopped today: people would shriek 'what about the unwanted babies'?!

    answer: GIVE THEM UP FOR ADOPTION to loving couples... see... its simple really

    how do you prevent unwanted pregancies? Bring back SHAME and STOP teaching CHILDREN that its OK to have sex BEFORE they are in a committed and ADULT monogamous relationship... STOP having the TV be your kids baby sitter... get involved and teach your kids MORALITY... perhaps go to a Christian church or Jewish temple if you can't figure out what morality is... there are some BOOKS on it THERE!

    ... just my $.02

    by the way, infants and toddlers are bashed to death down here in NZ, too mate... western society degradation is all over the place

    happy flippin' new year, eh!

  10. Lisa,

    Great points. Morality is part of the problem, but pride is also a big part of it. Kids these days have no sense of pride and honor. To think God struck down Sodom and Gomorrah; how bad were they if he hasn't struck us down yet?

  11. Lisa- A big 'OL welcome to the you. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you become frequent, I know you're not to far removed from Chicagoland, to offer some Chi-town input.

    As I stated above, the laws here were put into place to prevent crimes like this. This animal still throws her baby in the trash. I'm sure some douchbag will come to her aid, and defend her. Maybe the attorney will argue late-term abortion.

  12. TGP- Some atheists may argue that this babies senseless death is proof that their is no God.

    I would argue, that the babies mother still existing on this Earth is proof, that their is no God.

  13. Johnny, even if there is no God, this kid had no conscience either and, chances are she was being directed by an adult.

  14. Sepp- I disagree, this animal was most likely not directed by an adult to throw her baby in the trash. You are correct, she has no conscience. Both are inherent traits of a piece of shit who has no respect for Human life.

  15. Johnny,

    There is a God; all one has to do is look at a baby and you will see God. But only if you want to.

    I don't think either case refutes the existence of God. I think The baby got in, the mama will get hers later. Some crimes are unforgivable, even for Catholics.