Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oh, That crazy PILE..... :)

It is to be noted that the blogger ‘J.O.B.’ will no longer comment on this blog.

Bloggermud_rake said...

The best joke today was when you deleted mud_PILE's post for not being funny.

What a bunch of wusses!

JOB- I'm gone and so are you

The first comment was from his blog today. The second was from my Funny Ass Friday post.
I think it's kind of funny, it seems like he got so mad. He got mad, because he could not follow instructions laid out in my "New Year's Resolution" Post.  Oh well.

Mud- If this reaches you, (and I'm sure it will) no worries Brother. You are always welcome here. You just need to stay off of "Funny Ass Friday" threads. Unless you have a joke of course. However, you are allowed to say whether you find a joke funny or not. I will be checking in from time to time. If Dottie, or EOK writes something, I'll write a comment on their blog. Maybe your next post could be about tolerance? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOOO


  1. Johnny,

    Too funny. Mud_PILE was looking for a way out - please note that he never finishes any of the stuff he starts - he just goes away.

    Mud_PILE was getting beaten up so badly for his foolish posts that he was looking for an exit strategy. Now he can make you the bad guy and he can play the injured party. Pure liberal (democrat, progressive, socialist, whatever) victimization theory in practice.

    You gotta give Mud_PILE one thing - he is consistent. A true liberal never makes a mistake, never fails to follow instructions, and never misses the mark. It is always, always someone else's fault. You are now part of Mud_PILE's sad narrative - you LIV you. LMAO.

  2. CS- Your last paragraph fits the "Elitist" profile. Which of course is the E in PILE. I'm telling ya, this acronym works.

    The best part about it, is that this all transpired, because he couldn't follow instructions. Oh Well.

  3. Johnny,

    Your greatest O'blogin hour was when you invented the acronym "PILE" - I will never stop using it.

    Well done friend.

  4. I'm crying a friggin river right now.

  5. I interrupt this thread to add additional estrogen to the mix, J.O.B., the pic of you and your Little Princess is priceless!

    And now back to the PILE ...

  6. I take some overtime and miss everything!

    Well, actually I didn't since it's in the moonbat's standard operating proceedure to never follow the directions of the site owner and, post un-related garbage regularly...while at the same time always trying to remind you of their supposed intellectual prowess.

    Hey, at least he didn't come back under a different profile and high 5 himself.

  7. MrsAl- Thank you. That kid taught me what true love really is.

  8. Sepp- That's pretty much what happened. I had 1 little request dealing with the Funny Ass Friday post. He did not follow it, so I deleted his comment. He got mad and left, also deleting my comments on his blog. He basically got mad at me, as a result of him not following my request. Oh well, makes no difference to me.

  9. An Irish toast for Mud:

    Grant me a sense of humor, Lord,
    the saving grace to see a joke,
    To win some happiness from life,
    And pass it on to other folks.