Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tebowmania comes to an end........

In a way, I'm kind of happy. I'm sick of hearing from Conservatives putting God into football, and Liberals saying God let Tebow down. It's a shame really, because this kid has never done anything to anyone. He has beliefs, and he thinks those beliefs make him a good person. I've said time and time again, their is nothing wrong with that.

The Broncos were outclassed last night. They weren't beaten by a lack of Christ, or anything else other-worldly. They were beaten by a Quaterback who has 3 championship rings already. So, what happens from here?

I don't know. There's alot of intangibles. Tebow's game last night was only his 14 career start. In a two year period. And remember, he had little pre-season this year. I'm hoping he can improve his mechanics, and enters next year as the starter. Say what you will about him, or his beliefs. But he is the only NFL starting Quarterback, that I wouldn't mind my Daughter drawing inspiration from. Since their are so few, I truly hope he succeeds......................................................................


  1. Johnny,

    Last night was the first time I watched him play. I agree with you that his mechanics are rough, but in my opinion, he's carrying that team. His o-line was crap all night, and his receivers couldn't get open in under 5 seconds. I don't know why the Broncos run the option, but they did a poor job of it yesterday. Other than a few bright spots, their defense was like a screen door on a submarine.

    I hope he gets some help for next year, so we can see if he's any good.

  2. Johnny,

    I broke my NFL protest and watched the first half. It was too painful to go on.

    I'm with you - Tim Tebow deserved better from the media and as Tenth pointed out Tebow deserved better from his team.

  3. Yes, Denver underperformed. Their O-Line is one of the best in the NFL. They run the option, because John Fox placates to Tebow's strengths, at least the ones he had in college. Therein lies the problem. He's no longer in college, he needs to be coached, and almost reprogrammed, to be more suitable in the NFL. I hope he succeeds, because he truly is a wonderful role-model.

  4. I haven't watched a game in years (except for the Super Bowls).

    I was a bit pissed about the attacks from the media and the talking heads. It was pitiful. Ditto for the religious right.

    Conversely, when a congressman from IL (Elliston - spelling) was sworn into office using Jefferson's Koran the media was using knee-pads.

    I don't have a problem with a athelete, or anyone for that matter, thanking God for favor whether is is real or imagined.

    This became a big deal when the media attacked Tebow.

  5. H/Nox- His name is Ellison, and he represents Minnesota.