Saturday, January 7, 2012

Two down. Three to go........................

Let's move on to another right afforded to us by the first Amendment. Freedom of the Press. It's pretty straight forward, and I don't even know what we could discuss.

Are blogs considered Press? Should newspapers be held accountable for liable? I don't really know what we could discuss with this one. So, if anyone has any ideas for discussion. Please feel free to start.


  1. Johnny,

    Our free press asked not one question last night about Obamacare. That is because they are no longer un-biased. The media are picking sides, which is not what the founders had in mind.

  2. TGP- I didn't watch the debates last night, so I can't even comment on it. Did you like Santorum? How did he do?

  3. Hey T, there's a debate starting in 10 minutes. I'll get back to ya later.

  4. Johnny,

    This is an interesting one. My opinion is that "free" means exactly that. I don't think that there is any way for the government to get involved that would be positive. That would require the elimination of the Panhandler Broadcasting System (PBS) and National Panhandler Radio (NPR). They have both become bastions of leftist dogma.

    We have a flowering of information today because of the easy access to television, radio, and particularly the Internet (bet you Al Gore didn't see that coming). I think that newspapers will probably largely die off in our time as they have become entirely unreliable as sources for actual "news."

    There have been studies that show how left-leaning news rooms ( are and particularly journalism programs. That was never more obvious than the 2008 election where John McCain (a media darling before the election for his "moderate" views) was eviscerated by the main stream media while the most left-wing Presidential candidate since Henry Wallace got a complete pass - the liberal press wasn't even mildly curious about Obama's background, political associations, or previous positions.

    Letting the government play with a "Fairness Doctrine" (that wasn't) or even licensing is a recipe for disaster. Get the government out of all of that and let market forces reign. Where honest competition exists - freedom will win out.

  5. I'll echo CS's comments completely.

    Also, what part of "Free" doesn't anyone understand?

    With regard to the "New Media" (us included to a very small degree), it is blasting holes in the lamestream which become more and more irrelevant as time passes.

    It is self inflicted. The lamestream has carried the water for the left for decades, now they are outright cheerleaders. People have had enough.

  6. I'll jump in for a brief question of the posse. What did Sarah Palin use as 'evidence' when she began using the word, lamestream media? I notice that it was used above.

    Further, I notice that CS makes fun of PBS and NPR [as would an adolescent]. What makes them exclusively 'liberal?' Is that because they seldom run news stories that they regard as specious?

    Who can list 5 or more news sources which may be considered strictly conservative and which 'carry water for the right?'






  7. Johnny,

    Td-Da! He's Ba-a-a-a-ack. This is the fascinating thing about liberals (democrats, progressives, socialists, whatever) they don't view their opinions as biased. It is a fascinating nuance that completely goes over their heads. Instead of Mud_PILE's questions, let's play a different game.

    Please list the top 10 problems facing America today.

    Let me jump ahead and spoil the surprise. No one's list would have "Constitutional Amendment against Contraception" or "Homosexual Rights" on their list. Fair enough?

    Yet George Stephanopoulos wasted fully one third of the time allotted to the debate with questions about those non-topics. Never, was there a more blatant example of media bias than Stephanopoulos' performance on Saturday.

    Here you have on stage a person - we don't know which person yet - who will probably be the next President of the United States - and we wasted all that time on those stupefyingly ridiculous issues.

    I suppose that Mud_PILE didn't go to the website that I provided that listed numerous studies over the last several decades that indicate the bias resident in the liberal media. I could even recommend a few good books that do the same. The subject was not new to Sarah Palin and has been an issue for a very long time. If someone missed it, it's only because they aren't getting any real news.

    Further, as a career military man I was often in the situation that National Panhandler Radio (NPR) and National Panhandler Broadcasting System (PBS) were provided to us over the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS). I was a consumer of that drivel - I know - we were starved for real news. I haven't listened or watched it since.

    As to Mud_PILE's final question, there are no exclusively "Conservative news sources." I know, the liberals are screaming "FOX NEWS!!!!!!!" But they don't actually watch it. Yes they have Sean Hannity on - but they also have Geraldo Rivera. Fox lavishes time on Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, Ellen Ratner, and Alan Colmes. Does Fox News lean to the right - absolutely, but in that vein they are reflective of the American people. Watch some of the day time programming and you will see folks like Shepard Smith or Bill Hemmer who are very much like their ABC, CBS, and NBC colleagues. Watch Chris Wallace.

    Then the liberals will scream about Talk Radio. You can't make people listen to Liberal talk radio. In a free society these outlets crash because they can't make money. When Alan Colmes appears on the Bill O'Reilly show more people hear him than catch him on the radio all week. The fact that he looks and sounds stupid is his own fault - not Fox's.

    There are websites, news magazines, and news papers that lean right - but that wasn't what Mud_PILE was after. They hate FOX News with a white hot passion because Fox broke the liberal monopoly.

  8. All,
    Since we were discussing "free speech" before the PILE jumped in and tried to change the subject, what do you all think about the press having the right to publish porn. Should it be regulated or should the press have the right to publish?

  9. I don't know about the press publishing it, but I'd say porn is a huge stretch to fall under "speech". The SCOTUS has allowed a lot of crappy behavior be protected as "speech" when any idiot would say it isn't. Any idiot except the few that happen by here, that is.

  10. Gentlemen,

    My opinion is that responsible parties should come up with something like the movie rating system. That would be infinitely preferrable to having the government step in with some "decency" rules. Besides, where would a liberal (democrat, socialist, progressive whatever) find a sense of decency? Do we conservatives have to do everything?

    It is completely irresponsible for someone to print pornography in the morning paper (although Garry Trudeau's "Doonesbury" in the Sunday funny papers comes close). People have to respond by boycotting those things.

    We don't wield the power of the purse enough. If people wouldn't attend movies by left wing actors, directors, and producers those films wouldn't be made after awhile. The New York Times is swimming in red ink right now, cannibalizing their business empire to stay afloat - might that be an indication of what people think of it?

  11. Johnny,

    I am racing to catch up and complete my reading of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia as you know. Check out the way Virginia addresses freedom of speech:

    "Section 12. Freedom of speech and of the press; right peaceably to assemble, and to petition.
    That the freedoms of speech and of the press are among the great bulwarks of liberty, and can never be restrained except by despotic governments; that any citizen may freely speak, write, and publish his sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right; that the General Assembly shall not pass any law abridging the freedom of speech or of the press, nor the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the
    government for the redress of grievances."

    Note the reference to "responsible" speech.

  12. I wish the candidates would really take on the MSM aggressively. If I was running today I'd have my staff dig up dirt on the reporters and confront them with it at an appropriate time. Imagine if Romney had some sleaze on Georgie and threw it out there in response to one of his idiotic questions. Well it would be funny.
    It's disgusting. It's like the reporters are debating the candidates, instead of just directing the debates.

  13. Since last November, bloggers ARE now considered "press" along with social media devices / users and, are to be monitored by the DHS.

    "Under the National Operations Center (NOC)’s Media Monitoring Initiative that came out of DHS headquarters in November, Washington has the written permission to retain data on users of social media and online networking platforms.
    Specifically, the DHS announced the NCO and its Office of Operations Coordination and Planning (OPS) can collect personal information from news anchors, journalists, reporters or anyone who may use “traditional and/or social media in real time to keep their audience situationally aware and informed.”

    Under that definition, if you're using facebook, twitter, myspace, etc that you can pass "news" onto others're watchable and could be added into a database at the DHS.

    Nice little Soviet style government we have sprouting up.

    They can stop and search you at the airport, train station, bus station / bus stops, anywhere on the road and, now, search your twitter, myspace, facebook, e-mail, cell phone, pager, etc...allllll just to keep you safe!

  14. Common Sense writes, with absolute authority, As to Mud_PILE's final question, there are no exclusively "Conservative news sources."


    Hmm. Where did this list come from, Common Sense???

  15. New York Post? You have lost the last marble, Mud.

  16. ...what about the other 15, Tenth??

  17. What about them? All of them seem to be bloggers to me. If we want to play that way, I can list a hundred leftie blogs.

  18. They're mostly bloggers or, commentators which are not news sources, they're oppinion pushers.

  19. Mud_PILE,

    You have an expanded view of the term "news source" - the crux of your attack however began with Sarah Palin defining the "lame stream media" - which it certainly is.

    It really pisses you liberals (progressives, socialists, democrats, whatever) off that you lost your grip on the media - doesn't it? You can't control the message anymore - the truth leaks out now doesn't it?

    Much of it is due to Al Gore's amazing Internet (the bulk of your list). You guys just hate freedom.

  20. CS,
    What I have found to be utterly amazing is the amount of news that the MSM outlets routinely omit from reporting at least until the story grows to the point where they can no longer sit on it.

    Liberals should have begun to question their flagship propaganda outlet msnbc when it fired a commentator at the request of the flippin whitehouse because they felt he was being "too critical of Obama".

    So much for being a free press right?

  21. -Sepp,

    Good point - because so many "journalists" lean left what they decide is not important enough to cover sometimes is infinitely more important than what they choose to air.

  22. All of them seem to be bloggers to me.

    "Seem to be?"

    Maybe, Tenth, there are no legitimate news sources who run the specious stories which right-wingers love to believe in.

    Could THAT be the problem you have?

    Looks like CS and Sepp are likewise in denial.

    Do the 3 of you ever read the 'stories' at the 16 cites I presented? Careful, you know about Pinocchio.

  23. If Bush were selling arms to drug cartels and laundering their money, would we ever NOT be hearing about it?

    If Bush's drone bombed a bunch a pakistanis, would they ever stop broadcasting the devastated families?

    If Bush's campaign donors were reaping multi-million dollar stimulus funded deals and, funnelled it into his reelection coffers, would they ever sweep it under a rug?

    Of course not.

    Then again, NBC and MSNBC's parent company GE didn't have a billion invested in Bush so, making him look good wasn't as important as reporting the news.

  24. Mud,

    While I can't speak for all conservatives, I would say the majority of us don't believe everything we hear. We tend to look into things for ourselves. We also tend to color our judgments with life experiences that most of you liberals have failed to accomplish.

    I rarely get ideas for my posts from sources other than TV, although I do check alot. And I use google to research most of my topics, unless I feel confident that I know enough about them to speak without references.

    As for your 16 sources, I believe newsmax is the only one I have used, ever. I have never used any of the others, and only read newsmax stories occasionally.

  25. H/Nox- I believe porn falls under the scope. But, I have no problem with it being regulated. Most of the liquor stores I go too, have porn-mags behind the counter, with paper blocking the nudity on the cover. I do not have a problem with this regulation, since it is open to children.

    As far as main-stream media, I've often wondered, who defines main-stream.

  26. CS & Mud- In Chicago, their are three political talk stations. 1 left wing, 1 right wing. These are both on the A.M. dial. Now, there is another one on the F.M. dial with much clearer reception. It is a left-wing program. So much for right-wing media domination.

  27. Johnny,
    I do too. We cannot regulate decency but some decorum of it must be pushed. I worry about our kids. They lose their innocence too early these days.

  28. Johnny,

    Only someone as twisted as Mud_PILE could say that the media isn't dominated by left-wing lunatics. That crap doesn't even pass the giggle test.

    The fact that honest news has made inroads on cable TV, radio, and in some news papers or magazines doesn't mean they get the same coverage as ABC, CBS, and NBC.

  29. Johnny,

    Not to be off topic, but this news story didn't get widespread coverage (to -Sepp's earlier point) but is the other side of the First Amendment with respect to Freedom of Religion:

    This is more in keeping with the spirit and intent of the First Amendment.

  30. Common Sense writes, in his usual adolescent style, Only someone as twisted as Mud_PILE could say...

    So tell us, CS, where do YOU get your 'news?'

    Tenth- I appreciate your straight-forward, non-denigrated answer to my question.

  31. Mud,

    How come none of you lefties ever comment on Johnny's Welcome Home posts? Or my hero posts? Do you lefties despise the men who guarantee you your freedom? I find it very offensive that you can't squeak out a simple thank you, or welcome home, or glad you made it. You really are a pack of turds.

  32. Mud_PILE,

    You playing Katie Couric now?

    I get three newspapers at my house, The Washington Times, the local rag, and the Sunday Washington Post. I actually wouldn't get the Com-Post but my wife loves the Sunday paper and all the ads. The Post is useful to me as my military training informs me to read what my enemy is thinking.

    I do watch Fox News as it is the most objective televised source of news. You probably won't believe it, but I don't particularly enjoy the opinion journalists on either end (Hannity, O'Reilly, or Rivera, Wallace). My favorite hour long segment is Special Report with Bret Baier and I get a real kick out of Stossel and his specials.

    I process a great deal of e-mail everyday from a variety of sources, but generally do my own homework.

    I am a voracious reader (and listener) I have Condi Rice's book on CD in my car and I have several books in progress right now to Include one by David Barton, Dick Cheney's, and Demonic (Ann Coulter) which is helping me to understand you better. You really should read that one - it would be like looking in a mirror for you.

  33. CS- thanks for your list of 'news' sources.

    Tenth asks: How come none of you lefties ever comment on Johnny's Welcome Home posts? Or my hero posts? Do you lefties despise the men who guarantee you your freedom?

    Yes, Tenth, we do.

  34. Johnny,

    I hope everyone sees Mud's post, above. What a complete piece of shit.

  35. Mud_PILE,

    If I would have replied:

    The Washington Post, the NY Times, MSNBC, the Huffington Post, and Time Magazine.

    Would you have put the word news in quotation marks?

    I love reading "Demonic" - Ann Coulter has you nailed.

  36. CS- WP and NYT are actual newspapers.

    Tenth- I encourage you to write a new post on your blog where you make a list of ASSumptions that you believe about people to the left of Goldwater.

    It would be a real hoot to read.

  37. Mud_PILE,

    Please define "newspaper."

    What does one have to do to achieve legitimacy in your eyes?

    Why would the Washington Post and the New York Times be "actual" newspapers but not the Washington Times?

    Oh Yoda of the blogosphere - enlighten us.

  38. Once again, CS, you miss my point because you are Blinded by Hate.

    You wrote, If I would have replied:

    The Washington Post, the NY Times, MSNBC, the Huffington Post, and Time Magazine.

    Two are newspapers. One is a cable network. One is an internet domain, and the last is a weekly magazine.

    Where did the Washington Times fit in???

    - Yoda

  39. Hello J.O.B.
    Been very busy this week but I just wanted to let you know I am still reading and enjoying your site. You are fine and OK by me. (I designed and did the tile work in my own home....even have my own wet saw. We can talk about that more later.)

    A good group of my friends and I in the past couple of years have gotten together at one’s home where I or a Masonic Brother who I taught him his Masonic Work, a 29 year old who served in the Army in a combat position, will cook something and we will all enjoy while watching football.

    Of course being here in the Mid-Atlantic Coast the main teams we root for are Washington, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore…..not so much Philadelphia, thats more on the Delaware side of the boarder. One friend who has his Masters in Mechanical Engineering still roots for the Colts even though they were stolen from Baltimore in the middle of the snowy night (Yea I know those of us growing up with Johnny Unitas and those Great Colt Era teams just can't get over this)….. and that’s OK because he is a really good guy. :-)

    My wife and a really good Conservative Republican friend like Tim Tebow and the Broncos. My wife likes Tebow because of his “Come From Behind” games here of late. (I have to admit, he really makes a game exciting.) My friend was born and grew up in "Up State NY," then worked and lived in D.C. until he moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I asked him how an "Up State NY" kid becomes attached to Denver…..His reply was, I am color blind and the Orange & Blue are two colors I can distinguish so…..Since I was a young boy, They became my team. :-)

    I will be making Chili today and will take it tomorrow for the Baltimore and Houston game at 1:00 PM.

    Take Care and I will check back in with you later.

  40. CS- I heard about the court decision on a radio show during the week. It was overshadowed by a ruling that the EEOC will now sue employers on grounds of discrimination. For not hiring High-School dropouts.

  41. MUD- I don't want to jump on the bandwagon here, but I must admit. I too, have been curious as to why you leave no comments on the welcome home posts. Is their a specific reason?

  42. EOK- I am here, whenever anyone has Tile questions. I am always happy to help.

    As for Football. I will be watching all of the games. The only team I have a vetted interest in is the New York Giants. One of the Offensive players is a Family Friend. And as an added bonus, I hate the Fucking Packers. It's a rivalry thing.

    Since you mentioned the Balt. Colts, did you ever see the ESPN 30for30 feature on the team and it's band? It was very good.

  43. Mud_PILE,

    Pardon me - news sources.

    You are so witty - where does that come from?

  44. CS- You are so witty - where does that come from?

    ...having to deal with lots of punks and jerks throughout my life.

    JOB- I too, have been curious as to why you leave no comments on the welcome home posts. Is their a specific reason?

    No, just uninterested.

  45. Mud_PILE,

    You are a punk and a jerk.

    You didn't catch the sarcasm I guess.