Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's been awhile..........

 I haven't done a post of much substance lately. Just music and jokes. For this, I apologize. I assure you, I haven't lost interest in my new hobby (Blogs). I've just been so busy with the numerous remodeling projects at home. Many of you have noticed a lack of comments on your own blogs, sorry for that too, but I have been reading when I get a chance.

 So, I was thinking during the week. I should have sometime this weekend to catch up on my hobby. Maybe I'll post about the Second Amendment (I haven't forgotten). Maybe I'll post my opinion about abortion (That's soon to come as well). Then something happened last night, that is going to make me break a promise. At the beginning of the year, I said I was going to stay away from politics. MOTHERFUCKER, MOTHERFUCKER, MOTHERFUCKER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's RANT..........(WARNING- The F-word will be highly used)

 The Queen and I met with the Accountant last night. Things were going well, he was itemizing, I was staring lovingly into my wife's eyes.(We're still newlyweds, cut me some slack) Then, he asked me a question that started a chain of events, that unfortunately you guys (and Ladies) now have to deal with. Furiously typing, never looking away from the computer screen, he asks me, "Jon, you're in the Union?". To which I proudly reply, "Yes". He asks, "So how do you feel about the tax increase?". "What tax increase?", I reply.

 So, families that make under $150,000 a year will not see an increase in their taxes? President Obama, You are a FUCKING lying sack of shit. You rotten MOTHERFUCKER. In 2014, my taxes will go up. Rough estimate is $60 per week. Seems that somewhere in that small 1100 page healthcare bill, is something about a "Cadillac" plan. So, as was explained to me, The $9.20 I pay per hour that I work, will now be taxed.

 Any brilliant Obama supporter want to debate this one with me? Black and White. The Queen and I will make around 130K. And my taxes will go up. Our buddy Mud was once appalled that I referred to the President as a Cocksucker. I take it back. He is a LYING, DIRTY, SCUMBAG, MOTHERFUCKING PIECE OF SHIT.



  1. I got a tax break this year too!

    I made $1011 LESS than I did in 2010 but, had to pay $2000 more for know with that tax cut I supposedly gotten.

    Hmmmmm, could it be that under Obamacare, my health benefits through work are now taxed as income? Sho nuff!

    I pay 4 grand a year as my share for my benefit and, get taxed 2 grand on top of it which makes my "free" Obamacare actually cost 6 was never meant to be "free" for those who are stuck paying for it!

    No fucking wonder welfare and foodstamps have become so gaddamned popular under Obama and, no fucking wonder they line up in droves to reelect more of it.

  2. Johnny,

    I suppose all politicians are liars, but Obama is a separate breed. Be sure to tell all your union buddies about how he fucked them. We sure don't want the asshole back in 2013.

  3. Sepp- If I work 2000 hours in 2014. I will end up paying $21,200 for my insurance, in taxes and wage garnishments. Fucking Asshole.

    TGP- Already started making calls as of yesterday. Union meeting next week ought to be a hoot.

  4. Johnny,

    Of course the last little bit of indignity is that your union dues were a big part of Obama's funding and will be again this year.

    In essence, you are buying the privilege of being sodomized by your government. But hey - the silver lining - you and your brothers are providing a pretty good life style for bureaucrats and union thugs.

    Welcome to the Republican Party.

  5. Jon,
    Congratulations!!!!! Welcome to our side. This is the stuff that we have been warning you about.

    Now that it is happening to YOU it has become personal. This time it's overt but the left has been screwing you for decades.

  6. CS- You're not telling me anything I don't already know. I'm so fucking pissed. Meeting on Thursday should be entertaining.

    CS & H/Nox- Don't welcome me just yet. But count on the fact that I will be voting for which ever G.O.P. runs against Obama. Say what you want. It's official. Under Bush, my taxes went down. Under Obama, they went up. The fucked up part, is that I am not wealthy.

  7. Johnny, I don't ask anyone to think like me...I just ask em to think!
    Now, with the facts you've seen with your own eyes, it's up to you to weed out the hype from the shite.

    The democraps have a nasty habit of naming the titles of their laws to say the opposite of what they mean.
    "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" AKA "Obamacare" has already raised my taxes $2000 without protecting me or, anyone else in the least bit.
    "Affordable" seems to have been redefined as "What cost me 4 grand last year, now costs 6 grand" unless of course I quit working and leach off the system...then it's a bargain!

    The "food safety and modernization act" that the democrats pushed and passed was written by Monsanto and has little do do with stopping unsafe foods as it does stopping organic growers who refuse to use Monsanto's shit!
    BTW, the chief sponsor of the bill is the wife of a "former" (read lobbyist) CEO!
    No conflict of interest there eh?

  8. Johnny,

    -Sepp is right - if they ever actually told you the truth, no one in their right mind would ever vote for a democrat (socialist, progressive, liberal, whatever) again.

  9. Have you noticed that none of the usual supporters of Obama are here to defend or explain any of this?

  10. Sepp- I hear ya. I think from now on, I will stick to Republicans, until they personally Fuck me. Like I said, under Bush my taxes went down, Under Obama, they will go up. Unless Obamacare get's repealed.

  11. CS- I think alot of Republican thinking is Ass-Backwards. And we will be debating it on this blog. But, I have never felt raped before. That might be harsh, but I truly feel like I got fucked, and I didn't even get a reach around.

  12. H/Nox- The Obama supporters have no argument in regards to this topic. It's a true story, it's going to happen to me, and I'm fucking pissed. There's nothing to debate. I got Fucked, and I am the Middle Class. I dare someone to debate me on this, or even try to justify it. I am definitely in the mood.

  13. Johnny,

    It is interesting as Hardnox points out that none of the left-wing lunatics have come by to the scene of their crime.

    Maybe you should try a little of their 1984-style misdirection. You could title your next post:

    "Barack Obama saves the day AGAIN!"

    They would flock to the site like flies - then you could tell the truth how Obama and his minions are destroying the country, our economy, and your paycheck.

    I'll be eager to hear how your union meeting goes. Your union bosses will be terrified by what just happened next door in Indiana.

  14. CS, did you hear the latest about Obama supposedly going to cut military dependent and retiree tricare benefits by tossing them into the Obamacare pool?

    In addition to fucking up everyone's private healthcare ( that didn't need fixing in the first place) he's now dipping his claws into the military healthcare system.
    Nice eh?

  15. -Sepp,

    I spoke with a lady yesterday who just turned 65. At that point military healthcare for retirees becomes a combination of Medicare and Tri-Care. Her husband turned 65 two years ago and qualified to be cared for in the local military system however there is no room for the wife.

    She is propelled into the civilian system and has to find a civilian doctor who will accept this new arrangement. Good luck.

    Meanwhile fees go up and availability goes down. Thank you Obama.