Sunday, February 19, 2012

R.I.P. Shithead

Candlelight vigil for Whitney Houston


  1. well, whitney's demise was tragically predictable. what can you say, tfb....she was one of the really great voices, the soundtrack of the last 30 years of our lives.
    But finally, she is re united with Serge might find this encounter amusing, back on Michel Drucker's show in the 80's, shortly before Gainsbourgh magnificently burnt out in public....he was calling himself Gansbarr at the time...

  2. Based on the wall to wall coverage you would have thought the Pope or Queen of England died.
    She was a good singer in her prime but this was way way overblown. If she was white nobody would have cared.

  3. Johnny,

    It really is a shame. Such a great talent, but mix in drugs and that life-style. As MD says - predictable.

    I wish that the media would stop swooning over her and tell our kids to stay off drugs.

  4. Everyone,

    I am tired of hearing the media say she struggled with her demons - she partied with her demons. If she had refused to participate, her demons would have had no access to her.

  5. Everyone- It was a waste of talent, but so be it.

    Anon- The press would have been all over it if she were white. Remember Amy Whinehouse last year?