Thursday, March 22, 2012

Johnny O'Bloggin's Musical Monday?????????

Sorry everyone. Had some computer problems the last few days, and I didn't want to skip my post.
This week, is a song that I loathe. I am not afraid to admit my disdain for country music. But to each, their own. I do not judge, and since everyone has been putting up with my picks. I figured I'd give a little back. This song reminds me of Spring Break, '84 I believe. As we were driving down to Kentuk to visit family, there were two certainties. Not only was the Sun following us, but so was this song. The worse part, the song did not go away driving home a week later. LOLOLOLOLOLO, hope you all enjoy.


  1. Johnny,

    Try this one:

  2. Or this one:

    This one is awesome - show it to your princess and tell her the glass is always half full.

  3. Johnny,

    Finally - something I can relate to.

  4. Hello John,
    I'm not big on country music either but not to the point that I hate it. I do like Blue Grass or Irish/Celtic music which are almost one in the same.

    Of course growing up and playing1960's to 1970's rock music and I listen to current rock music. Even though country music today is much like a rock flavor, I just don't get past the cowboy hats. :-)

  5. T- The first song is a remake. I must admit, I like Collective Souls version better. Has Parton had surgery? It looks like she has a 20 inch waist with F cup breasts. Not to mention that it doesn't look like she aged at all.
    The second song was O.K. I don't like the music, but the message was good. Kenny does look like he aged. Gracefully of course. :)

  6. CS- I'm glad that you enjoyed it. God, that song was on every station on the way to Kentucky.

    EOK- I agree. I can't get past the fiddle. I do enjoy watching drunks trying to sing Devil went down to Georgia, on karaoke nights. That's some funny shit. I will say, that I love Johnny Cash. A bad-ass is a bad-ass, no matter what music they play.

  7. Johnny,

    You cannot be all bad if you respect Johnny Cash.

    I know "Shine" was a cover. You should hear her do Stairway to Heaven.