Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 4th, 1993.............................................

 Today is the 19th anniversary of the O'Bloggin's laying their Matriarch to rest. 55 years old, she was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in November. Died on March 1st.
 To this day, I think of the things she has missed out on, but if you are all correct, she hasn't missed a thing.
 I'm doing this post for 2 reasons. First, At the beginning of the year, I promised to get a little personal. HEY, it worked for Howard Stern. :)
 But, the main reason, is so everyone understands the disdain I have for people who use tragedy as an excuse. I feel that we as Human Beings have the ability to adapt, and persevere. If you choose a separate route, and behave in ways that are damaging. It's a choice. Don't use a tragedy as an excuse to be an Asshole. It isn't Human nature.
 So, in closing, go fuck yourself Lindsey Lohan.


  1. Johnny,

    Shortly after my Mom passed away. my oldest child did something that I would have called Mom to tell her about, but, you know. So I said out loud, I wish my Momma could see you being so cute. Allison said, "You said she could see me." What I meant was I wish I could see my Momma seeing you be so cute.

    I believe your matriarch sees your little princess, Johnny. To believe otherwise would be too depressing.

  2. Johnny,

    Nice thought. I lost my Dad to an accumulation of health problems triggered by a swelling of the brain rooted in malaria that had gone untreated during his service in World War II.

    He died early (63) and I miss him. It is comforting to know that he was a man of deep faith and he has reaped his reward in heaven.

    He never complained - never.

    May God Bless your mother and family.

  3. A wonderful post, J.O.B., and a fitting lesson on "excuses." My compliments.

  4. Johnny,
    Nicely stated.

    I'm sorry for your loss.

  5. TGP- You may be on to something bud. God Bless.

    CS- Sounds like Mom and your Dad were one in the same. I miss Ma very much, but it is nice that as time goes by, it's much easier to look back and reflect. Sucks that she never met the Princess though. I hope you are right about God and Heaven. Then one day they can finally meet. May God bless your Father and Family. :)

    MrsAl- Thank you for the compliment. I do get sick of all these Hollywood types crying about getting addicted to this or that, because they weren't loved enough, or whatever. I know these people are everywhere, but it's the actors/actresses that get the publicity for being douchebags.

    H-Nox- Thank you for the compliment and condolences.

  6. Johnny,

    Thanks - he was quite a guy. I think my mother is as tough as she is for having hung out with him.

    As for heaven - I believe and you know, it doesn't hurt anyone else that I do.