Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Johnny O'Bloggin's Musical Monday...........

The original country Bad Ass, Mr. Johnny Cash. As I said, I don not like country music at all. But I love me some Johnny Cash. Go figure.

Now, this version is by a punk band named Social Distortion. They started in the 80's, and are from Orange County. For some reason, they have a huge following in Chicago and Milwaukee. I Hope you enjoy both. I know I will.


  1. Love both. Thanks for putting em up.

  2. Pal- You're welcome Brother. Usually, they're up on Mondays. Been having some computer issues though. We never really got to know each other too well, so I don't know what music you like.
    Music is the only "Art" form I was ever interested in. Anyway, if you like Country music, Google, Mike Ness. He is the Singer of Social Distortion. He is highly influenced by by Johnny Cash, as well as other older country musicians. He has put out many solo records that are old country style. You might enjoy them.

  3. Man, I used to cover Social Distortions version...One of my favorite west coast punk bands! I am a huge fan of Mike Ness! But then again, I love Johnny Cash. I just picked up his last cd with the cover of the Trent Reznor song. One thing I like love about YouTube is the treasure of archival music...old black and white stuff from regional teen shows and country and western. I feel like a video archaeologist! I have to find it, but I just ran across a video of Hendrix as a 19 year old guitarist for an R&B act...he was so hot then!
    Thanks for posting both of these versions!

  4. BTW, I love C&W...can you believe that there has bee a great C&W program on Friday nights on the French Radio Station RTL for the last 25 years? George Laing from Nashville, France! He gets the lastest acts to do on the air promos...he has the all the Station Call stuff from the great C&W stations all over America between songs. I think he even speaks French with a Nashville accent....
    Out here in the country, and I do live in the profound Sud Ouest even our traditional music has a twang to it.

  5. Dottie- I guess it's what tickles your ears. I am not a big fan of country, but I like Ness's solo stuff, and I love Johnny Cash, so maybe I don't hate country music.

  6. Johnny,

    I love the blues, and country (real country) is just the blues slowed down a little. Cash was awesome. I used to watch his show on TV when I was three, and tell everyone to shut-up, Cash is singing.

    You should like some of Hank Jr.'s not so overplayed stuff, (check out OD'd in Denver) and his son, Hank III is pretty damn entertaining.