Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The F word........................

 It would be so easy to discuss the word, FUCK. But, what fun would that be? I want to discuss Fags. You know. Dykes, Homos, Homosexuality, and all of those who bat for the pink team.
 Why is this country so against homosexuality, and what does it have against homos getting married? N.Carolina voted in an Amendment today that declares marriage to be only between a man and a women. WHY?
 A friend once said that Homosexuality was a choice, not wiring in the brain. Even though I disagree, I do not want to debate that. My question is why are Americans so afraid to accept homosexuals as equals? Is it your religion? Doesn't Christianity teach love for ALL humans? Or, are we only allowed to accept, those who are the same as us?
 If The Institution of marriage in this country is so "HOLY', how come divorce rates are at an all time high? In fact, if you were to answer my question by saying that you were against same sex marriage because you did not want to create any more business for divorce lawyers. I couldn't argue, they are leeches after all. But you don't, it always seems to revolve around religion. Why? What does Jesus say? Is it an abomination?
 During the last political post, a friend told me about the dangers of single parent families. When I asked him about a homosexual family adopting, he was completely against it. Sort of a contradiction isn't it? A contradiction I've been living with for years.
 I have never had a problem with Homosexual marriage, but I never agreed with Gay adoption. I've always felt that more research needed to be done on how it effected the child. But isn't two loving parents better than one? I think it's time that this country gets it's head out of it's ass. We have all these problems, but yet we want to debate homosexual rights?
 My Nephew is a Homo. I remember when he first told me, I remember how he held his head down in  shame. My most surprising memory of that moment, is just how much I did not give a shit. I held him, and told him how much I loved him, no matter what. Still do to this day. I asked him the other day, who do you like for President Elect of 2013. He told me neither, because neither one of them looked at his basic Human rights as fundamental. I can not disagree with him.
 So tell me, why should gay marriage be banned throughout this country?


  1. North Carolina did not pass a ban on gay marriage as the media reports. Rather they refused to allow their definition of marriage to be changed. The marriage definition was put into law years ago, but with an onslaught of judicial activists, the voters in North Carolina decided to shut down any further consideration of the issue.

    Marriage has been cheapened enough in the last decades. Few are against civil unions for gays but calling it marriage is something else entirely.

    Our legislators would do well by promoting civil unions. Any other special legislation is simply a violation of everyone's civil rights under our constitution's equal protection clause.

  2. Johnny,

    I voted for the amendment, although I am opposed to such amendments based on the fact that they cheapen the nobleness of Constitutions.

    I am opposed to "gay" marriage. I am opposed to "gay" rights. We all have the same rights, they are human rights, not "gay", or "civil" or any other description.

    When you make a turn on the highway of life, some destinations become unreachable. You can't get there from here. Everyone has the right to marry, if they want to marry one person of the opposite sex. Its pretty simple, in my view.

    As for your nephew, you should love him. And you should defend him. And you should encourage him to not be wearing assless chaps at Gay Days at Disneyland. But I don't think you should let him think he can change the rules just because they don't suit him. If we let everyone bend the rules to suit their own desires, what's the point of having rules?

  3. Hello J.O.B.
    For those whom are so violently opposed to Gay or Lesbian Marriages…my only statement is that within 10 to 20 years it will just not be so distasteful or even a factor of consideration.

    I remember well those in the 1960’s against the Civil Rights Amendments here in the South and how distasteful it was for many of those “O’l Johnny Rebels,” but today it is not even on the radar screen. Upon signing the “Civil Rights Amendments,” President Johnson said, “We Democrats have just lost the South for a generation but this is the right thing to do.”

    It was shortly after the signing, the Republican Party sent then Maryland Governor Agnew to court the Southern States and he did a good job in doing so. By accomplishing this task for the Republican Party is what gave him the credentials and the demographics needed to secure the South for the Nixon / Agnew Presidential election in 1968.

    There was a famous German Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 - 1860) and he is quoted:
    "All truth passes through three stages.
    First, it is ridiculed.
    Second, it is violently opposed.
    Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

    Well we have seen Gay marriage ridiculed.
    We have seen Gay marriage violently opposed.
    The final step will be when it is accepted as being self-evident. It is going to happen at some point and time.

    That being said, I can understand the gut reaction to Homosexual marriage from those of us who are Heterosexual; I also have to say it is not right to discriminate them. It was just as distasteful for me to see any interracial couples, especially if the woman was white…..but I really have NO say in whom she was attracted to romantically, lovingly, and ….Sexually.

    I have come to learn to deal with it because it was my problem. I even worked with an IT person at a company I was with at the time and he was black and his wife was white…..and he was really a good guy and knew his job well. He was a credit to the company!! That went a long way for me to start dealing with my reservations and dislike of the mental image of an interracial couple humping away in their marriage bed.

  4. H/Nox- I don not believe two people entering into a sacred bond is being cheapened down at all. No matter what sex the two parties are, it does not lesson the special bond you entered into with your wife, or me with my wife.
    I don't know what gays are looking for exactly, but the few that I do know are not looking for any special legislation, or special treatment.
    They can go to a church, and enter into a holy bond, but most states will not recognize that bond. Therefore they are not afforded some basic rights that a male/female would be afforded.

    TGP- What's up bud? The Human rights VS. Gay rights debate. I somewhat answered it above with H/Nox. You are right. No state that I know of prevents Homosexuals from marrying. But, many states do not look at that marriage as legally binding. Therefore, their is a myriad of benefits they do not receive. Health insurance, death and burial rights, even stupid shit like filing taxes jointly. This is the problem that is just ridiculous to me.
    Don't worry about the Assless chaps LOLOLOLOLOL.
    He's quite the manly homo, LOLOLOLOLOL. He is not flamboyant at all, he just is what he is and wants to be accepted for it, that's all.

    EOK- I agree, the Government has to declare a marriage legal, regardless of race, i don't see the problem with including sex in there as well

  5. I shared an apartment with a gay x priest in Baltimore many moons ago. I chased girls, he didn't seem to chase anything so far as I could tell, we had a great time there, lots of fun. He never made me uncomfortable, it was really cool. I lost contact with him years ago. If I found out he was living with or married to a dude, fine with me, it won't cause me a divorce, and if he wants to call it marriage, fine with me, it won't cause me a divorce.
    Right now the kid next door is gay, real nice, says hi, very polite, keeps his car washed up like it was a new one, he's cool.

    1. Welcome Fringe, and thank you for sharing the story. It's funny that you mention the priest. When someone thinks of a molestation cover-up by the church, the majority automatically assume he's Homosexual. From what I've read, this is not true. A pedophile has no sexual preference, just a sickness. A sickness that can only be cured with six feet of dirt.