Monday, May 21, 2012

Is a picture worth a Thousand words?

While I was surfing blogs looking for opinions and comments on the NATO protest this past weekend, I landed on Huffington Post (Chicago). One of the commenters posted a link to a photo. The link, accompanied by rebuttal comments to another poster describes how there WAS excessive force used by the CPD. Here's the photo.
The fellow officer throws a punch to stop the protester from swinging again.
What a fascist pig.

So I ask you, are pictures worth a Thousand words. If you answered yes, you would be incorrect. The commenter got this photo off of The Chicago Tribune website. Here's what the commenter left out. The photo's are from the Tribune, The captions are from yours truly.

A police officer's helmet is knocked off in the skirmish as protesters and police clash.
Police officer in riot gear has his helmet knocked off by a protester.
NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: This is considered assault
The police officer fends off protesters.
The officer grabs the perpetrator as he fends of advancing protesters.

The officers and protesters continue in a skirmish.
The officer tries to remove the perp in order to place her under arrest. NOTICE: Do you see the retard with the "Will Work For Weed" T-Shirt on?  do you think he is a fine representative of our First Amendment rights?

The officers and protesters continue in a skirmish.
As the perpetrator resists arrest, the officer looks up at another protester. I'm sure the protester was commending the officer on a job well done.

A protester whacks the officer over the head with a stick.
The arresting officer sees a protester raising a stick in strike position. He let's go of the perpetrator in order to defend himself.

The stick breaks on impact.
But it's too late. The officer is struck with the stick.

The officer begins to fall backward after being hit with the stick. A different protester draws a stick, at right.
The officer turns around to assist in the pandemonium that is starting.  The original assailant looks like she is getting away. The "Will Work For Weed" kid is offering kind words of advice. But most notably in this picture, do you notice a second protester winding up with a heavier piece of wood?

The protester swings at the officer as a fellow officer watches, at right.
Well, you were not the only one. You may notice our resident "Fascist Pig" on the right. I think he sees the assault about to take place as well.

The fellow officer throws a punch to stop the protester from swinging again.

So in conclusion, if you come to Chicago and strike a police officer, you should pray that you ONLY receive a punch to the face. Assaulting an officer is a serious crime. You thought you had a hard time finding a job before? Good luck now asshole.


  1. hey JOB, great pictorial essay of a wee bit of the mayhem... I'm glad the CPD kicked some targetted A&&... what a flipping bunch of LOSERS! We listened, live, to a bit of the Roe Conn (WLS 890 AM) show last Sat morning and he was detailing a bit of some NATO (!?) protesters walking around down Wacker Drive and such. The cops had them somewhat circling around to prevent them from blocking traffic. At one point Roe (or Roeper) says "I wonder where the cops have the anarchists going?... well, you know anarchists, they have no sense of direction..." I laughed hard!

    "anarchists have no sense of direction" Roe Conn - May 2012


    1. Lisa- A Wee bit is correct. Surprisingly enough, there was not too much of this. Most protesters, while marching, actually followed the police directions. It is important to note that the police were only ordered to divert protesters away from Federal Government buildings, and residential areas. This particular "Clash" happened because protester's were trying to head South towards McCormick Place (Where NATO Summit was being held), not East, as a lot of news affiliates were reporting. Problem is, If you head South on Michigan Ave. past Cermak, you are now entering Bronzeville, which is residential. The CPD did a wonderful job of following orders. They showed great restraint, while standing their ground. I applaud them.....The CPD did a wonderful job, and should be commended for it.

  2. Johnny,

    As much as I despise cops for many serious offenses against society (mainly the smugness a badge and a gun seem to grant them), these cops should have clubbed these jerks like baby seals.

    Great commentary, and I have about a two acre garden if that kid wants to work for weeds.

    1. TGP- It's great to hear from you brother. I was starting to worry. Hope everything is going well. Anyway, I can not speak for police in your area, or many other areas for that matter, but I assure you, and Lisa may be able to attest to this, The CPD (Chicago Police Dept.) are above most. For most here, it's a family business, just like the Marines were to you. Actually, a lot were former Marines and Army. All together, they are great men and women, who did a great job.

      LOLOLOLOLOL- I don't think the retard would even work for weed, no less pick weeds, after all, he wasn't gardening out there on the "Front Lines". What a beat stick.

  3. Hello J.O.B.
    I have to break this comment up into two replies.
    As I am not a fan of violent protest, and I am not saying that the police’s actions were unwarranted, but there are many examples of such reactions that do led to more drastic actions.

    Examples of the cavalry saber charge against the "Hunger Bread March Protest" of 1917 in Moscow that lead to the Russian Civil War, overthrow, and death of the Czar of Russia and his family.

    France in 1785 faced economic difficulties, mostly concerning the inequity of taxation of the “what we would call the Working Middle Class today” and, if I can draw the comparison, of the 1% wealthy of that time. France at that time was one of the richest and most powerful nations of Europe. Basically the French Revolution was a consequence of the fact that peasants and, to a lesser extent, the poor, were burdened with ruinously high taxes levied to support the wealthy. A growing number of the French citizenry had absorbed the ideas of “equality” and “freedom of the individual” as presented by Voltaire.

    It was the Women's March on Versailles that was one of the earliest and most significant events of the French Revolution. The march began among women in the marketplaces of Paris on the morning of 5 October 1789. The protesting women were near rioting over the high price and scarcity of bread. The hunger protesting women were attacked by armed troops and their demonstrations quickly became intertwined with the activities of revolutionaries who were seeking political reforms. The "Market Women" and their various allies grew into a mob of thousands and, encouraged by revolutionary agitators, they ransacked the city armory for weapons and marched to the Royal Palace at Versailles. The crowd besieged the Palace and in a dramatic and violent confrontation they successfully pressed their demands upon the King Louis XVI. The next day, the crowd compelled the king, his family, and the entire French Assembly to return with them to Paris. This is when the Guillotine was invented and utilized with great exuberance.

    As a side note:
    16 years before the French Revolution, our own American Revolution supported by Voltaire’s writings, demonstrated that it was plausible for the “Enlightenment Ideas” of how a government should be organized could actually be put into practice by the likes of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

    1. EOK - What's up Bud? Where do you get this shit? There is no way you know this much about History, is there...LOLOLOLOL. In regards to your comment, very good, but the Women's march on Versailles is completely different from this protest. The protester's here were fed by homeless shelters, subsidized by donors. not quite the same as starving families? And the American Revolution? Different issues, different protesters.

  4. Part II:
    The outrage of many around the world today are pissed off at making the poor pay for the misdeeds of the rich to bail them out but at the same time removing the safety nets for the Working Middle Class. During the recent 99% march in London, the top city management was all vacationing, including the Mayor of London. The march unfortunately turned into looting riots and I fell sorry for 39 year old shopkeeper, Sivaharan Kandiah, who could only stand there and watch as rioters smashed their way through metal screens protecting his Convenience Store and stole or destroyed almost everything they found. They even went as far as taking ice cream and other goods to just be thrown into a burning car nearby. This poor immigrant shop owner was originally from the war-torn Tamil area of Sri Lanka, and had run the shop for 11 years.

    When some were asked why the started looting the shops in the London march, many replied, “We wanted to demonstrate to the "Economic and Politically Controlling" 1% rich, we can take what ever we want at anytime we decide. The message has been sent; start treating the Working Middle Class with respect and honor, or we will just take and remove you too.”

    This is just not unique to England or United States but is a growing attitude around the world of those feeling the oppression from economic and political leaders. Just as people are taking to the streets in Syria, Egypt, Libya, etc., bottom line it is the human nature conditions of the masses are exposed to that change them to react so drastically. In any case there is something under the surface that cannot be controlled.

    So in closing I will say, we are on the tethering edge of dangerous times that has the potential of imploding society as we know it today. No matter which side you stand on with regards to the current across the board conditions of today’s situations, “The Future Is Unknown, But We Know That Unsustainablity Will Implode.” Is the Working Middle Classes going to we passively comply with the Status Quo, or are they going to eventually, and violently resist? History has shown it can go either way.

    True wisdom or intelligence does not mean you have all of the answers but more to the fact of understanding what questions need to be asked. I do not presume to say that I have the answers but more importantly I do know questions need to be asked.

    1. Looting and stealing is NOT righting injustices as some would have you believe. It is appalling acts committed by disgusting individuals who have no sense of community. That's my take.

      Now, I ask you, how much do the poor really help in bailing out the misdeeds of the rich? I guess we would have to define poor first. In Chicago, Welfare is not taxed, so in my opinion, they have NO say what-so-ever on how tax dollars are spent. How poor are "The Working Middle Class"? I'm currently receiving unemployment benefits that is less than half of what I make. But yet I live comfortably. Am I poor? I ask this for one reason. I recently finished a small side job. It was an apartment building, rent is $800 a Month. The building is Section 8. That means Government subsidized housing (I'm not sure if it is called the same thing around the country). The renter was a white trash piece of shit, almost makes me embarrassed of my ethnicity. However, she had a brand new 3D T.V. that she was very proud of. So, I ask again, what exactly is poor? How can one qualify for Government assisstance, but yet afford an $1800 T.V.........I have a 27" JVC that is 7 years old sitting in MY living room. So I guess the question is, What am I doing wrong? And, how is this renter paying for the mistakes of the rich?

  5. Hello Liza G.
    I agree with your statement that, “anarchists have no sense of direction," but I would add that at some point and time, a direction is going to be taken….right or wrong. :-)

  6. Hello TGP,
    As you have said of your two acre garden; I am confused that should the kid want to work for weeds or is it “Work For Weed?”…..Sorry, My Bad? :-) OK, I could not resist but I'll behave now.

  7. Good post. Easy to see how things can get out of control very quickly. I think a moment is reached when the police are going to react with action. I don't see how when that point is reached in such a situation, they can turn it off once the adrenalin takes over.

    1. Pal- Hey Bud. Part of the specialized training these officers received involved psychological training. Not because they're nuts, but because any normal person can recognize this one fact. every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you spit in my face, I will throw a fist, as most of you would. These officers spent a great deal of time learning to not throw a fist. And trust me, they were spit on, not to mention fecal matter throw upon them. As I said, these officers did a great job and should be commended.