Sunday, May 20, 2012

TEA BAGGERS ?????????

The last few days have been spent keeping up to date on NATO protesters, and checking out a lot of blog sites. I have witnessed a lot of Left leaning bloggers referring to Conservatives as Tea Baggers. Why?
It amazes me that Liberals will check out a Conservative blog, and within the first sentence or two, refer to the blog host as a TeaBagger. Well in the end I guess it doesn't surprise me..............................................

I have a challenge for you. I'm sure by now you have heard of the NATO 3. They are the three Douchebags that were planning terrorist type activities during the NATO Convention. It's actually quite comical. Here's some links.,0,7496291.story.
The best part is their excuse. Not only was police harassment quite evident, due to a youtube posting. But they were only making beer. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL !!!! BEER? Have any of you ever drank beer made with gasoline? As for the youtube video. I am currently trying to find a link for it, what you will notice if you happen to see it, is very poor audio, plus you never see any footage of officers speaking.........................

So, here is the challenge. Can anyone visiting this blog provide me with equivalent behavior displayed by the so called TEA BAGGERS. I'm looking for links that show Tea Party Demonstrators spitting on the face shields of officers, taunting officers with rocks, or making incendiary devices. Thank you.


  1. The tea-baggers are just the more visible of the conservatives - the real conservatives are the rich Republicans - the GOP. Greedy One Percent and their bought and paid for stooges in Congress.

    But, you have a valid point.


  2. Sarge- Thanks for the visit, I will continue posting Nato stuff for the next few days.