Sunday, July 29, 2012

The travels of Johnny O'Bloggin

 On a sunny Friday afternoon in June, I came home from work and saw a suitcase in the foyer. Long story short, the Queen surprised me with an early Father's Day gift. We got in the car and drove South. We spent two nights in Tunica, MS. Since we both like gambling, this made too much sense. On Monday we drove down to Biloxi. Now I'll tell you. I don't know how the inner workings of Mississippi are, but that was one of the most beautiful drives I have ever made. Mississippi really is a beautiful state. Of course, we spent another  5 nights drinking, gambling, and just loving life with each other. BUT THEN IT GOT EVEN BETTER!

 We started driving back up to Illinois on Saturday morning and guess what? The King was $12,000 richer. So when we got home, I paid for a huge birthday party for the Princess. She turned 8 this year. Spent four days with her, then a buddy and I high tailed it up to the U.P. (Upper Peninsula Michigan). Spent a glorious 3 weeks fishing, drinking, and just loving the clear night sky. GOD, I can't wait to retire there. Going back up in a month to purchase a run down shit hole. But hey, no mortgage. YEE  HA!

 So, that's what I was up to. Sorry to leave so abruptly. But I'm sure you understand now.


  1. JOB, tell the Princess we all said "Happy B-day from Tennessee!" You, my friend, have your hands full! As the father of his own goddess, now grown and (thank you jesus) out of the house, I can tell you without hesitation, your life is a few short years away from living hell.

    Next time you cruise down to Mississippi, take an alternate route and jump on the Natchez Trace Parkway near Franklin, Tenn and ride it to Biloxi. Absolutely gorgeous drive, if you don't mind travelling at 40mph all day.

    I'll be back...

    1. Sq- Looking forward to the day that the kid wants nothing to do with "The Old Man", not to mention dating. God help me.

      I'm not much of a botanist, meaning I know nothing. What was that green, vine looking stuff that grows on the trees? We went through Memphis but didn't stop. We'll probably be driving back down in October for our two year. Already planning the two year "Big Easy" trip. I'll definitely get in touch with you about the NTP route. Sounds great to me. What amazed me about this trip was that in a span of 10 minutes, we drove through 4 different states. I just thought that was funny as hell. The little things that humor me.

  2. Unless you're talking about the Spanish moss that's found in the trees in southern Mississippi and Louisiana, I would have to assume you mean "kudzu". Some helpful individual brought that over to us from Europe as a gift, thinking it would make excellent silage for our cattle. Wrong. The same asshole is probably the guy who brought us a pair of European starlings, thinking they'd be a nice addition to our bird population...

    Kudzu grows as you watch it. It crawls over the trees, telephone poles, power lines, and basically owns all it can touch.

    (and for the record, NEVER yearn for the day when your daughter wants nothing to do with you... THAT's the day the shitstorm starts. Better to be the guy she turns to in a bind, and not the one she stands in front of and does her Linda Blair impression for... rotating head, projectile vomiting, hormonal overdose demon from hell)

  3. SQ- I wasn't aware that the pretty green shit was an enemy. Still nice looking drive though and looking forward to trying your route.

    As far as my comment, it was sarcasm brother. I know the day is coming when she wants to spend all her time with her friends. Trust me brother, I'm not looking forward to it.