Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Death Penalty.........................

  I'm not talking about the usual Death Penalty. Let's talk about Joe Paterno.
  So, his statue was removed, yet his wife feels that it was unjust. REALLY? The report basically claims that Paterno turned a blind eye, while Sandusky raped boys. I will admit,that Paterno is not alive to defend his (GOOD ?) name. Anyone who has been following this blog for any extended period of time, knows the disdain I have for molesters. I should now extend that disdain to people that enable molesters.

 Sandusky's family is now arguing how inhumane it is that their Father and Husband is now spending the rest of his days in solitaire. First, go fuck yourselves. I hope your beloved Husband and Father accidentally gets sent to Gen Pop. I prey that he is raped, tortured, and brutally beaten. I only wish that you FuckTards could be there to personally witness it.

 Paterno's Family feels that the punishment is unjustified. "Joe had a legacy, a legacy that will never be torn down by a bulldozer." Really CUNT?

 I never had the opportunity to play Division I football. But I have had plenty of friends who have. I understand how the programs work. I've also been educated on how pieces of shit like Paterno will hide shit just to cover up a multi-million dollar a year enterprise.

 In Closing, Coach Paterno's legacy will always be overshadowed by what he allowed to happen under his very nose. I just hope Mrs. Paterno and her family are on their way to visit Big Joe's grave some day. On that drive, I hope your family end up in 1 vehicle. I also hope that 1 vehicle stalls a a train track.

  Go fuck yourself (ENABLING) Paternos. I hope to have the priviledge of pissing on your Husband's  grave someday.


  1. Let's assume that Sandusky was innocent (yeah, good luck with that). If an employee of mine told me another employee was molesting young boys, I would fire said employee BECAUSE I WON"T EVEN TOLERATE RUMORS OF THAT TYPE OF BEHAVIOR.

    Fuck Paterno, and his legacy. I have to admit, I think Penn State is right in trying to wipe out all traces of this disgusting deal.

    1. I agree T. Paterno's legacy will forever be overshadowed by the damage done to those kids. I know he's not here to defend himself, but I truly believe he knew, and put his program's interests in front of those kids.

  2. Hello J.O.B.
    As I have said, I always like Papa Joe and the legacy he had built at Penn St. but like you put it so well, I truly believe he knew and put his program's interests in front of those kids. That is why I have no problem that he lost and had removed the legend wins of his tenure, hopefully making him nothing more than an insignificant blip in the football annuals of history.

    As you know and I will explain later personally with you, I cannot stand to even hear kids being harmed or hurt. The damage done to those kids that will last their lifetime…..I only hope that Sandusky will get his REAL and JUST punishment when he goes into the “Main Population” of prison…..and everything that implies.

    I am usually not this vindictive, but in this case, “It Applies!!”

    1. E- I feel that in cases of Child Abuse, it is perfectly O.K. to be vindictive and feel full of vengeance. So many of those kids will never get over this, and will live the rest of their lives in a surreal hell.
      Unfortunately, I think Sandusky will serve out his sentence in solitaire. But we can always hope that he accidentally gets lost in the shuffle of the exercise yard.