Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Winner is ??????????????????? Drum Roll Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Beat-Off for the Month of July is................................................
For the first time in Beat-Off history, we have a Tri-Fecta of douchebaggery ..........

The Bronze goes to.......................Dan Cathy, CEO of Chic-Fil-A.
Mr. Cathy, I believe you have every right to your opinion. Even though I don't agree with you, the majority of the American citizens do. Even our President, or at least until he had his epiphany (Which I still think is bull shit). Your opinion is not what makes you a beat-off. The fact that you openly expressed it does. Now I'm all for you publicly standing behind your beliefs.  But you have franchisee's to think about. These people invest their own capitol, sweat, and tears into your business. Hopefully your comments do not have any negative long term effects on their business.

The Silver goes to.........................Joseph Moreno, Alderman of Chicago's 1st Ward.
Joe, you my friend are an egotistical piece of shit. You have some fucking nerve pal. This whole Chic-Fil-A scandal broke out two weeks after I finished working at the one in Crystal Lake. Worked there for 5 weeks, with some overtime, and made a real good amount of money. So you would prevent dozens of construction workers from going back to work until Chic-Fil-A has a policy declaring more open-mind views?
Luckily everyone, including yourself, realizes how big of Jerk-off you really are.
The truth is you have Gold written all over you, but there is one guy who is an even bigger Beat-Off.

The Gold goes to.......................... Rahm Emanuel. Rahmbo, I really wanted to exclude you this month, Because you are somehow starting to monopolize this competition. But, you win again.
Let me quote this supreme fucking Douchebag.
“Chick-fil-A’s values are not Chicago values. They’re not respectful of our residents, our neighbors and our family members. And if you’re gonna be part of the Chicago community, you should reflect Chicago values.”
Just read that, and let it soak in.........................................................................
Now remember in November who this Dickhead is good buddies with. Un Fucking Real.

I may have to retract the Bronze. After researching some sites, I have found that Chik-Fil-A sales up. Meaning? Cathy may very well be a smart businessman.


  1. Gotta disagree on Cathy. Someone asked him about his beliefs. He didn't just blurt it out. And, from what I've seen, his comments have people by the millions eating at Chick-Fil_A's. I wish I could publicly state that CritterCagesNC is for traditional family values. I have sold at least one coop to a gay couple, and I had my suspicions about a couple others, but to get the publicicty and business Chick-Fil-A got, I'd call em fags to their face.

    That's just me, maybe I'm wrong.

    1. T- I was thinking of editing it. Like I said, He has the right to his opinion, but people pay into his business. I realize it was an interview, but I still think he could have shown some restraint. Just for the franchisee's sake. But I've followed up on some retail & food sites, and you are correct. Chic-Fil-A sales are through the roof. So Cathy may very well be a God Damn Political/Business genius. Which would call for an edit to the post. In fact, after I publish this comment, I will have to add an edit.
      As a side note. I've been visiting different blogs here and there. I stumbled onto this one.
      You will like SilverFiddle. He is a Conservative minded Veteran who doesn't mind differing opinions. As long as they're polite. Sort of like our debates......LOLOLOLOLOLLOLLO
      Anyway, I told him that my Nephew works at Chic-Fil-A. I recently asked him if he was going to quit. His exact quote was......
      "I would, but I'd have to move out of the country then, since POTUS feels the same way"
      I love that kid. No matter how gay you are, if you see through the bullshit, you have my respect.

  2. The guy never said I hate gays, won't hire gays, won't serve gays or, anything close to that.

    It ballooned out of proportion because liberals believe that if you're not jumping up and down and cheerleading something...then, you MUST either "hate it" or, be "against it" in some manner.

    And, in typical leftist fashion, they decided the owner of chic-fil-a "hated gay people" because THEY said so.
    These are the SAME people who will call you a "racist" for the crime of NOT fawning over Obama in order to "prove" you're NOT a racist...regardless of how jacked up he is.
    It's just another leftist tactic thats used to silence oppinions, facts or, beliefs that they don't personally endorse through fear.

  3. Sepp- First, welcome back Brother, seems like everything is going good at the Farm. Nice having you check in.
    I agree with your comment. But it is a good chance that his thoughts on gay marriage could have had negative effects. Those negative effects would have been felt by Franchisees who were never on a radio interview.
    Luckily, this whole situation seemed to have a reverse effect. Chic-Fil-A sales went way up. That's why I did add an edit to the post. This guy way very well be a genius. Face it, CFA received more publicity in the last month than they have ever gotten, and it was all free.
    Like I told Tenth, my (Openly gay) Nephew works at CFA, so you are correct, they do not discriminate against hiring homosexuals.

  4. I hope all is well with you and everyone else we post with too!
    The situation DID have a reverse effect mainly due to people being fed up with the left's sleazy little tactics.
    The point being that if you're pro-traditional marriage, it does not require you to be against anthing or, hate anyone as the left unsuccessfully tried to draft everyone into believing.

    You like coke...so you MUST hate Pepsi? No, it means you just have a personal preference for one thing over another.
    I'm rather repulsed by the idea of having sex with another man but, I don't have to hate anyone who does have that lifestyle nor, do I.
    Under liberal "logic" I'd have to "hate" them if I'm not embracing them and, be subjected to harrassment, stalking, death threats, my finances looked into, my house picketed, my kids bullied and, my employer threatened until I'd lost my job.

    The chic-fil-a drama illustrated that Americans are finally done with that kind of intimidation politics and will go out of their way to kick it's nasty ass on down the road.

    The clown who went off on a tyrade against the drive thru window girl became the poster boy for what people are getting sick of from the left.
    He was a leftist acting just like a leftist and in true lefty fashion, he tried to bully a girl...who's professionalism made him look like a bitch.

    As for the owner not taking franchisees into consideration, give the guy credit for honesty as opposed to feeling he had to hide in order to appease leftists.
    The politics of fear don't work all the time nor should they ever!