Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween is about to get a lot better.

 Halloween has always been an awful holiday for me. Eight years ago today, I lost my best friend to a drug overdose. Not only was he like a brother, but he was also Princess's God Father. As a proud Catholic Dago, it was a role that he embraced with vigor. To this day, the things he missed out on with his God Daughter makes me wish I could have done more to help him. I question  myself everyday on how I could have handled his demons differently.

 Seventy Five years ago today, a woman was born that would turn out to be the most influential person in my life. She gave me my morals, and my passion. Because of her, I learned about understanding and compassion. I learned how to cook and play piano. But the best thing she ever did, was give me life. My only regret is that she wasn't around long enough to meet her Granddaughter. Love you Ma.

 But this year, this day, is new. Somehow, this is the first time in eight years that the Princess will be with me on Halloween. I spent the last few nights enjoying things that I have not enjoyed in a long time.

 The amazing thing about children is that in the beginning, you give them life. You help bring them into this world. But as time goes on, they give you life. They teach you how to live again. They remind you of what was once fun and important. This morning was no different.

 The Princess is at school right now enjoying a Halloween party. I'm sitting here watching the clouds part, and the Sun starting to shine. I find myself looking very much forward to tonight. The first time I've been trick or treating in over 20 years. And for that Honey, I thank you.....................................

R.I.P. Greag
R.I.P. Mom


  1. That was really good, Jon. I miss my mom so much, but I get a huge kick out of these kids. I wish I could see the look on my mom's face when these girls are being cute, and, oddly enough, when they're being monsters. I'm certain my mom gets a big kick outta that.

    Happy Halloween, Jon, and Princess. Have too much fun.

    1. You know what our Mom's looks are when the kids are being bad? They are laughing there asses off. LOLOL
      A Happy Halloween to you and your Princesses as well. Go get lots of candy Buddy.