Monday, October 15, 2012

Johnny O'Bloggin's Musical Monday.................

 Went to The Vic this past Friday. Spent the night Down town. A start to a long "Cotton" Anniversary celebration with my better half. capping it off next week with a long, but beautiful drive to NOLA.
 So anyway, bought tickets to see Social Distortion. One of my Queen's favorite bands. And the only one of her favorite bands, that I can deal with. Social D is a punk band that started in '79 in Orange County CA. I'm not a big "Punk" fan, but Mike Ness (Singer/Guitar) was highly influenced by country, especially Johnny Cash.
 So I don't like Punk Rock, and I do not like Country/Western. But I do enjoy a combination of the two. A unique sound if you ask me. This is "Story of my life".  Hope you enjoy.

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