Sunday, October 21, 2012

Left wing and Right wing lunacy in the Land of Lincoln

We have it all in Illinois. We have Governors in Prison and Congressman in clinics. We are the home of Ronald Reagan, numerous politicians trying to buy and sell a Senate seat. We are also home to the first "Billion dollar" President. This upcoming election cycle will offer us a fabulous array of unqualified candidates and incumbents.

First up is one incumbent US Representative named Jesse Jackson Jr. This guy is all sorts of special. He represents the 2nd Congressional District, or at least he DID, until early June. Surrounded by controversy since his "Illness", this man has not been performing his duties as a Congressman since June. He hasn't even been campaigning, but yet conventional wisdom says he will win reelection. Even though come November, he'll be in MN at the Mayo Clinic. A lot of people have been defending him, including his wife Sandi, who is a Chicago Alderman, despite spending most of her time in DC. He was supposedly under medical care when he was spotted at a DC night club. Not once, but twice.

Not only has he been out of the public eye, but he hasn't even taken his seat in Congress. He's actually asking voters to be patient in regards to his return, and even asks for their prayers and blessings.

Last, but certainly not least is Joe Walsh. He is the incumbent Congressman from the eighth District. Despicable doesn't even begin to describe this guy. His stance on abortion for instance is deplorable.

According to Representative Walsh's recent debate on WTTW Chicago, the one exception to abortion that he approves of, is if the child and Mother's life is threatened. At least we got that clarified.
"Maam, Your child will be born with severe cerebral palsy and it's heart will form outside the body. The child will live no more than one year, but your health will be fine. Good luck".
Seriously, that's a conversation that can occur under this Asshole's ideals? Fuck off.
 But, just in case that isn't deplorable enough, how about this?

This Asshole has accused Tammy Duckworth of "Using" her military career as a political upstart.
Tammy Duckworth joined the military in 1992 and is STILL a member of the Illinois National Guard. She has received the Purple Heart and the Army Commendation Medal, among others.
How exactly does she use her military service to garner votes Joe? Because she limps onto stage?

In the end, these two incumbents are proof, that there should be some sort of testing system involved in someone's right to vote. Because both of these politicians are clearly unfit to represent the people. In one way or another.............................................................................

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