Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oh Canadaaaaaaaa..........

 My Brother-in-Law recently moved to Canada. He accepted a position at McGill University in Montreal. It is a very prestigious University. From my understanding, one of Canada's finest.
 I never gave to much thought about living in Canada. I've visited a few times. I must admit, I've always been a tad curious, never curious enough to research it, but curious none the less. You always hear about how wonderful the Canadian Government is. But maybe not.
 My Brother-in-Law e-mailed me when he received his first pay check. He grosses $4500, every two weeks. His take home is $2700. That is a taxation rate of 40%. He pays 20% to the Federal Government, and 20% to the Provincial Government. No refund.
 Healthcare is free(?), Tuition levels there are dirt cheap. $2700 a year to attend Mcgill. But in the end, Everyone pays 40%. Now I tried researching it, but could not find exact info on the tax rate for the poor, or welfare recipients. Maybe it is also 40%, maybe 0. I'm not sure. But everyone from the lower working middle class, to the upper class pay 40% on income. Now they also seem to have a separate tax for Capitol gains, which of course is lower than the 40%, but I could not find an exact number.
 I wanted to share this for one reason. Last year I was was able to lower my tax to 26%. Yes, Romney paid lower, but so did our President. With wages and investment income, I was in the five figure range. Middle class, right? In Canada, I would have paid 40%. My point is this, In the end, the middle class always pays. So, Middle class Americans, are you willing to pay 40%? Because the funding for The Affordable Healthcare Act is in question. At least in my opinion.


  1. Some of the reasons I didn't remain in Germany when I came off active duty was, 14% unemployment rate, the 60% taxation rate, $7 a gallon gas (which untaxed costed U.S forces about a $1.05 a gallon), 20% sales tax...but "free" healthcare that you DO actually have to pay a portion of and, hospital conditions that are one rung above 3rd world in care and facilities.

    Let me also mention the reunification tax that the Germans have to pay for bringing the East Germans UP to western standards after their experiment with communism failed miserably and left them in 3rd world conditions!
    Hmmmm such a utopia shouldn't need to be "raised" to anything higher since it was living in a worker's paradise should it?

    My friends who still live there earn 100 grand, bring home 40 grand and still get nickeled and dimed to death paying all the other taxes on top of it all!

    We'd be fools to allow our government to "be more like Canada and Europe" while their people are flocking here to get away from so much state control over their lives!

  2. Sepp- I would agree. One more thing I would like to add, is that the Brother-in-Law did mention how sufficient the Canadian Government is ran, compared to ours. He went to their immigration office, their DMV, and their Social Security Administration. He accomplished this in under 3 hours. 3 hours!
    Go to the DMV in Chicago, better pack a lunch.